SCOOP 2013: ImaLucSac binks Event #24-H and prevents Shaun Deeb from winning a sixth SCOOP title

May 21, 2013

Shaun Deeb has five SCOOP titles in his brief professional career. Deeb is like the Tiger Woods of the Spring Championship of Online Poker because he’s the master of his own domain and chasing his own ghost. Then again, Deeb has not won any SCOOP events in 2013. Is he losing his edge? That’s how much supreme excellence we expect out of Deeb, due to his stupendous and super-human feats at the poker table. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Deeb was a bridesmaid twice already this year with a pair of second-place finishes in SCOOP events. When the day began, Deeb sat second overall for Player of the Series, an impressive accomplishment considering he had not won a single 2013 SCOOP event… so far.

I know what you’re thinking. If you listen to the tin-foil hat-wearing donks in certain poker forums, then you might actually believe the urban legend that Shaun Deeb is not human and he’s either an alien-hybrid from another solar system, or a cyborg with superior artificial intelligence that was created by the CIA at a clandestine, underground test facility in the remote Nevada desert.

Who knows the true origins of Shaun Deeb? One thing is for certain… whenever Deeb plays, everyone gets the hell out of his way because it’s only a matter of time before he steamrolls right over you. If you blink, you’re road kill.

pca_bounty shootout_shanu deeb.jpg

Shaun Deeb: Man or Machine?

But this was not destined to be Shaun Deeb’s night. Deeb embarked on a another deep run and final tabled yet another SCOOP event, but he fell short of winning his 6th SCOOP title when he exited in fifth place in Event #24-H Mixed NL/PLO.

ImaLucSac was the fortunate one who shipped Event #24-H and thwarted Deeb’s attempt at padding his stats.

SCOOP Event #24-H $1,050 Mixed NL/PLO attracted a 362 runners. It seems like a small number, but the field was loaded with several hundred of the premier mixed game connoisseurs. The top 45 places got a cut of the $362,000 prize pool, with $70,047.00 set aside to the eventual champion. This mixed event featured alternating rounds of NLHE and PLO, which meant they played NL during odd-numbered levels and gambled it up with PLO during even-numbered levels.

Team PokerStars Online taking a shot at a SCOOP crown in this event included Mickey “mement_mori” Peterson, Jorj95, nkeyno, Pessagno. Team Pros participating in Event #24-H included Theo Jorgensen, George Danzer, Chad Brown, Richard Toth, Eugene Katchalov, Toni Judet, Vivian Im, and Lex Veldhuis.

Only 45 players advanced to the money. Theo Jorgensen and mement_mori were among the fortunate players who secured themselves a cash. With 100 to go Theo Jorgenson held a sizable lead with almost twice as many chips as second place, but as the tournament raced toward the money bubble, Jorgensen slipped toward the middle of the pack.

Right after the money bubble burst, Team PokerStars Pro Jorgensen hit the skids and was knocked out in 44th place. Jorgensen earned a $2,172 play day. Not long afterwards, Team Online mement_mori bounced in 37th place, which also paid out $2,172.

With 18 remaining on the final two tables, high-stakes grinder zivziv held the lead with 267K. With 11 to go, Markush13 was out in front with Deeb sitting close by in second place.

With ten players remaining and vying for the final table, action went hand-for-hand. Former big-stack, zivziv, unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place when his K♦Q♦J♥9♠ lost to fuddebuf’s J♣10♣8♥7♦. The board ran out 10♠8♣6♣8♦Q♠, and although zivziv rivered a Queen-high straight, it failed to beat fuddebuf’s full boat. The final table was set and Deeb was in the hunt for another SCOOP title.


Event #24-H Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: shaundeeb (228,151)
Seat 2: ihaveAAdream (27,444)
Seat 3: Markush13 (381,260)
Seat 4: ILYAK1717 (187,312)
Seat 5: fuddebuf (602,732)
Seat 6: ImaLucSac (62,820)
Seat 7: pokerkluka (78,395)
Seat 8: Schinken777 (135,666)
Seat 9: shtirlitz_ (106,220)

The final table commenced during Level 23 and a round of NL. The blinds were 2K/4K and a 500 ante. Denmark’s fuddebuf sat on the big stack with 602K. Shaun Deeb was third overall with 228K. Bringing up the rear was short-stacked ihaveAAdream with 27.4K.

ihaveAAdream eliminated in 9th place

The round was NL. Short-stacked ihaveAAdream did not last very long at the final table before open-shoving for 17,944. Markush13 re-raised all-in 31,888 to isolate and everyone else bailed. Heads-up. Markush13 had ihaveAAdream dominated:

Markush13: A♣J♥
ihaveAAdream: A♥7♦

The board ran out 10♣6♦5♠2♠K♦. Neither player improved, but Markush13 dragged the pot with Ace-high and a Jack-kicker. Germany’s ihaveAAdream was out-kicked and became the first player to bust at the final table. For a ninth-place performance, ihaveAAdream took home $6,335.00.

Schinken777 eliminated in 8th place

During a round of NL… ImaLucSac open-shoved for 69,820, Schinken777 called all-in for 59,566 from the small blind, and shtirlitz_ (who had both players covered) called from the big blind. Three-way pot.

ImaLucSac: 4♣4♦
shtirlitz_: A♦K♥
Schinken777: A♥10♦

ImaLucSac was ahead with pocket fours. The board ran out J♦7♥2♦J♣3♣ and ImaLucSac’s fours held up. ImaLucSac won both the main pot (188,698) and side pot (16,508). shtirlitz_ lost the pot and was crippled. Schinken777 failed to improve and was knocked out in eight place, which paid out $8,688.00.

shtirlitz_ eliminated in 7th place

Two hands later, the round was still NL and we saw another bustout when shtirlitz_ bombed it all-in for 37,800 and ILYAK1717 called. ILYAK1717 led with A♠5♠ versus shtirlitz_’s K♥Q♦. The board ran out 9♣8♥7♦7♠J♥. Both players did not improve their hands, but ILYAK1717 dragged the pot with Ace-high. Russia’s shtirlitz_ bounced out in seventh place, which paid $12,308.00.

