SCOOP 2013: Akademnuk ascends to victory in SCOOP #34-H ($2,100 PLO Hi/Lo)

May 24, 2013

Final table players got a nice break in Event #34-H.

After 10 hands of play on the final table, Day 1 ended and players got a 13-hour break. After a good night’s — or day’s, depending on global location — rest, players came back at 2pm ET and Akademnuk was crowned champion.

Akademnuk defeated a field of 171 players who created prize pool of $342,000. Among those players were Team PokerStars Online Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara, George “jorj95” Lind III and Adrienne “talonchick” Rowsome. Also donning the red spade were Team PokerStars Pros George Danzer, Eugene Katchalov and Jose Ignacio Barbero.

Current SCOOP leader, Shaun Deeb, was also in the field. Deeb made a deep run and scored a few more points after finishing 12th for $5,985.00. It was a good run, but Deeb finished just short of the…

The final table


Seat 1: Just F0LD it — 238,891
Seat 2: römpsä — 136,098
Seat 3: kirbynator — 64,579
Seat 4: 2mark — 56,165
Seat 5: bedias — 115,496
Seat 6: plplaya — 30,205
Seat 7: kuhns89 — 101,808
Seat 8: KallApelsin — 39,328
Seat 9: Akademnuk — 72,430

The final table burst but there was only a few minutes of play left in the day. We were able to get through 10 hands and plplaya doubled up in the process.

With 1K/2K blinds, plplaya raised to 6,000 from the small blind and kuhns89 called, bringing a 9♣3♥8♠ flop. plplaya bet the pot and kuhns89 re-potted to 24,000. plplaya called all-in and showed A♦9♣6♠5♣ to kuhns89’s 7♥5♦4♥2♦.

The turn brought a 2♣ and the 4♠ fell on the river. plplaya hit an [5][4][3][2][a] and a two-to-six straight.

plplaya was up to 56,410 while kuhns89 dipped to 76,603.

Then play stopped and the final table was put on hold for about 13 hours. While the final table contestants rested up, their seating arrangement was mixed up a bit.


Players came back at 14:00 ET today to the following arrangement:

Seat 1: kirbynator — 70,779
Seat 2: KallApelsin — 36,328
Seat 3: römpsä — 136,098
Seat 4: Just F0LD it — 216,191
Seat 5: 2mark — 60,165
Seat 6: bedias — 115,496
Seat 7: plplaya — 56,410
Seat 8: Akademnuk — 87,930
Seat 9: kuhns89 — 75,603

When play resumed Friday afternoon, 2mark started an online, written cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” kirbynator joined in and plplaya asked a lot of questions. The performance exceeded expectations and was arguably better than the original.

The KallApelsin was elminated.

Blinds were 1.25K/2.5K and Akademnuk raised to 5,000 from the hijack. KallApelsin re-raised to 17,500 from the small blind and Akademnuk called. There was a Q♦2♠3♦ flop and KallApelsin moved all-in for 18,828.

Akademnuk called and showed A♥8♥7♣3♠ to KallApelsin’s A♠10♠7♠2♦. A 3♣ came on the turn and the river brought a 10♥.

There was no low hand and Akademnuk took the pot with three threes. KallApelsin was out in 9th and earned $6,840.00.

Just lost it

Just F0LD it started the final table and Day 2 with the lead, but then passed it over after doubling up kirbynator.

Just F0LD it raised to 5,250 from early position and kuhns89 and kirbynator called from the blinds.

kuhns89 and kirbynator checked the 9♠4♣10♠ flop and Just F0LD it bet 10,237. kuhns89 folded and kirbynator called. The 5♦ came on the turn and Just F0LD it bet 36,224. kirbynator moved all-in for 52,792. Just F0LD it called and showed A♠K♠J♦3♥ to kirbynator’s 9♣8♣6♠4♠. An A♣ came on the river and kirbynator scooped the pot with [8][6][5][4][a] and nines and fours.

kirbynator was up to 141 and Just F0LD it dipped to 129,011.

Rapid fire

Play slowed down for a bit but then we got two back-to-back eliminations.

The first one was courtesy of Just F0LD it, who regained the lead a few hands earlier:

Blinds were up to 2K/4K and plplaya had slowly chipped down during Day 2. plplaya managed to double up once but wouldn’t be so lucky on the second all-in. plplaya raised to 14,000 from middle position and Just F0LD it re-raised to 44,400. plplaya called all-in and showed A♦J♥4♥2♣ for his tournament life.

Just F0LD it showed A♠K♦9♦2♠ and the board came K♥6♠3♣3♥10♣. There was no low hand and Just F0LD it got the elimination with the ace-king kicker.

plplaya was out in 8th and won $10,260.00 while Just F0LD it’s lead increased to 306,050.

The next hand römpsä raised to 8,000 from the button and 2mark called from the big blind. The flop came 5♥6♦2♣ and 2mark checked. römpsä bet 7,000 and 2mark raised to 39,000. römpsä re-raised to 71,000 and 2mark called all-in.

2mark: A♣10♣9♣3♠
römpsä: A♠7♦4♦3♥

A 3♦ came on the turn and the 6♣ on the river ended 2mark’s tournament run. 2mark was out in 7th and won $13,680.00.

