SCOOP 2013: BOOGANDEHAH boogies home in Event 35-L ($27 NLHE, Turbo, 2x Chance)

May 24, 2013

Event 35-Low of SCOOP 2013 called for a little NLHE turbo rebuy action. Given the low price point and the chance for a second bullet if the first bullet blew up in a player’s face, turnout was huge. Almost 12,000 players vied for the SCOOP title in Event 35-L. At the end of a tidy five-and-a-half hours, it went to BOOGANDEHAH after a see-saw final table.

In a field as big as this one, nobody expected any Team PokerStars Pros or PokerStars Team Online players to make the final table. And none did. But six of them did break through into the money of Event 35-L. They were led by Team Online player Caio Pessagno, who made it as far as 170th place ($230.81) before expiring. He was joined on the Team Pro side of things by Cristian “el grillo” de Leon, who was bounced from the tournament in 217th place ($196.62). Randy “nanonoko” Lew, Henrique Pinho, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen and Andre Coimbra also cashed in the event.

Still, the amount that all the Team Pros and Team Online players earned combined was insignificant compared to the $59,000 that awaited the winner at the end of the final table:

Event 35-L final table.png

Seat 1: PokerStarJ2 (11580565 in chips)
Seat 2: BOOGANDEHAH (10632756 in chips)
Seat 3: BWFCLEE (14947452 in chips)
Seat 4: zenonmika (5259130 in chips)
Seat 5: wiredoor (4278239 in chips)
Seat 6: imcastleman (5878420 in chips)
Seat 7: eazynow007 (3962248 in chips)
Seat 8: T-BooGiE (22892576 in chips)
Seat 9: theboss77777 (7623614 in chips)

Level 51: blinds 300k-600k, ante 75k
Average: 9.67 million (16 BBs)

T-BooGiE started the final table with a sizable lead over the field, but in a turbo tournament chip leads tend not to mean very much. Still, those big stacks do have at least a little room to sit back and wait. The short stacks certainly do not. The two shortest players, eazynow007 and wiredoor, tangled on the 4th hand of the final table. eazynow007 shoved for 3.6 million from second position with K♥Q♦; wiredoor called from the big blind with 6♦A♠. Things were looking good for eazynow007 after a queen-high flop, but wiredoor hit running straight cards to bounce eazynow007 out the door.

theboss77777 got to play exactly two hands at the final table. In the first, theboss77777’s pocket treys were rivered by zenonmika’s A♦9♣ to cut theboss77777’s stack in half. Three hands later theboss77777 picked up another pocket pair, a pair of 7s, and shoved all in. This time BOOGANDEHAH was the player on the opposite end of the flip, with A♦J♥, and again the decisive card came on the river. BOOGANDEHAH paired aces to end theboss77777’s day in 8th place.

After the 10pm break the blinds were up to 500k-1000k. That increase put the most pressure on zenonmika and wiredoor. zenonmika was forced to go with A♥6♥ on the button when action folded around. imcastleman called in the big blind with K♣J♦ and paired on a Q♥2♦J♣ flop. zenonmika missed the entire board and exited in 7th place.

While the short stacks were immolating, T-BooGiE’s chip lead vanished. It started slowly – blinds and antes here, then a forefeited raise there. T-BooGiE’s stack kept going down and down and down. T-BooGiE decided to go for broke with Q♦8♦ after opening to 2.4 million and being three-bet all in by wiredoor for 11.7 million. wiredoor showed down A♠K♣ and flopped a king to remove almost all doubt from the matter.

That hand didn’t eliminate T-BooGiE, but it may as well have. Down to only 423k, T-BooGiE wound up all in with 7♥3♥ against big blind imcastleman’s J♦5♦. Nobody improved, allowing imcastleman’s jack-high to send former big stack T-BooGiE out of the tournament in 6th place.

As the chips continued to move around the table, former short stacks wiredoor and imcastleman became the big stacks. imcastleman’s time in the spotlight was shortlived; PokerStarJ2 doubled through imcastleman with pocket 10s to wrest the chip lead away and drop imcastleman back to the pack.

With blinds at 800k-1600k, it was BWFCLEE’s bad luck to be dealt A♥J♦ the same hand as BOOGANDEHAH was dealt A♣Q♣. BOOGANDEHAH shoved all in first; BWFCLEE called all in and wound up on the rail after a 4♥A♦3♣K♦8♣ board.

Three hands later it was imcastleman who moved all in first and BOOGANDEHAH who moved all in behind. The result was the same, however. BOOGANDEHAH’s pocket kings were more than enough to eliminate imcastleman, whose A♠7♦ didn’t connect with a 9-high board.

Three-handed, BOOGANDEHAH was the new chip leader with 39.4 million. Each of the other two players, wiredoor and PokerStarJ2, had about 24 million each. They began to discuss whether a deal made sense, given the prohibitive blinds. By the time they agreed to pause, wiredoor had taken over the lead. It took just a few minutes for each player to agree to a deal.

There was still the matter of the champion’s $5,000 set-aside and the SCOOP Movado watch. That extra money went to BOOGANDEHAH. wiredoor was the first hand, getting unlucky with A♠8♠ after BOOGANDEHAH shoved 7♣3♥ pre-flop into wiredoor’s big blind. BOOGANDEHAH and PokerStarJ2 then traded the chip lead several times before BOOGANDEHAH shut the door, making A♥J♠ hold up all in pre-flop against PokerStarJ2’s J♣9♣.

There were three stacks that were bigger than BOOGANDEHAH at the start of the final table. But some luck, some good timing, and some aggressive play made BOOGANDEHAH a new SCOOP champion.

SCOOP 2013 Event 35-L $27 NLHE (Turbo, 2x Chance) results

Players: 11,848
Re-buys: 5,563
Prizepool: $427,440.05
Places paid: 1,530
* denotes 3-way deal

1. BOOGANDEHAH (Canada) – $48,410.84*
2. PokerStarJ2 (Hungary) – $37,483.92*
3. wiredoor (Australia) – $46,233.98*
4. imcastleman (Canada) – $21,372.00
5. BWFCLEE (United Kingdom) – $17,097.60
6. T-BooGiE (Canada) – $12,823.20
7. zenonmika (Belgium) – $8,548.80
8. theboss77777 (Canada) – $4,274.40
9. eazynow007 (Denmark) – $2,692.87

There are four days left in SCOOP 2013. Make sure to maximize your chances of becoming a SCOOP champion! Consult the SCOOP home page for the schedule of remaining events and ways that you can qualify to enter them.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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