Sam Greenwood sharing strategy advice as we self-isolate together

March 17, 2020inPoker

Stuck at home and yearning for something to do? Sam Greenwood is here for you.

We’ve been Fans of SamTM here at PokerStars Blog for some time, having covered his exploits in many high rollers over the years. We also tend to think if not for an especially unlucky river card last summer with 45 players left in the World Series of Poker Main Event, Greenwood would have been the betting favorite to win it all.

Some months ago we gathered some great television viewing tips from Greenwood, shared here in a post titled “Sam Greenwood’s TV Guide” that might be worth checking out again during this time of being cooped up indoors.

Incidentally, over the years Greenwood has written a number of movie reviews as well, which you can read on his blog, Don’t Call It That.

Recognizing a new need, yesterday Greenwood tweeted an offer to his followers providing them something else to do, in this case an exercise that can help them with their poker games. And help those of us reading along as well.

“Isolating” an opponent is a strategy in poker that involves raising enough to drive others out of a pot in order to create a favorable heads-up situation for yourself. Meanwhile, as Greenwood notes, “self-isolating” is a strategy we all need to be practicing right now, along with “social distancing” and other measures to protect ourselves and others.

But we can still talk poker, and over social media try to solve our favorite poker puzzles as presented in hands that we’ve played. And many have taken Greenwood up on his offer to do just that.

Over the last 24 hours, Greenwood has tweeted more than 60 responses to followers sending him hand histories. Here’s a quick sample of a few of the entertaining (and edifying) back-and-forths:

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Hunkering down and have a hand? Consider sending it to Sam!

Meanwhile, we’d like ourselves to give Greenwood a hand.


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