SCOOP 2013: David “WhooooKidd” Baker gets a second SCOOP in Event #33-H ($2,100 8-Game)

May 24, 2013

David “WhooooKidd” Baker finally got it.

Baker had come so close to his second SCOOP watch several times this series. Baker finished 2nd in the $2,100 NLHE near the beginning of the SCOOP and then finished 3rd in Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo) just two days ago.

He made another final table in between that one and his victory today. In fact, Baker was playing the final table in Event #35-H ($2,100 NLHE Turbo 2X-Chance) while he was working his way to victory in Event #33-H.

Baker finished 3rd in Event #35-H for $168,510 and then got his second SCOOP watch a few hours later.

david baker hr3 wrap.jpg

David Baker busting out of a tournament, something that didn’t happen here

Event #33-H attracted 128 players and created a $256,000 prize pool. Some of the players to contribute to that prize pool were Team PokerStars Online players jorj95, talonchick and nkeyno. Also present were Team PokerStars Pros Andre Akkari, Jonathan Duhamel, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Eugene Katchalov, Jose Ignacio Barbero and ElkY — who finished 16th for $3,328.

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer was also in the field and made another final table this SCOOP.

It was an impressive final table that started with a bubble.


Ana Marquez took a commanding lead with three tables left. She held 140,000 while her closest contender came in at 75,000. Marquez’s lead it lasted until we made it to the bubble.

That’s when Eric “AceQuad” Brix took over.

The game was Razz and limits were 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante. Marquez brought it in with a K♥ and plattsburgh raised with a 4♠. AceQuad re-raised with a 7♥, Marquez folded and plattsburgh four-bet to 7,500. AceQuad called and players kept betting.

plattsburgh: (X)(X) / 4♠8♣Q♣9♥ / (X)
AceQuad: (X)(X) / 7♥10♦10♠5♠ / (X)

plattsburgh led out with bets on fourth, fifth and sixth street and AceQuad called all the way. plattsburgh then checked on the river and AceQuad bet 5,000. plattsburgh called and mucked when AceQuad turned over 2♠3♥/6♦ for a [7][6][5][3][2].

AceQuad was up to 122,141 and plattsburgh fell to 28,000.

AceQuad then took the lead away from Marquez. plattsburgh brought it in with a 9♥ and AceQuad raised with a 7♣. Marquez re-raised with a 2♥ and only AceQuad called.

AceQuad: (X)(X) / 7♣6♠8♥K♠ / (X)
ana marquez: (X)(X) / 2♥4♥5♣Q♣ / (X)

Marquez bet on every street and AceQuad called down. After calling on the river, AceQuad showed 4♠2♣/7♦ for [8][7][6][4][2] while Marquez showed 9♣5♠/J♣ for [j][9][5][4][2].

AceQuad inched into the lead with 147,000 while Marquez was down to 144,000. AceQuad increased his lead by crippling plattsburgh and Marquez burst the bubble.

plattsburgh brought it in with a 5♣ and Marquez raised with a 4♠. plattsburgh re-raised, Marquez 4-bet and plattsburgh made it 10,000, leaving himself with 354. Marquez called and the rest of plattsburgh’s chips went in on fifth street.

plattsburgh: (A♦)(2♥) / 5♣3♠5♠Q♥ / (K♣)
ana marquez: (6♦)(7♠) / 4♠8♦K♥J♣ / (9♠)

plattsburgh’s [q][5][3][2][A] was too high and Marquez won the pot with [9][8][7][6][4].

plattsburgh finished 7th and won $8,320.00 for the final table bubble.

We were now down to our…

Final table


Seat 1: WhooooKidd — 87,951
Seat 2: ana marquez — 154,901
Seat 3: GeorgeDanzer — 87,574
Seat 4: MUSTAFABET — 73,894
Seat 5: osten — 71,289
Seat 6: AceQuad — 164,391

Every single player at the final table had been at a major online final table before, and won it.

David “WhooooKidd” Baker took down SCOOP 19-H ($5,200 PLO) in 2009 for $215,000. Ana “ana marquez” Marquez won SCOOP 05-H ($1,050+R NLHE Turbo) for $255,035.10 just last week.

George “GeorgeDanzer” Danzer in seat 3 has a bunch of online victories including two WCOOPs and two SCOOPs. Danzer’s first SCOOP came in 2010 in the 9-M ($162 Badugi). Danzer’s more recent SCOOP was, well, more recent. A lot more recent.

Danzer also got a SCOOP last week, taking down Event #12-H ($2,100 NL 2-7 TD) for $34,040. Danzer is also tied for 4th in the overall SCOOP leaderboard, a tie he just broke.