Picking up

Akademnuk won an 18,000 pot the next hand and then we got two more back-to-back eliminations. Both were courtesy of Akademnuk, who caught up to Just F0LD it’s lead.

kirbynator raised to 14,000 from under-the-gun and Akademnuk made it 44,000. kirbynator moved all-in for 44,770.

kirbynator turned over A♠J♥5♥4♣ and Akademnuk showed A♥A♦Q♦5♦.

The Q♥10♦3♦2♣10♣ board brought no low hand and gave Akademnuk the victory with aces and tens. kirbynator was out in 6th and got a $17,100.00 payday. The next hand, Akademnuk raised to 8,000 from the button and kuhns89 re-raised to 28,000.

Akademnuk four-bet and kuhns89 called all-in.

kuhns89: A♦K♦9♥2♣
Akademnuk: A♠7♣4♦2♥

The board came 7♥10♠J♥2♦J♣ and Akademnuk hit jacks and sevens while kuhns89 had jacks and deuces.

kuhns89 won $20,520.00 for the 5th place finish. Akademnuk on the other hand snuck into the lead with 306,000 to Just F0LD it’s 302,000.

Akademnuk and Just F0LD it kept passing around the lead while inhaling the other two players’ chips:

Then Just F0LD it took the rest of römpsä’s stack.

Blinds were up to 2.5K/5K and römpsä raised to 17,500 from the cutoff. Just F0LD it re-raised to 60,000 from the button and römpsä called all-in.

römpsä: Q♦Q♣6♣5♦
Just F0LD it: A♠5♥4♠2♥

The board came 5♠10♣3♦10♦6♥ and Just F0LD it won with a [6][5][3][2][a] and deuce-to-six straight.

römpsä was eliminated in 4th place and won $29,925.00.

Then Akademnuk brought us down to heads-up.

bedias raised to 17,500 from the button and Akademnuk re-raised to 30,000. bedias called all-in and showed 8♥7♠4♠2♣ to Akademnuk’s A♣A♥7♥6♦.

There was a J♥6♥9♦2♠3♣ board and bedias was out in 3rd, earning $40,185.00.


Just F0LD it: 428,126
Akademnuk: 426,874

Just F0LD it took a large lead by winning two big pots. Blinds were up to 3K/6K and Just F0LD it raised to 12,600. Akademnuk called and the flop came 9♣10♦2♥. Akademnuk called a 12,600 bet and the 2♦ came on the turn. Both players checked and Just F0LD it bet 31,752 when the 9♦ came on the river.

Akademnuk called and mucked when Just F0LD it turned over 8♦4♦K♠9♥ for a flush.

Akademnuk raised to 12,000 the next hand and Just F0LD it called. There was a Q♣2♦J♥ flop and a round of checks. The 5♥ came on the turn and Just F0LD it checked again. Akademnuk bet 24,000 and Just F0LD it raised to 96,000. Akademnuk called and the K♥ came on the river.

Just F0LD it showed 2♠2♥7♦4♣ for a set of deuces and won the pot. Just F0LD it was up to 715,000 while Akademnuk was down to 139,000.

Akademnuk got chipped down even further before doubling up three times in a row.

Just F0LD it raised to 12,600, Akademnuk re-raised to 37,800 and Just F0LD it made it 113,400. Akademnuk called all-in.

Akademnuk: A♥K♦7♥5♣
Just F0LD it: J♦J♣5♠2♥

The board came K♣9♠A♦10♠7♠ and Akademnuk doubled with aces and kings. Two hands later Just F0LD it raised to 12,600 and Akademnuk called. There was a J♠A♦5♥ flop and Akademnuk check-raised to 72,828.

Just F0LD it made it 218,055 and Akademnuk called all-in. Just F0LD it showed J♣8♥5♣4♠ and Akademnuk turned over A♥J♥8♣5♣. The turn was a 4♦ and the river brought a 10♥.

Akademnuk’s aces and jacks were better than Just F0LD it’s jacks and fives and Akademnuk doubled up to 295,572.

Akademnuk doubled up again the next hand. Akademnuk raised to 12,000 and Just F0LD it called, bringing a K♣4♦6♦ flop.

Akademnuk bet 18,000, Just F0LD it raised to 78,000 and Akademnuk bet the pot, leaving himself with 25,572. Just F0LD it re-raised and Akademnuk called all-in, turning over A♦J♦5♦2♣ to Just F0LD it’s A♥K♠7♥6♥.

A 4♥ came on the turn and the river was a 3♦. Akademnuk hit a flush for the high and a [6][4][3][2][a] for the low.

Akademnuk scooped and doubled up to 591,144.

Players then evened things out and Just F0LD it even took the lead for a while. Akademnuk got it back and then the final hand played out when players were almost even in chips:

Just F0LD it finished 2nd for $53,010.00 while Akademnuk took the SCOOP watch and the grand prize of $73,630.00

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #34-H ($2,100 PLO Hi/Lo) results:

Entrants: 171
Prize pool: $342,000.00
Places paid: 27

1. Akademnuk (Russia) $73,530.00
2. Just F0LD it (Russia) $53,010.00
3. bedias (Brazil) $40,185.00
4. römpsä (Finland) $29,925.00
5. kuhns89 (Germany) $20,520.00
6. kirbynator (Canada) $17,100.00
7. 2mark (Germany) $13,680.00
8. plplaya (Canada) $10,260.00
9. KallApelsin (Sweden) $6,840.00

That’s it for 34-H. There are still a few more tournaments remaining this SCOOP. For a full schedule of those events along with satellites into each one, check out the SCOOP homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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