SCOOP 2013: An uphill victory for SlyderS1 in Event #42-M ($215 NLHE 8-Max)

May 27, 2013

The SCOOP is coming to a close and SlyderS1 took one of the last watches of the year. While the Main Events were raging on, SlyderS1 was slowly beating 8-handed table after 8-handed table.

There were 5,436 players that signed up to play the 8-max event. This created a $1,087,200.00 prize pool, soaring past toe $600,000 guarantee. Among these thousands of players were about 40 Team PokerStars Pro and Online players.

Four Team PokerStars players made it to the money this event with Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier making it the furthest, finishing 194th for $608.83.

But — unlike most events this series — only eight players could make the final table. Nine players would make it to the final table bubble.

The bubble

There were a trio of all-ins that brought us down to our final table. With 70K/140K blinds with a 17.5K ante, psyhoagromor raised to 280,000 from the cutoff and DonkKick called from the small blind. There was an A♣4♣2♦ flop and psyhoagromor bet 225,999. DonkKick raised to 451,998 and psyhoagromor moved all-in for 2,005,347.

DonkKick called and showed A♥10♠ to psyhoagromor’s A♠4♥. The turn brought a 5♠ and a 6♦ fell on the river. psyhoagromor’s two-pair took the pot and he was up to 4.7 million while DonkKick was down to 411,000.

Two hands later, DonkKick got some chips back when he doubled through psyhoagromor. DonkKick moved all-in with 10♠10♦ and psyhoagromor called with 9♦7♥. The board came 6♠4♦J♠6♥6♦ and DonkKick was up to 911,000, a stack he lost the next hand.

DonkKick moved all-in from under-the-gun and rain1812 called from the big blind.

rain1812: Q♣J♠
DonkKick: A♣K♣

There was a safe 3♦8♣3♠ flop and DonkKick was still in the lead. Then the turn brought a Q♥ and a J♠ came on the river to give rain1812 the victory. DonkKick was out in 9th and earned $5,979.60.00.

The final table


Seat 1: JACKPOT786 –5,124,126
Seat 2: dariepoker — 2,391,059
Seat 3: BackDoorovic — 7,625,702
Seat 4: PokerBratv2 — 5,334,875
Seat 5: RomaFresh — 12,978,155
Seat 6: rain1812 — 9,489,200
Seat 7: psyhoamgromor — 4,286,278
Seat 8: SlyderS — 1,130,605

Plenty of rain

psyhoamgromor crippled our final table bubble and then psyhoamgromor was our first final table elimination.

Blinds were up to 100K/200K with a 25K ante and dariepoker raised to 400,000 from early position. psyhoamgromor moved all-in for 4,221,278 from the big blind and dariepoker called.

psyhoamgromor turned over the big slick with A♦K♠ while dariepoker showed pocket rockets, A♠A♥. There was a Q♥Q♦5♠4♦8♠ board and dariepoker doubled up. psyhoamgromor was down to 295,219 after the pot and down to 0 the next hand.

RomaFresh raised to 400,000 from the cutoff, rain1812 re-raised to 910,000 from the button and psyhoamgromor called all-in from the small blind. The big blind and RomaFresh folded and rain1812 was up against psyhoamgromor.

psyhoamgromor: J♠5♦
rain1812: A♠3♠

The board came 6♣K♥6♥8♣8♠ and psyhoamgromor was out in 8th, earning $8,154.00.

Two hands later, rain1812 got another one.

rain1812 raised to 400,000 from the hijack and dariepoker re-raised to 992,000 from the small blind. rain1812 called and there was a 7♣9♥10♠ flop. dariepoker checked, rain1812 bet 840,000 and a 3♠ came on the turn when dariepoker called.

rain1812 bet 1.6 million when checked to and dariepoker raised all-in for 6,045,118.

dariepoker showed K♣K♠ and rain1812 was the one with pocket rockets this time, A♠A♣. The river was a 2♦ and rain1812 was up to 18.2 million.

dariepoker was eliminated in 7th and earned $13,590.00

Sliding jackpot

There weren’t any pocket aces the next elimination, but the abundance of pocket pairs continued. With 125K/250K blinds and a 31.25K ante, PokerBratv2 raised to 500,000 from the hijack. SlyderS1 moved all-in for 9.2 million from the small blind and JACKPOT786 called all-in for 4,720,376. PokerBratv2 folded and we had a showdown.