Seat 4 hosts another WCOOP champion, MUSTAFABET. MUSTAFABET took down WCOOP-3 ($215 PLO 6-max) in 2009 for $86,247.01.

Then there’s Thor “osten” Hansen. Hansen has two WSOP bracelets in 7-card stud and A-5 lowball and won the $320 7-card stud event in last year’s WCOOP. Then, last week, Hansen took down SCOOP 11-H ($2,100 Stud). Hansen’s got (mixed) game.

Finishing out the impressive final table is AceQuad, who won the Sunday Million back in 2010.

These players aren’t strangers to major final tables, some aren’t even strangers to being at the final table with eacother. Just two days ago, Baker and Hansen final tabled Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo). Hansen finished 7th for $8,075 while Baker made it to 3rd for $26,600.

Résumé fluffing

While all these players added (another) a SCOOP final table to their resume, only one would get the watch.

AceQuad started the table with the lead, but would be the first player out. It started when Marquez snatched the lead back in stud:

Marquez continued to chip up while AceQuad descended. But while AceQuad fell first, Baker was the first to go all-in. The game switched to NLHE with 1K/2K blinds and a 250 ante and Baker raised to 4,000 from the cutoff. Marquez raised to 9,000 from the button and Baker moved all-in for 36,912.

Marquez called and showed A♦10♥ to Baker’s K♥K♣. The 6♠8♥K♣ was kind to Baker and he doubled up to 78,324. The hand didn’t devastate Marquez as she was still in the lead with 201,189. MUSTAFABET was in second with 134,000.

Then Baker doubled up again.

The game was PLO and Marquez raised to 4,000 from under-the-gun. AceQuad called from the small blind and Baker did the same from the big.

The flop came 9♠J♦4♠ and AceQuad bet 6,500. Baker raised to 31,500, Marquez folded and AceQuad moved all-in for 106,241. Baker had 48,824 behind and called all-in.

Baker: 9♦9♣A♦6♥
AceQuad: A♠A♥K♣8♠

Baker had a set while AceQuad showed aces and a flush draw. The K♠ on the turn gave AceQuad the nut flush, but then a J♥ came on the river to give Baker the full house.

Baker was up to 172,648 while AceQuad dipped to 25,917.

More for Thor

Thor “osten” Hansen started as the short stack and slowly chipped down to 40,000. AceQuad took the short stack title after the round of PLO, but then Hansen had a rocky 2-7.

With 5K/10K limits, Marquez raised from under-the-gun and Hansen three-bet from the button. Baker called from the big blind and Marquez came along. Baker and Marquez drew two while Hansen discarded one.

Hansen bet, Baker called and Marquez raised. Both players called and drew one card while Marquez patted. Marquez bet, Hansen and Baker called and drew one more card.

Marquez bet after the final draw and both players folded. Marquez went up to 290,000 while Hansen dropped to 4,728.

It seemed unlikely that Hansen would get our first final table elimination, but poker has never been predictable.

First, Hansen doubled-up. Hansen moved all-in for 4,728 from middle position, Marquez called from the small blind and George Danzer raised from the big. Marquez folded and we were heads-up.

Both players drew two cards the first draw and discarded one on the second and third draw. Hansen flipped over [8][6][5][3][2] and bested Danzer’s [10][8][6][3][2].

Hansen was up to 14,000 and doubled that two hands later.

David Baker raised from middle position and Hansen moved all-in for 14,184 from the big blind. Baker called and Hansen was at-risk again.

First draw

WhooooKidd: 3
osten: 2

Second draw

WhooooKidd: 2
osten: 1

Third Draw

WhooooKidd: 1
osten: Stand pat

Baker hit a [9][8][7][3][2] while Hansen was patting with an [8][7][4][3][2]. Hansen was up to 30,000 and then took out AceQuad.

Hansen raised from under-the-gun and AceQuad three-bet to his left. Hansen four-bet when action folded back and AceQuad called all-in.

First draw

AceQuad: 1
osten: 2

Second draw

AceQuad: 1
osten: 1

Third Draw

AceQuad: 1
osten: Stand pat

Hansen showed a [10][5][4][3][2] while AceQuad hit a pair with [8][7][7][3][2]. After 90 minutes, AceQuad became our first final table elimination. For his finish, Eric “AceQuad” Brix will take $11,520.00.

The hammer

Hansen brought the hammer down on Brix, but then it came back on him. Despite eliminating AceQuad, Hansen was still the short stack with 54,000.

The game switched to limit Hold’em and with 5K/10K limits, Hansen was down to 12,000 after a few hands and a round of blinds. Hansen raised to 10,000 from the cutoff and GeorgeDanzer three-bet from the big blind. Hansen called all-in and showed J♦8♠ to Danzer’s 3♦2♦.

