SCOOP 2013: Daniel Negreanu takes first major online victory in Event #39-H ($5,200 PLO 6-Max)

May 26, 2013

It’s been a good year for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

Just last month, Negreanu won the inaugural WSOP APAC Main Event for his fifth WSOP bracelet and more than $1 million. Then, a few weeks ago, Negreanu finished 4th in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Main Event for $420,912.

Now he’s won his first SCOOP and $216,000.

As it turns out, it was also the Team Pro’s first major online victory:

Negreanu bested a field of 180 formidable opponents to take the largest cut of the $900,000 prizepool. The $5,200 buy-in event attracted names like Joe Ebanks, Chance Kornuth, Shaun Deeb, Steven Chidwick, Justin Bonomo and David Baker.

Also making it to the field in droves were Team PokerStars Pro and Online. Representing the red spade pros were Ville Wahlbeck, Naoya Kihara, Nacho Barbero, Jason Mercier, Ike Haxton and George Danzer.

Also present, of course, was our champion.


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu had been near the top of the leaderboard late in the tournament and then took the lead with two tables left. His lead was already fairly significant when he knocked out another big stack at his table.

With 600/1,200 blinds, Negreanu raised to 2,400 from the button and Alex “LuckyGump” Makaroy re-raised to 8,400 from the small blind. While Makaroy was up against a household name, he’s no stranger to victory in 6-max PLO. Makaroy won the 2010 SCOOP #17-H ($1,575+R PLO 6-Max) and took down the $320+R PLO 6-max WCOOP last year.

Both players were faced with an 8♣7♥J♣ flop after Negrenu called. Makaroy checked the flop and Negreanu bet out 10,800. Makaroy raised to 50,400 and Negreanu moved all-in for 141,783. Since Negreanu was the chip leader, it would be Makaroy’s tournament life at stake.

Makaroy called all-in and players turned over their hands.

LuckyGump: Q♣J♠10♦8♠
KidPoker: A♣J♦10♥9♠

Both players hit a few things but Negreanu had flopped a straight. The turn brought a 6♣ and the Q♥ fell on the river.

Makaroy was out in 11th and Negreanu took a massive lead with 260,000. Negreanu then managed to increase his stack to 331,441 when the final table bubble burst.

Today’s final table bubble bursting was brought to you by FA_Morgoth.

Blinds were 1K/2K and calvin7v raised to 6,000 from the small blind. FA_Morgoth re-raised to 18,000 from the big blind and calvin7v called all-in for 15,912. calvin7v showed A♠Q♦9♣4♦ and FA_Morgoth turned over A♣10♣10♦2♠.

The board came 5♣10♥A♦6♥J♣ and FA_Morgoth hit a set to bring us down to our final table.

The final table


Seat 1: FA_Morgoth — 216,766
Seat 2: römpsä — 30,955
Seat 3: ender555 — 157,191
Seat 4: leshkaGmBlZ — 49,892
Seat 5: KidPoker — 331,441
Seat 6: rdcrsn — 113,755

The final table had an impressive resume. There were a few WSOP bracelet winners, a SCOOP watch holder and a WCOOP champion. FA_Morgoth in seat 1 won his SCOOP watch just a few days ago after taking down SCOOP #23-M ($109+R PLO 6-Max).

römpsä also had some PLO profitability this SCOOP. Just two nights ago, römpsä finished 4th in Event #34-H ($2,100 PLO Hi/Lo) for $29,925.00.

Joe “ender555” Ebanks in seat 3 has been very successful with all types of six-handed poker. Ebanks won the $10K WSOP NLHE 6-max championship in 2011 and took down the $1,050 6-max limit hold’em WCOOP that same year.

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu was also present. Negreanu’s first WSOP bracelet came in PLO and Kid Poker has already been having an impressive year. Negreanu won the WSOP APAC Main Event in April and then finished 4th in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Main Event.

Negreanu was also responsible for our first final table elimination.

