SCOOP 2013: aDrENalin710 Wins Second SCOOP Title; George Danzer Denied Third SCOOP Crown in Event #37-H ($2,100 HORSE)

May 25, 2013

Horse racing has its origins with the ancient Greeks, but British royalty always held a unique fondness for thoroughbred racing, which is why it was once dubbed the “Sport of Kings.” In the technologically advanced 21st Century, the current “sport of kings” is online poker, which has its own version of a high-stakes “horse race” that tests mastery at mixed games.

The final table for SCOOP Event #37-H included a trio of players seeking a second 2013 SCOOP title. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer has two SCOOP victories on his resume, including a victory in #12-H (NL 2-7 Draw). Meanwhile, “highland” had no time to celebrate his SCOOP victory the previous night in Event #31-H (NL Knockout). Earlier this week, Russia’s aDrENalin710 won Event #27-M (Triple Draw). One of them was destined to win another SCOOP title. But which one?

As fate would have it, Danzer, aDrENalin710, and highland were the last three players left standing, but highland knocked out Danzer and thwarted his quest at a third SCOOP title. With two remaining, highland was heads-up with aDrENalin710. The winner would go home with a second SCOOP title this week (with higland seeking two titles in consecutive days). When the dust settled, highland was denied a multiple SCOOP victory, as aDrENalin710 ran away with a triumphant win in Event #37-H and won a second SCOOP this week.

The entire field in “high” version of H.O.R.S.E. was a veritable who’s who of the world’s elite mixed-game specialists. SCOOP Event #37-H $2,100 H.O.R.S.E. attracted 107 runners who boosted the prize pool to $214,00, which more than doubled the initial $100,000 guarantee. Only the top 12 places won prize money with $58,315 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros participating in this event included George Danzer, Chad Brown, Eugene Katchalov, Humberto Brenes, Nacho Barbero, and ElkY. PokerStars Team Online taking a shot at a SCOOP title included Jorj95, nkeyno, talonchick, and mement_Mori. None of them would advance to the money.

Only Team PokerStars Pros George Danzer and Chad Brown cashed in this event. Danzer went the deepest with another final table and he was on a distinct mission to take down his third SCOOP title and win a third champion’s watch.


Team Pro George Danzer trying to win a third SCOOP

The money bubble burst when blanconegro was knocked out in 13th. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown busted in 12th place ($5,885) during a round of Hold’em when his Q♣6♣ lost to aDrENalin710’s A♠J♥. Scott “gunning4you” Seiver went out next in 11th place when his A♥K♥ was run down by PearlJammer’s 9♦7♦. With ten players remaining, Pearljammer took the lead with 100K.

ImaLucSac bubbled off the final table in ninth place during Stud, when highland won the pot with A♠K♠3♣10♠A♦9♥8♥ and a pair of Aces versus ImaLucSac’s K♥10♥A♣3♥10♣J♠2♠ and his pair of tens. With ImaLucSac’s exit in ninth, the final table of eight was set.


SCOOP Event #37-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: AceQuad (59,881)
Seat 2: CoooKay (21,284)
Seat 3: skalexjung (54,367)
Seat 4: aDrENalin710 (66,825)
Seat 5: PearlJammer (92,850)
Seat 6: GeorgeDanzer (29,829)
Seat 7: NoraFlum (90,594)
Seat 8: highland (119,370)

The final table commenced during Level 34. Blinds were 2K/4K during a round of Stud. Canada’s highland sat on the big stack with 119K, while PearlJammer was second overall with 92.8K, and CoooKay brought up the rear as the short stack with 21K.

To say the final table was stacked with a plethora of talent is an understatement. A trio of players at this final table were seeking multiple SCOOP titles. Danzer had won an event last week (and has 2 career SCOOP and 2 WCOOP titles and needs a TCOOP to secure an elusive Triple COOP). A couple of days ago, aDrENalin710 took down Event #27-M. Plus, just last evening, highland binked Event #31-H. AceQuad is en feugo. He made six SCOOP final tables over the last week including two this evening. Although AceQuad, never won a SCOOP, he once won the Sunday Million. And let’s not overlook NoraFlum’s accolades which includes one WCOOP title. I’m shocked that PearlJammer has never won a SCOOP, but he’s also the all-time #1 player with the most career WCOOP cashes with a whopping 59 in-the-money finishes. With such a dangerous field in the hunt for a HORSE title, the player who eventually won Event #37-H was definitely going to earn it.