The board came 8♦6♦6♠4♠Q♥ and Hansen doubled to 26,070. Danzer was left with 26,383 but got his chips back from Hansen.

Danzer raised to 10,000 from the button and Hansen re-raised from the big blind. Danzer four-bet and Hansen called, bringing a 3♥7♥9♥ flop. Hansen bet 5,000 and Danzer called all-in for 3,883.

Danzer showed A♦K♥ for a flush draw while Hansen held a set with 9♦9♣. The 6♥ turn gave Danzer the flush and and an A♠ fell on the river.

Danzer was up to 50,000 while Hansen was down to 2,187.

Hansen was automatically all-in from the small blind the following hand and MUSTAFABET raised from the button. David “WhooooKidd” Baker called from the big blind and the flop came Q♦K♣9♠.

MUSTAFABET bet and Baker folded.

osten showed K♦J♥ while MUSTAFABET turned over J♦8♦. The turn was a 6♦ and the K♠ fell on the river to give Hansen the double-up.

Then the game switched to Omaha Hi/Lo with 6K/12K limits and Hansen’s run was over. Hansen moved all-in for 6,561 from under-the-gun and Danzer and MUSTAFABET called from the blinds.

The flop came Q♥J♠5♥ and Danzer check-raised MUSTAFABET. The J♦ came on the turn after MUSTAFABET called and both players checked.

Danzer bet when the 4♥ came on the river and MUSTAFABET folded. Danzer showed K♥5♠5♦2♥ for fives full of jacks and Hansen turned over A♦7♦4♠2♦ for jacks and fours.


Thor Hansen

Thor “osten” Hansen finished 5th and earned $16,640.00 for his third SCOOP final table this series.

Tricky lead

David Baker had the four-handed lead with 276,000 while Ana Marquez came in second with 194,000. MUSTAFABET was a few chips shy of 100,000 and George Danzer was our short stack with 69,388.

Danzer got some traction in Omaha Hi/Lo after Marquez raised to 12,000 from the button and Danzer re-raised from the small blind. Marquez called and Danzer bet the 5♠2♥8♠ flop. A 3♥ came on the turn after Marquez called and Danzer fired another barrel.

Marquez called and the 10♠ came on the river. Danzer bet again, Marquez folded and Danzer was up to 100,000.

Danzer held steady in the round of Razz while Marquez took the lead away from Baker. Marquez first won some after bringing it in with a 7♠. Baker raised with a 6♠ and Marquez re-raised. Baker four-bet and Marquez called.

ana marquez: (X)(X) / 7♠J♦4♠
WhooooKidd: (X)(X) / 6♠Q♣10♥

Baker called Marquez’s bet on fifth street but folded to her bet on sixth. Marquez was up to 198,000 while Baker was down to 201,000. Both players then lost a bit to MUSTAFABET before Marquez took another big pot off of Baker:

Then the game switched to stud and limits went up to 8K/16K with a 1.6K ante. Danzer began to fall after bringing it in with a 5♣. Marquez raised with a J♣ and Danzer three-bet. Marquez re-raised and Danzer called.

Marquez got a J♥ on fourth street and bet. Danzer got a 4♣ and folded, going down to 65,000. Then Baker took a large pot off of Marquez.

MUSTAFABET had the bring in with a 6♦ and Baker raised with a Q♣. Marquez called and MUSTAFABET folded.

WhooooKidd: (X)(X) / Q♣3♣8♣K♥ / (X)
ana marquez: (X)(X) / 7♣5♠J♦10♠ / (X)

Baker bet all the way to the river and Marquez called down. Baker turned over Q♠J♣/10♦ after Marquez called his river bet for a pair of queens and Marquez mucked.

Baker took down the 126,000 pot and took back the lead.

Danzer down

While Baker and Marquez kept passing around the lead, they had yet to deal an elimination at the final table.

Danzer was down to 30,000 and raised to 8,000 with a Q♠ after Marquez brought it in with a 3♦. MUSTAFABET raised, Danzer three-bet and MUSTAFABET re-raised. Danzer called all-in and his final hand was dealt.

MUSTAFABET: (10♦)(10♥) / 5♦K♠7♥K♥ / (3♣)
GeorgeDanzer: (5♠)(2♠) / Q♠J♥9♥4♠ / (Q♣)


Danzer’s queens weren’t enough to beat MUSTAFABET’s kings and tens and Danzer finished 4tn, earning $21,760.00.

Baker’s rise

There was no yeast, just chips.