Down to five

Play had gone on for a while and our short stacks, leshkaGmBlZ and römpsä, grew their stacks a bit. Both players managed to double up a few times and survived being the first on the cutting block.

That title went to rdcrsn.

rdcrsn had a rocky start, dropping, doubling and then rising back up to 84,135. Then, with 2K/4K blinds, Negreanu raised to 8,000 from the cutoff. rdcrsn called from the button and römpsä came along from the big blind. The flop came 2♣8♠J♦ and römpsä checked. Negreanu bet 16,000 and rdcrsn raised to 74,000. römpsä folded and Negreanu made it 248,000. rdcrsn only had 2,135 behind and called all-in.

rdcrsn: Q♠Q♣J♠9♠
KidPoker: A♣A♠10♣6♣

The turn brought a 3♣ and a J♣ fell on the river to give Negreanu the flush. rdcrsn was out in 6th and earned $40,500.00 while Negreanu’s lead grew to 382,539.

A bit off the end

FA_Morgoth was Negranu’s closest contender with 199,000 and both players continued to chip up. The hand after rdcrsn’s elimination, FA_Morgoth raised to 8,000 from the button and ender555 called from the big blind. Both players checked the 5♥Q♥9♦ flop and an 8♣ fell on the turn. ender555 bet 13,000 and then called when FA_Morgoth raised to 32,000.

A 2♦ came on the river and both players checked. Ebanks showed A♣K♥J♣2♥ for deuces while FA_Morgoth turned over Q♠8♠7♠5♣ for queens and eights. Ebanks was down to 103,000 while the pot put FA_Morgoth up to 241,000.

FA_Morgoth made it up to 340,000 before he got involved in a large pot with Negreanu. Blinds were 2.5K/5K and Negreanu called from the small blind. FA_Morgoth raised to 15,000 from the big blind and Negreanu called, bringing a J♣4♥4♦ flop. KidPoker check-called a 10,000 bet and the 2♥ came on the turn. Negreanu checked again and FA_Morgoth bet 40,000. Negreanu raised to 100,000 and FA_Morgoth folded.

Negreanu’s lead grew to 488,000 while FA_Morgoth dipped to 260,000.

FA_Morgoth then closed in on 300,000 again after eliminating leshkaGmBlZ. FA_Morgoth raised to 10,000 from under-the-gun and leshkaGmBlZ made it 35,000 from the small blind. FA_Morgoth re-raised to 60,000 and leshkaGmBlZ called all-in.

FA_Morgoth: J♦7♠7♦5♥
leshkaGmBlZ: K♠K♥8♣4♣

The board came 5♠J♣3♥10♥9♦ and FA_Morgoth hit jacks and fives to leshkaGmBlZ’s kings. leshkaGmBlZ was out in 5th for $58,500 while FA_Morgoth was up to 298,000.

Ender’s end

Joe “ender555” Ebanks started four-handed as the short-stack with only 30,000 and was the next player out. He’d make it up to second in chips before that happened though.

Ebanks raised to 17,500 from under-the-gun and römpsä re-raised to 30,000 from the big blind. ender555 called all-in and turned over K♠Q♥J♣6♠ to römpsä’s A♣K♦8♠2♣.

There was a 5♣4♥2♠9♠A♠ board and Ebanks hit a flush on the river to double up to 61,248. Two hands later, FA_Morgoth raised to 10,000 from under-the-gun and Ebanks re-raised to 35,000 from the small blind. FA_Morgoth called and players were given a 3♣10♣2♥ flop.

Ebanks moved all-in for 38,748 and FA_Morgoth called. Ebanks showed K♥K♠A♣8♣ and FA_Morgoth turned over Q♥Q♣J♥9♣. The turn was a 9♦ and the 3♠ fell on the river. Ebanks’ kings and threes took the bot and he was up to 152,496.