skalexjung eliminated in 8th place

It took almost an hour before someone busted at the final table. It happened during a round a Omaha Hi/Lo. Super-shorty skalexjung moved all-in for 3,467, and when NoraFlum bumped it up to 6,000, everyone else folded. Heads-up.

skalexjung: A♠9♣8♣5♣
NoraFlum: A♦7♠2♠2♦

The board ran out J♦5♠4♣3♥Q♦. NoraFlum turned the Wheel and scooped the pot with a straight and the nut low. skalexjung could only muster up a pair of fives and an 8-5-4-3-A low. Germany’s skalexjung became the first player to exit at the final table. For an eighth-place performance, skalexjung earned $6,955.00.

CoooKay eliminated in 7th place

During a round of Omaha Hi/Lo, we lost another player. CoooKay min-raised to 6,000 and only George Danzer called (from the small blind). Heads-up. The flop was 10♣8♠3♠. Danzer checked, CoooKay fired away for 3,000, Danzer check-raised to 6,000, CoooKay shoved all-in for 8,352, and Danzer called.

Danzer: A♠10♦9♥4♠
CoooKay: A♦J♠9♠2♣

The turn was the 2♦ and the river was the 5♦. Danzer caught running cards to scoop both ends of the pot with the Wheel. Meanwhile, CoooKay could only put together a pair of deuces and an 8-5-3-2-A low. For a seventh-place performance, CoooKay collected $9,095.00.

With six remaining, highland held the lead with 135K and PearlJammer was right behind with 124K. Danzer was the short-stack with 50.8K.

NoraFlum eliminated in 6th place

Action was stagnant when it got down to six, but someone finally cracked during Stud. Betting was capped on third street after a raising war between short-stacked NoraFlum and aDrENalin710. NoraFlum got it all-in on fourth street with (X-X)J♣2♦ against aDrENalin710’s (X-X)Q♣10♥. The players ended up with:

aDrENalin710: J♥A♦Q♣10♥9♣3♦6♣
NoraFlum: 10♣8♣J♣2♦3♣Q♦4♥

NoraFlum picked up a club-flush draw on fifth street and picked up more outs with a straight draw on sixth street, but unfortunately whiffed on both. On fourth street, aDrENalin710 had a Broadway draw and missed, but somehow won the pot with a mere Ace-high, which was good enough to take out NraFlum. aDrENalin710 dodged a bunch of bullets when he managed to fade both a flush draw and straight draw. For a sixth-place finish, NoraFlum took home $11,235.00.

With five to go, highland lost the lead and slipped to second with 184K, while aDrENalin710 jumped out in front with 207K. AceQuad was the shorty with 28.7K.

AceQuad eliminated in 5th place

AceQuad was running super hot this week and Event #37-H was his fifth final table in the last seven days. Despite that remarkable feat, he has yet to finally break through and ship a SCOOP event. He was short-stacked and unable to mount a comeback after he was knocked out in fifth place during a round of Stud Hi/Lo.

On fifth street, AceQuad bombed it all-in with (X-X)8♣5♣J♥ and aDrENalin710 called with (X-X)2♣A♥7♥. Both players finished up with:

aDrENalin710: 3♠2♥2♣A♥7♥A♠K♦
AceQuad: 2♠8♦8♣5♣J♥Q♥5♦

Without a qualifying low, aDrENalin710 won the pot with two pair — Aces and Deuces. AceQuad rivered a smaller two pair — eights and fives — which was not good enough to win. For a fifth-place performance, AceQuad earned $14,980.

With four players still left in the hunt for a SCOOP title… aDrENalin710 retained the lead wit 214K, highland was second with 162K, Danzer third with 112K, and PearlJammer was the shorty with 45K.

PearlJammer eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked PearlJammer hit the virtual rail during a round of Hold’em. PearlJammer opened to 10,000, Danzer called, and aDrENalin710 called from the big blind. Three-way. The flop was 9♥4♠2♣. aDrENalin710 checked, PearlJammer bet 5,000, Danzer and aDrENalin710 both called. The turn was the 8♦. aDrENalin710 checked, PearlJammer bet 10,000, Danzer folded, and aDrENalin710 called. Heads-up. The 7♦ fell on the river. aDrENalin710 fired away 10,000 and PearlJammer called all-in for 7,050.

aDrENalin710: J♣10♦
PearlJammer: 3♥3♠

PearlJammer only had a pair of treys, while aDrENalin710 rivered a Jack-high straight to drag the pot. PearlJammer collected $20,330 for a fourth-place finish.

