RUMUKULUS defeats final table of high rolling pros, daltonhb wins $46k in half price tourney

November 02, 2020inPoker

Gather round people. It’s time to take a look at the biggest and best poker stories and results from the weekend. Half Price Sunday brought in plenty of hopefuls looking to secure five figure wins, while the High Roller Club kept the ballers happy. Here’s what went down:

  • daltonhb wins big in half price Sunday Warm-Up
  • Jans “Graftekkel” Arends and “POKERPRO2.0” settle for deal in HRC Warm-Up
  • RUMUKULUS defeats final table of pros in Sunday HR
  • Sunday Million and Bounty Builder HR Day 1 updates

“daltonhb” wins huge half price Sunday Warm-Up

It was Half Price Sunday this weekend, with six of the most popular weekly majors running at half their buy-in and with the same huge guarantees. This always causes quite the stir, and this time was no different.

The first half price tourney on the schedule was the $54.50 Sunday Kickoff. Swedish reg “TiltMeBig” came second, with Czech player “Jakub_Odvar” finishing first. Jakub_Odvar has a touch over $1 million in online winnings over many years of play, this year picking up 5th place in the Sunday Million for $29,324. Their Kickoff victory yielded a similar amount, with Odvar adding $29,172 to their total.

The half price Warm-Up gave us one of the biggest wins of the weekend, at least outside of the High Roller Club. “daltonhb” from Brazil was the player to take first place. Far from coming out of nowhere, daltonhb has over $1.4 million in total online winnings, including a $100k result in the 2017 Sunday Storm 6th Anniversary and a 2020 WCOOP title. They earned $46,322 for first in the Warm-Up.

“vokinruk” also enjoyed success in the half price tourneys. The Russian has an interesting poker history, with a win in the WBCOOP HORSE event worth an incredible $148k. Aside from that, vokinruk’s poker resume is mostly comprised of relatively humble four figure wins. Following a heads-up deal with second place “Mike Hunt405”, vokinruk’s victory in the Sunday Storm turned a $5.50 buy-in into $13,841, a return of over 2,500%.

Meanwhile “baneris”, one of Lithuania’s top players, who has $3.2 million in online winnings coming from a decade-long stream of MTT results, picked up first place in the half price Sunday Cooldown. baneris outlasted Polish regular “OMGACEACEACE” heads-up to add the final bounty to his total win of $29,402.

“Papi7o92” from Bulgaria prevailed in the half price Sunday Supersonic. Contrary to many of this week’s winners mentioned, most of Papi7o92’s biggest results have come about in 2020 – this player could be one to watch on the MTT circuit as we enter the new year.

Tournament Player Country Prize
$54.50 Sunday Kickoff Jakub_Odvar Czech $29,172
$107.50 Sunday Warm-Up daltonhb Brazil $46,322
$5.50 Sunday Storm vokinruk Russia $13,841
$54.50 Sunday Cooldown baneris Lithuania $29,402
$107.50 Sunday Supersonic PaPi7o92 Bulgaria $25,020
$54.50 Sunday Million on break on break on break

RUMUKULUS owns final table of pros in Sunday HR

Jans “Graftekkel” Arends made a deal with “POKERPRO2.0” in the HRC Sunday Warm-Up

The High Roller Club brought us its usual frighteningly high buy-ins and action between pros. A heavy final table of regs donned the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up. Austrian Jans “Graftekkel” Arends and German “POKERPRO2.0” eventually settled for a deal heads-up, leaving Arends with a few grand more, $16,104, despite finishing second. POKERPRO2.0 came from behind at the time of the chop to claim first for $13,301.

POKERPRO2.0 also made the final table of the $1,050 Sunday HR, but crashed out in eighth place. Lex Veldhuis wasn’t far behind, streaming an exciting session to his fans on Twitch and finishing seventh. There weren’t many soft spots on the table even after Lex got knocked out. Gary “quiditbear” Hassan came fifth, Dominick “Bountariou” Nitsche fourth and Juan “Malaka$tyle” Pardo third. “JackRipperJr” from Denmark locked up second place for $45,530, and “RUMUKULUS” from Germany claimed first for an epic $60,764.

The Sunday Supersonic also featured an incredibly tough final table, with “papan9_p$” (who also won this week’s Fat Sunday), Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson all up there. Michael “FreeLancerZZ” Dattani made it through the pack to come second for $15,137, while “Sintoras” from Germany outlasted the lot to take $22,555 for first place.

The two day Bounty Builder HR reached a prize pool of $589,500 from 1,179 entrants. “rozkoszny” from the Netherlands had the chip lead when the tourney went on break, eventually finishing in third place for $24,951 and picking up an additional $13,576 in bounties. Markku “markovitsus” Koplimaa, one of Estonia’s top ranked players, came second, but didn’t manage many KOs. He finished with a total of $45,645. “9antifan9” came first for $40,240 and scored an incredible $42,895 in bounties for a grand total of $83,135.

Here are the top High Roller Club results:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $1,050 Sunday HR RUMUKULUS Germany $60,764
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Cooldown zcedrick UK $24,980†
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic Sintoras Germany $22,555
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up POKERPRO2.0 Germany $13,301*
HRC: $215 Fat Sunday (Turbo) papan9_p$ Russia $12,708
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder 9antifan9 Czech $83,135†

* indicates deal was made
† includes bounties

Markku Koplimaa came second in the Bounty Builder HR

Azdocu wins huge half price Sunday Million

The half price Sunday Million attracted a huge field of 27,000 players hopefuls. This made for a prize pool of $1,350,000, with $136,420 set for this week’s winner. “SODA1948” from Czech was the chip leader at the time of the break, but there was still loads of poker left to play on Day 2, and SODA1948 eventually came seventh.

No deal was to be made at the top end of the table, which meant first place “Azdocu” from the UK took the full amount. Azdocu has had final table finishes in the 2020 Summer Series and WCOOP, as well as a recent win in the Hot $11. It seemed their poker was going somewhere, but we doubt anyone could predict a first place Sunday Million finish worth $136,420. Congrats to Azdocu on the win.

Here are the Sunday Million final table results:

Player Country Prize
Azdocu UK $136,420
Joney321 Germany $98,067
Mr. WanTaim Netherlands $70,511
prodigy3345 Canada $50,698
skow73 Germany $36,452
KojGysto Denmark $26,209
SODA1948 Czech $18,845
marcinhobm Brazil $13,549
Stakeli24 Lithuania $9,742


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