Then Ebanks took another big pot:

Ebanks made it up to 224,000 and then lost it all to Negreanu in one hand. Ebanks raised to 10,000 from under-the-gun, Negreanu made it 30,000 from the button and Ebanks called, bringing a 5♠8♠3♥ flop. Negreanu bet 35,000 when action checked to him and Ebanks raised to 172,500, leaving 22,496 behind.

Negreanu shoved and Ebanks called all-in.

ender555: A♠J♠10♦3♦
KidPoker: K♥Q♠9♠8♥

Both players had a flush draw, but after the 9♦ came on the turn and a 6♥ fell on the river, Negreanu’s two-pair took the largest pot of the tournament. Ebanks finished 4th for $76,500 while Negreanu took a massive lead with 613,764.

Speedy two

römpsä started three-handed with 190,000 and FA_Morgoth was third with 96,000. Negreanu made it up to 700,000 while FA_Morgoth and römpsä struggled to gain some footing. This led to lots of clashing between the short stacks.

Blinds were 3K/6K and FA_Morgoth raised to 21,000 from the button. römpsä re-raised to 69,000 and FA_Morgoth called all-in for 67,655. FA_Morgoth showed 10♠9♣8♥6♦ for his tournament life while römpsä showed J♠J♦9♠4♦. There was a 2♣5♥10♥K♥6♣ board and FA_Morgoth doubled to 141,000 with tens and sixes.

This left römpsä with 46,000 and he lost it the following hand. römpsä raised to 21,000 from the button and Negreanu made it 36,000 from the small blind. römpsä moved all-in and Negreanu called.

römpsä: A♥J♦8♥5♥
KidPoker: A♦Q♦10♥3♠

The board came 4♦A♣3♥Q♣Q♥ and Negreanu hit a full house. römpsä got $112,500 for his 3rd place finish and Negreanu’s lead grew again.


KidPoker: 764,712
römpsä: 135,288

The final table started out very slow, but action picked up along with Negranu’s stack. When we got to heads-up, the match only last five hands, with Negreanu winning each one. Negreanu won the blinds the first three hands and then gave FA_Morgoth the one-two knockout.

FA_Morgoth raised to 12,000 and Negreanu called, bringing a 7♠2♣2♠ flop. Negreanu check-called FA_Morgoth’s 12,000 bet and the 3♦ came on the turn. FA_Morgoth bet 24,000 when checked to and Negreanu called again. The river was a 7♦ and both players checked.

Negreanu turned over J♦J♠7♣2♥ and FA_Morgoth mucked. FA_Morgoth dipped to 72,288 and Negreanu ended the tournament the following hand.

Negreanu raised to 12,000 and the flop came 4♥5♦2♦ when FA_Morgoth called. Negreanu bet 12,000 when checked to and FA_Morgoth raised to 60,000. Negreanu re-raised and FA_Morgoth threw in his remaining 288 chips.

FA_Morgoth: Q♣7♣6♥5♣
KidPoker: J♦9♠6♦3♣

FA_Morgoth was out in 2nd and took $148,00.00.

The pot put Negreanu up to 900,000 and there were no more hands. That was it. Daniel Negreanu, a man who’d won millions upon millions live, took down his first major online tournament. For his first internet victory, Negreanu wins a SCOOP watch and $216,000.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #39-H ($5,200 PLO 6-Max) results:

Players: 180
Prizepool: $900,000
Places paid: 24

1. Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu (Canada) $216,000.00
2. FA_Morgoth (Austria) $148,950.00
3. römpsä (Finland) $112,500.00
4. ender555 (United Kingdom) $76,500.00
5. leshkaGmBlZ (Russia) $58,500.00
6. rdcrsn (Canada) $40,500.00

Only a few more SCOOP events remain, but there’s still plenty of money up for grabs. All three versions of the Main Event start tomorrow so be sure to check out the SCOOP homepage for satellites. Make it to our final SCOOP wrap and win bundles of cash in the process.

Alexander Villegas has never won anything for the PokerStars Blog.


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