SCOOP 2013: FellipeNunes Turbo Master in Event #35-M ($215 NL Turbo, 2x-Chance)

May 24, 2013

Turbo events are perfect for impatient people whom want instant gratification. Turbo events are tournaments specifically designed for people seeking extreme, high-pressure situations. This is not the type of tournament for someone with alligator blood pumping through their veins. Slow and steady does not win this particular race. Instead, of patience and passiveness, you have to be willing to sprint out of the gate and never stop running at full throttle.

From a spectator perspective, turbo events often run so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss the final table. SCOOP Event #35-M took a little over five hours from start to finish. During that time, FellipeNunes, a seasoned veteran from Brazil closing in on $1 million in career earnings, faded a field of 2,963 players in an all-out sprint.

SCOOP Event #35-M attracted 2,963 runners. They contributed 1,344 re-buys and boosted the prize pool to $861,400. The top 378 places paid out with $136,101.53 set aside to the eventual champion.

Six notables cashed in Event #35-M. Among those fortunate folks to secure themsleves a cut of the prize pool were: Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im (369th), Team Online nkeyno (339th), Team Online mement_mori (283rd), Team PokerStars Pro mattidm (241st), Team PokerStars Pro David Williams (63rd), and Team PokerStars Pro Christiam “el grillo” de León (40th).

PokerStars Team Online members who took a shot at a SCOOP title, but failed to cash included: nanonoko, Jorj95, WizardOfAhhhs, acoimbra, Pessagno, and Baalim. Team PokerStars Pros who participated but did not cash included ElkY, Vanessa Rousso, Lex Veldhuis, Chad Brown, Liv Boeree, Ike Haxton, Eugene Katchalov, Joe Cada, Nacho Barbero, Angel Guillen, Marcin “Goral” Horecki, and George Danzer.

Christian “el grillo” de León won the Team Pro last longer after his deep run with a 40th place performance. “el grillo” busted in a three-way pot with A♠7♣ against UhhMee’s A♦K♣ and san-ok135’s A♥6♥. UhhMee dragged the pot and el grillo hit the virtual rail in 40th place, which paid out $1,852.01.

In this turbo-boosted format, 75% of the field was liquidated in under two hours. 90% was gone in 2.5 hours. After 3 hours, only 100 players remained. By the time the tournament reached its fourth hour, we were down to the final two tables.

With 18 players remaining on the final two tables, bullyon held the lead with 2 million. With 10 to go, action went hand-for-hand. Short-stacked kimokh made a final stand with K♥3♥ versus GearUp777’s A♠Q♦. The board ran out 10♣9♣2♣J♥A♥ and GearUp777 dragged the pot with a pair of Aces. Lebanon’s kimokh was bubbled off the final table in tenth place. the final nine were set.


SCOOP Event #35-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: san-ok135 (5,584,710)
Seat 2: bullyon (2,406,295)
Seat 3: GearUp777 (3,084,120)
Seat 4: DwnByDaBrdge (704,692)
Seat 5: DeathBlow500 (2,891,352)
Seat 6: 7HE__D__ASH (103,8854)
Seat 7: theNERDguy (1,814,974)
Seat 8: FellipeNunes (2,478,814)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 80K/160K and a 20K ante. Russia’s san-ok135 held the overall lead with 5.5 million. DwnByDaBrdge was the shorty with 704K.

07Papi eliminated in 9th place

It did not take very long before we saw the first elimination at the final table. 07Papi open-shoved for 1,171,189, and san-ok135 tried to pick him off. 07Papi took A♦4♦ into battle against san-ok135’s A♠J♦. The board ran out J♠7♠6♦7♥10♠, and san-ok135 won the pot with two pair. 07Papi became the first player to exit the final table. For a ninth-place finish, 07Papi collected $7,321.90.

DwnByDaBrdge eliminated in 8th place

Less than an orbit later, we saw the second bustout. DwnByDaBrdge raised to 584,865, theNERDguy shoved for 1,314,974, and DwnByDaBrdge called all-in for 524,519. DwnByDaBrdge trailed with A♦5♠ against theNERDguy’s A♣J♠. The board ran out 8♦7♦2♥A♠6♣. DwnByDaBrdge failed to improve and theNERDguy won the pot with a pair of Aces and a better kicker. For an eighth-place performance, DwnByDaBrdge took home $12,490.30.

bullyon eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked bullyon open-shoved for 720,353 and FellipeNunes called from the big blind. FellipeNunes trailed with K♦10♠ versus bullyon’s A♠8♠. The flop was J♣10♥8♦ and FellipeNunes flopped a pair and took the lead. The turn was the K♠ and FellipeNunes improved to two pair. The river was the 6♥ and FellipeNunes won the pot. Costa Rica’s bullyon busted in seventh place, which paid out $20,242.90.

DeathBlow500 eliminated in 6th place

Big hand. san-ok135 min-raised to 1 million, DeathBlow500 bumped it up to 2,841,352, and san-ok135 called. DeathBlow500 led with A♦Q♦ against san-ok135’s A♥8♣. The board ran out 8♠7♠3♠4♥9♣ and san-ok135 won the pot with a pair of eights. DeathBlow500 failed to improve and hit the rail. DeathBlow500 collected $28,856.90 for a sixth-place finish.