After Danzer’s elimination Baker was in the lead with 277,000. Marquez was in 2nd with 221,000 and MUSTAFABET rounded it off with 140,000. The game was Stud Hi/Lo with 8K/16K lmits and a 1.6 ante and Baker knocked MUSTAFABET down a bit:

Baker was also putting the pressure on Marquez. Marquez brought it in with a 5♦ and Baker called with a 9♠.

WhooooKidd: (X)(X) / 9♠10♦K♦6♣ / (X)
ana marquez: (X)(X) / 5♦8♠[1h]9♦ / (X)

Baker check-raised on fourth street and then took the initiative on fifth. Marquez called Baker’s fifth and sixth street bets and both players checked on the river.

Baker showed 8♥10♠/4♠ for tens while Marquez had 6♥8♦/K♠ for eights. Baker crossed the 400,000 mark while Marquez was down to 132,000.

Baker then put MUSTAFABET on the ropes. MUSTAFABET brought it in with a 2♥. Baker called with a 7♠, Marquez raised with the A♣ and both players called.

WhooooKidd: (X)(X) / 7♠5♣5♥6♣ / (X)
ana marquez: (X)(X) / A♣J♠
MUSTAFABET: (X)(X) / 2♥7♥K♣4♦ / (X)

MUSTAFABET bet on fourth, Baker raised and Marquez folded. MUSTAFABET called and Baker bet until the river. MUSTAFABET called the bet on fifth and sixth but folded on the river, leaving himself with 18,847.

Marked Marquez

With a bit more than one big bet, it seemed likely that MUSTAFABET was headed out in 3rd. But then he survived.

Baker brought it in with a 7♣ and MUSTAFABET raised with an 8♣. Baker raised and MUSTAFABET called all-in.

MUSTAFABET: (7♥)(3♣) / 8♣9♠J♥J♣ / (7♠)
WhooooKidd: (A♠)(5♠) / 7♣K♦2♣10♥ / (10♦)

MUSTAFABET’s jacks and sevens took the high and neither player had a low. Then MUSTAFABET doubled again.

Marquez brought it in with a 4♥ and MUSTAFABET raised with the 9♦. WhooooKidd three-bet, Marquez folded and MUSTAFABET four-bet. Baker re-raised and MUSTAFABET bet called, leaving 8,094 behind.

MUSTAFABET: (Q♦)(Q♣) / 9♦6♠8♦J♥ / (6♥)
WhooooKidd: (9♣)(9♥) / 5♣3♦4♣5♠ / (7♠)

The rest of the chips went in on fourth street and MUSTAFABET’s queens and sixes doubled him up to 87,000.

The game switched to NLHE with 2.5K/5K blinds and a 625 ante and Marquez went all-in for the first time this final table.

Marquez had been chipped down to 84,104 and moved all-in from the small blind after Baker raised to 10,000 from the button. MUSTAFABET folded and Baker called.


Marquez turned over J♠10♥ and Baker came alive with A♥K♥. The board came A♠4♣J♦4♦A♣ and Marquez was out in 3rd, earning $33,280.00.

This put Baker up to 555,987 while MUSTAFABET was at 84,013.


Heads-up play lasted seven hands and there wasn’t much chip movement till the last hand. MUSTAFABET was dwon to 70,000 and raised to 10,000 from the small blind. Baker called and the flop came 9♠J♠K♥. Baker check-called MUSTAFABET’s 7,500 bet and an A♣ came on the turn.

Baker checked again and MUSTAFABET bet 11,500. Baker called and checked again when the 8♥ came on the river. Then MUSTAFABET moved all-in for 44,738.

Baker called and ended the tournament.

MUSTAFABET showed Q♦3♠ for air while Baker showed Q♣10♣ for the rivered straight. MUSTAFABET got $44,800.00 for the runner-up finish while WhooooKidd took the title.

David “WhooooKidd” Baker became our most recent SCOOP champion and earned his second-ever SCOOP victory. For his win here in Event #33-H, Baker will take $66,560.00.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #33-H ($2,100 8-Game) results:

Entrants: 128
Prize pool: $256,000
Places paid: 18

1. WhooooKidd (Mexico) $66,560.00
2. MUSTAFABET (United Kingdom) $44,800.00
3. ana marquez (United Kingdom) $33,280.00
4. GeorgeDanzer (Austria) $21,760.00
5. osten (Norway) $16,640.00
6. AceQuad (Mexico) $11,520.00

The SCOOP is nearing its final stretch, so don’t forget to check out the SCOOP homepage for all SCOOP-related information. You’ll find the leader board, results and satellites to the remaining events, including the SCOOP Main Event on May 26th.

Alexander Villegas watches poker for the PokerStars Blog. He’ll be watching Arrested Development on May 26th.


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