SCOOP 2013: All too easy for nbk_oli who wins Event #42-L ($27 NL Hold’em, 8-Max)

May 27, 2013

With only a handful of events left to play in the 2013 SCOOP there was a sense that nobody wanted any of it to end, at least in the final table of event 42-L. There were 24 all-ins that went uncontested, 12 of them in a row, amounting to nothing more than a few warning shots in the air, directed to alert chip leader nbk_oli of their will to go down fighting. It was all they could do of course. nbk_oli wasn’t just a chip leader; he was a massive chip leader, right from the start, through to heads up, where he made short work of winning a first SCOOP title, and a first prize of $62,082.88.


The final table line-up

It was the type of final table you expect when one players arrives with such an advantage – a procession, led by a future champion, escorted by an honour guard of seven others vying for second place.

Here’s how the final began.

Seat 1 – meetpete33, 40,632,257
Seat 2 – YUNOABC, 7,992,957
Seat 3 – nbk_oli, 72,222,386
Seat 4 – philippe2211, 11,863,812
Seat 5 – jelsmulle, 25,351,977
Seat 6 – jusssti, 4,800,202
Seat 7 – Ctaylor865, 31,597,862
Seat 8 – TheDrunkLife, 19,618,547

It started with the suggestion of a deal by jelsmulle, immediately leapt upon by short stack jusssti, and then laughed at by nbk_oli. meetpete33 didn’t mind having a look at numbers but the rest remained silent, as if speaking up might just anger nbk_oli, making it worse.

But as mentioned there was no lack of activity. YUNOABC was among the first to move in, then he called when TheDrunkLife shoved to double up, leaving TheDrunkLife with a million which, with the big blind at exactly that would ensure he was out within a minute. TheDrunkLife shoved with ace-eight. meetpete33 called with king-eight and caught a king on the flop. Seven left.

philippe2211 doubled, then jusssti, before the 12 all-ins went uncalled, which seemed uncalled for. That was 20 minutes of play peppered with raised, then lowered expectations for someone. Notably jusssti who might of hoped that all that action would keep him from busting in seventh. It didn’t. He shoved with ace-seven, ran into Ctaylor865’s pocket fours and that was that.

By now nbk_oli was up to 90 million, enough to ask for $60,000 ($2,000 less than first), when another deal cropped up in the chat box again and, like before, seemed wildly optimistic.

After the break, and further mooting of a deal, meetpete33 doubled with jacks against jelsmulle’s sevens, which ensured jelsmullefell in sixth place moments later, when nbk_oli called and made a pair of tens.

Shortly after philippe2211 doubled with a flopped pair of fives, and then clashed in an almighty pot with the chip leader.

As nbk_oli lol’d, meetpete33 went out in fifth place when his king and queen were dethroned by YUNOABC’s ace-jack. All the while nbk_oli extended his lead, first to 101 million, then 112 million followed by 128 million, the latter improvements coming against philippe2211 who was repeatedly forced to lay down hands.

Ctaylor865 departed in fourth place, gambling unwisely that his queen-deuce had the better of nbk_oli. It didn’t. nbk_oli showed king-queen of diamonds and made a flush.

nbk_oli – 132 million
YUNOABC – 44 million
philippe2211 – 37 million

Earlier the writing had been on the wall. By now you couldn’t see the wall for all the writing. YUNOABC went next, shoving with pocket sevens. nbk_oli had looked down at king-jack but a board with two tens and two eights rendered the sevens useless and elevated nbk_oli’s king to best kicker.

Had philippe2211 busted YUNOABC there may have been a fight left to be had. Instead nbk_oli’s 182 million loomed large over philippe2211’s 31 million, although the Swiss, who had begun the final as one of the short stacks, was perhaps by now very glad to still be playing.

The denouement followed swiftly, nbk_oli’s stack reaching 193 million, a near ten-to-one advantage when the chips went in, ace-three versus ace-king.

It proved a clinical finish that in hindsight seemed all too easy. For the finalists there nothing left to play for as far as SCOOP is concerned, as the main events rumble on to their conclusions. But a great result for nbk_oli, with a win column to be proud of. Congratulations to him.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #42-L ($27 no-limit hold’em 8-Max) results

Players: 21,598
Prizepool: $530,230.90
Places paid: 2,800

1. nbk_oli (United Kingdom), $62,082.88
2. philippe2211 (Switzerland), $42,418.47
3. YUNOABC (Netherlands), $31,813.85
4. CTaylor865 (United Kingdom), $21,209.23
5. meetpete33 (Germany), $10,604.61
6. jelsmulle (Denmark), $5,302.30
7. jusssti (Estonia), $3,711.61
8. TheDrunkLife (Canada), $2,386.03

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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