With five players remaining in the hunt for a SCOOP crown… san-ok135 held the lead with 9.4 million. FellipeNunes was second with 4 million and GearUp777 brought up the rear with 1.2 million.

GearUp777 eliminated in 5th place

7HE__D__ASH open-shoved for 2,700,208, and GearUp777 called all-in 1,617,870. 7HE__D__ASH led with A♥4♦ against GearUp777’s K♦Q♣. The board ran out A♠6♣2♠A♦K♣. 7HE__D__ASH won the pot trip Aces. GearUp777 collected $37.470.90 for a fifth-place finish.


Action was paused so the final four could discuss a deal. ICM numbers were floated as follows: san-ok135 ($103,794.36), 7HE__D__ASH ($88,365.70), theNERDguy ($80,914.56), and FellipeNunes ($79,412.99). They had to leave $8,000 on the table for the eventual champion. Instantly, theNERDguy shot down the numbers and wanted 90K “or no deal.” The negotiations broke down and play resumed.

theNERDguy eliminated in 4th place

Karma is rough. The one player who objected to a deal was the next player to bust out. theNERDguy got crippled in a pot when he lost with A♥10♠ against 7HE__D__ASH’s K♣10♣, when 7HE__D__ASH rivered a King-high straight when the board ran out Q♦9♣3♦4♦J♠.

On the next hand, theNERDguy hit the road. theNERDguy was all-in in the small blind for his last 136,216. theNERDguy actually woke up with a decent hand — A♣6♦ — but it lost to FellipeNunes’ 5♣4♠ when the board ran out J♠5♦3♣3♥2♣. for a fourth-place finish, theNERDguy took home $50,383.28.

With three to go… 7HE__D__ASH took a marginal lead with 8.8 million. san-ok135 was second with 8.3 and FellipeNunes was the shorty with 4.3 million.


With theNERDguy’s elimination, action was paused for a deal discussion. The ICM numbers were floated as follows: 7HE__D__ASH ($106,735.93), san-ok135 ($104,027.00), and FellipeNunes ($91,341.40), with $8,000 left on the table for first place. The three players agreed on those numbers. With a deal in place, play resumed.

7HE__D__ASH eliminated in 3rd place

7HE__D__ASH open-shoved for 1,618,206, and san-ok135 called. 7HE__D__ASH led with K♦9♥ against san-ok135’s 7♠6♦. The board ran out 8♦7♦2♣4♥3♦. san-ok135 hit the flop and dragged the pot with a pair of sevens. 7HE__D__ASH failed to improve and busted in third. Based on the terms of the three-way deal, 7HE__D__ASH earned $106,735.93 for a third-place finish.

HEADS-UP: san-ok135 (Russia) vs. FellipeNunes (Brazil)
Seat 1: san-ok135 (13,929,106)
Seat 8: FellipeNunes (7,605,894)

Despite trailing almost 2-1 in chips, FellipeNunes needed only eight hands to pull off a come-from-behind victory to win Event #35-M.

san-ok135 eliminated in 2nd place; FellipeNunes binks Event #35-M!

san-ok135 lost the lead in a decisive pot worth 16.4 million. san-ok135’s K♦6♦ lost a joust against FellipeNunes’ Q♣5♦. Both players bombed it all-in on the flop of A♦Q♦10♥. FellipeNunes led with a pair, but san-ok135 picked up a Broadway straight draw. The turn was the 7♠ and the river was the 3♠. san-ok135 lost the pot and FellipeNunes doubled up to avoid an elimination.

On the final hand… san-ok135 min-raised to 1.2 million, FellipeNunes moved all-in for 14,063,576, and san-ok135 called all-in for 6,121,424. san-ok135 was in trouble with Q♠9♠ against FellipeNunes’ A♣Q♣. The board ran out 7♥5♥2♦6♠K♠. San-ok135 picked up a straight draw on the turn, but whiffed on the river. FellipeNunes dragged the pot with Ace-high and faded a straight. Russia’s san-ok135 failed to improve and busted out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, san-ok135 collected $104,027.00. Based upon the conditions of the three-way deal, FellipeNunes took home $99,341.40 for first place, not to mention a cool SCOOP champion’s watch. Congrats!

Check out the final hand in the snazzy re-player:

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2013 SCOOP Event #35-M $215 NL [Turbo 2x-Chance] – Final Table Results:

Entrants: 2,963
Re-Buys: 1,344
Prize Pool: $861,400
Places Paid: 378

1. FellipeNunes (Brazil) – $99,341.40 ***
2. san-ok135 (Russia) – $104,027.00 ***
3. 7HE__D__ASH (Switzerland) – $106,735.93 ***
4. theNERDguy (Brazil) – $50,383.28
5. GearUp777 (Austria) – $37,470.90
6. DeathBlow500 (Canada) – $28,856.90
7. bullyon (Costa Rica) – $20,242.90
8. DwnByDaBrdge (Mexico) – $12,490.30
9. 07Papi (Portugal) – $7,321.90

*** denotes a three-way deal

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