SlyderS1: Q♣Q♥

The board came 6♦6♥10♠7♦J♥ and JACKPOT786 was out in 6th for $29,898.00.

Blinds went up to 15K/30K wit a 37.5K ante when another player hit the slide. SlyderS1 raised to 657,575 from the small blind and BackDoorovic moved all-in for 4,940,852 from the big blind.

BackDoorovic showed A♣4♣ to SlyderS1’s A♥10♦. The flop came 10♣4♦9♣ and SlyderS1 hit top pair to BackDoorovic’s A♣4♣. The 2♥ turn and 6♦ river didn’t fill the flush and BackDoorovic was out in 5th, earning $51,642.00.

Bad weather

Then we had a bit more rain.

A few hands after BackDoorovic’s elimination, rain1812 raised to 600,000 from the button. PokerBratv2 moved all-in for 3,617,947 from the big blind and rain1812 called.

PokerBratv2: Q♦10♣
rain1812: A♦J♥

The board came 4♥3♦4♣3♣K♠ and PokerBratv2 was eliminated in 4th. rain1812 jumped into the lead with 20 million while PokerBratv2 earned $73,386.00.

Sliding rain

rain1812 had the slight lead, but SlyderS1 (17.4 million) and RomaFresh (16.8 million) were in hot pursuit.

Then RomaFresh finished 3rd after two big hands:

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Four hands later rain1812 took the rest away from RomaFresh.

RomaFresh raised to 1 million from the small blind and rain1812 called from the big, bringing an 8♠J♥7♠ flop.

A 6♥ came on the turn when rain1812 called RomaFresh’s 1.2 million bet. RomaFresh doubled that bet on the turn rain1812 called 2.4 million. The river was a 10♦, RomaFresh moved all-in for 6,575,880 and rain1812 called.

RomaFresh: 6♦6♣
rain1812: A♠9♣

rain1812’s rivered straight beat RomaFresh’s set and RomaFresh was out in 3rd, earning $95,130.00.


SlyderS1: 21,497,783
rain1812: 32,862,217

rain1812 had the lead and kept chipping away at SlyderS1. Then SlyderS1 turned the tide.

Blinds were 300K/600K with a 75K ante and SlyderS1 raised to 1.2 million. The flop came 5♠7♥A♥ and SlyderS1 bet 857,575 when checked to. rain1812 called and a K♦ came on the turn.

SlyderS1 bet 1,757,575 and rain1812 called, bringing a Q♣ on the river. SlyderS1 moved all-in for 7,517,408 and rain1812 called. SlyderS1 turned over A♠Q♥ for two-pair while rain1812 showed 7♦8♥ for sevens.

SlyderS1 was back up to 22.8 million and rain1812 was still leading with 31.5 million.

SlyderS1 then took a large lead in a flopless pot. With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, rain1812 raised to 1.6 million and SlyderS1 re-raised to 3,757,575. rain1812 four-bet to 7,515,150 and SlyderS1 moved all-in.

rain1812 folded and was left with 19.3 million to SlyderS1’s 34.9 million. rain1812 wouldn’t be able to turn the tide again and was eliminated in 2nd place:

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rain1812 got $116,874.00 for the runner-up finish while SlyderS1 earned $169,757.60 for his first SCOOP victory.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #42-M ($215 NLHE 8-Max) results:

Players: 5,436
Prize pool: $1,087,200.00
Places paid: 680

1. SlyderS1 (Hungary) $169,757.60
2. rain1812 (Estonia) $116,874.00
3. RomaFresh (Russia) $95,130.00
4. PokerBratv2 (Hungary) $73,386.00
5. BackDoorovic (Sweden) $51,642.00
6. JACKPOT786 (United Kingdom) $29,898.00
7. dariepoker (Romania) $13,590.00
8. psyhoagromor (Ukraine) $8,154.00

That’s it for SCOOP 42. There’s no more SCOOPs to register for this year but you can still check out the SCOOP Main Event. If you want to see results from this year’s SCOOP, including the Player of the Series, check out the SCOOP homepage.

Alexander Villegas is done with this year’s SCOOP for the PokerStars Blog.


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