With three players remaining, the chip counts were: aDrENalin710 (272K), highland (198K), and Danzer (64K). Those numbers were only temporary. Danzer battled back and at one point took a marginal lead, while all three were roughly even in chips.

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer eliminated in 3rd place

During Stud Hi/Lo, Danzer was crippled in a decisive hand when he lost with two pair (Eights and Sevens) to highland better two pair (Queens and Sevens). Without a qualifying low, highland won the 100K pot. Four hands later, Danzer met his fate.

The game was still Stud Hi/Lo. After an escalated raising war, Danzer was all-in on third street against aDrENalin710. Both players finished with:

aDrENalin710: 6♦3♣7♠Q♠6♣J♦7♦
GeorgeDanzer: 8♣J♥A♥9♦4♦A♠3♥

Without a qualifying low, aDrENalin710 dragged the pot with two pair — Sevens and Sixes. Danzer could only muster up a pair of Aces. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer missed a chance at his third SCOOP title, but he collected $29,960 for third place.

HEADS-UP: highland (Canada) vs. aDrENalin710 (Russia)
Seat 4: aDrENalin710 (254,030)
Seat 8: highland (280,970)

Only 26K in chips separated the last two standing, but highland held the slight lead. Both players were seeking their second SCOOP title this week. They were both running as good as you could. One of them would get #2 while the other would go home empty handed. Could Russia’s aDrENalin710 prevent highland from winning a second SCOOP event in two nights? Or would highland pull off a truly remarkable feat?

After five minutes of heads-up, highland attempted to pull ahead and jumped out to a 2-1 chip advantage, but aDrENalin710 won an equalizing pot by scooping during Stud Hi/Lo. Back to even.

When the game switched to hold’em, aDrENalin710 won a pot with K♣6♣ and a full boat. That hand put him close to 400K in chips, while highland sunk to 135K. aDrENalin710 won another sizable pot (176K) with 8♣8♦ to chip up to over 515K. At that point, aDrENalin710 knew he had highland on the ropes (with a paltry stack worth under 40K) and desperately tried to deliver the fatal knockout blow before highland could mount a comeback.

higland eliminated in 2nd place and denied second SCOOP title; aDrENalin710 binks Event #37-H and won SCOOP title #2!!

On the final hand during a round of Hold’em… highland opened to 160,00 and aDrENalin710 called. The flop was J♦7♥5♣. aDrENalin710 checked, highland bet 8,000, aDrENalin710 check-raised to 16,000, and highland called. The K♦ fell on the turn. aDrENalin710 fired out 16,000 and highland called all-in for 6,740.

aDrENalin710: 6♥5♥
highland: Q♠2♠

aDrENalin710 was ahead with a pair of fives. The river was the 2♦. Although highland improved to a pair of deuces, it was not good enough to win the pot and avoid an elimination. aDrENalin710 dragged the pot with a pair of fives and knocked out highland in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, highland earned $39,590.00. Although it was disappointing to finish in second place, it’s not very often you see a player finish first and second in two “high” events in two consecutive days. It was truly a sensational accomplishment. Congrats.

Russia’s aDrENalin710 earned $58,315.00 for a first-place finish in Event #37-H, in addition to winning a classy SCOOP champion’s watch. Congrats to aDrENalin710 for winning two SCOOP events and two watches this week (one for each wrist).

Watch the final winning hand through the innovative replayer:

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2013 SCOOP Event #37-H $2,100 HORSE – Final Table Results:

Entrants: 107
Prize Pool: $214,000
Places Paid: 12

1. aDrENalin710 (Russia) – $58,315
2. highland (Canada) – $39,590
3. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (Germany) – $29,960
4. PearlJammer (Mexico) – $20,330
5. AceQuad (Mexico) – $14,980
6. NoraFlum (Mexico) – $11,235
7. CoooKay (Canada) – $9,095
8. skalexjung (Germany) – $6,955

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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