With six remaining, fuddebuf continued to hold the lead with 596K. Markush13 was second with 420K, and Deeb was fourth with 230K.

pokerkluka eliminated in 6th place

During a round of PLO we lost another player… fuddebuf min-raised to 10,000, pokerkluka re-raised to 37,500, and fuddebuf called. The flop was 9♥5♥5♠. fuddebuf checked, pokerkluka bet 82,500, fuddebuf check-raised to 165,000, and pokerkluka called all-in for 30,090.

fuddebuf: Q♥Q♠6♠2♥
pokerkluka: A♣A♦8♠2♠

Although pokerkluka was ahead with Aces, fuddebuf re-draw to a flush after the flop. The turn was the 4♥ and fuddebuf took the lead with a flush. The river was the 2♦ and fuddebuf won the pot with a Queen-high flush. For a sixth-place finish, pokerkluka earned $15,928.00.

With five to go, fuddebuf chipped up to approximately 900K and held almost half of the chips in play. Deeb slipped to 200K and was fourth overall.

Shaun Deeb eliminated in 5th place

Shaun Deeb was silent for most of the final table and never really got anything going. He was trying to win SCOOP victory #6 for his first win this year, but Deeb came up short during a round of NL and was bounced in fifth place.

On Deeb’s final hand… Markush13 opened with a raise to 12,600, ImaLucSac bumped it up to 32,600, shaundeeb moved all-in for 200,238, Markush13 folded, and ImaLucSac called 167,638. Heads-up.

ImaLucSac: A♥K♣
Shaun Deeb: A♦Q♠

Deeb found himself in trouble when he ran his A♦Q♠ into ImaLucSac’s Big Slick. A♥K♣. The board finished up K♥J♦3♦A♣7♠. Deeb had flopped a Broadway gutter, but failed to get there. ImaLucSac flopped a pair and turned two pair to win the pot. Alas, Shaun Deeb’s run came to an end with a fifth-place finish, which paid out $20,634.00.

ILYAK1717 eliminated in 4th place

During a round of NL, we went from four to three. Markush13 opened with a raise to 14,000, ILYAK1717 bumped it up to 29,987, Markush13four-bet shoved for 253,634, and ILYAK1717 called all-in for 221,776. ILYAK1717 was behind the eight-ball and dominated by Markush13.

Markush13: A♠J♠
ILYAK1717: A♦9♥

The board ran out K♦5♣2♦Q♣4♣. Markush13 turned a Broadway draw, but whiffed on the river. Neither player improved their hands, but Markush13 won the pot with Ace-high and a stronger kicker. For a fourth-place performance, ILYAK1717 earned $29,865.00.

With three players remaining, fuddebuf was in first with 906K, Markush13 sat in second with 508K, and ImaLucSac was the shorty with 395K.


During a fortunate round of NL, ImaLucSac avoided an elimination and doubled through fuddebuf in a pot worth over 696K. ImaLucSac bombed it all-in preflop with 4♦4♠ and chased down fuddebuf’s 10♣10♥ when he flopped a set of fours. That decisive hand gave ImaLucSac a slight chip lead over fuddebuf (696K to 633K). ImaLucSac tried to pull away and chipped up to 955K, which was more than half the chips in play.

It didn’t take long before ImaLucSac’s stack was under assault by fuddebuf, who regained the lead with 858K.

Markush13 eliminated in 3rd place

During a round of PLO, we lost another player. ImaLucSac min-raised to 16,000, Markush13 bumped it up to 56,000, fuddebuf re-raised to 96,000, ImaLucSac folded, and Markush13 called. The flop was K♣10♥5♠. Markush13 jammed all-in for 89,847 and fuddebuf called.

Markush13: J♠10♠8♣5♣
fuddebuf: A♦Q♣Q♥2♦

Markush13 flopped two pair and took the lead. The turn was the J♥ and fuddebuf turned a Broadway straight. The river was the 6♠. Markush13 could only muster up two pair and fuddebuf won the pot with a straight. Markush13 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $39,820.00.

HEADS-UP: fuddebuf (Denmark) vs. ImaLucSac (Canada)
Seat 5: fuddebuf (1,020,762)
Seat 6: ImaLucSac (789,238)

When heads-up began, ImaLucSac trailed. Heads-up only lasted nine hands and ImaLucSac won six out of the last eight hands.

The most decisive pot was a 1.6 million doozy during PLO that ImaLucSac won. Although fuddebuf flopped a set of sevens with A♠8♠7♠7♦, ImaLucSac turned a straight with Q♥J♦9♣8♥ and won the pot. fuddebuf was crippled and left with around 146K. ImaLucSac finished him off two hands later.

fuddebuf eliminated in 2nd place; ImaLucSac ships Event #24-H!

On the final hand during a round of PLO… fuddebuf min-raised to 16,000 and ImaLucSac called. The flop was A♣10♣8♦. ImaLucSac checked, fuddebuf fired out 16,000, ImaLucSac check-raised to 80,000, fuddebuf shoved for 122,724, and ImaLucSac called.

ImaLucSac: A♥8♠7♠7♣
fuddebuf: Q♣9♦6♦3♣

fuddebuf flopped a straight draw and a flush draw, while ImaLucSac flopped two pair. The turn was the 10♠ and the river was the A♠. ImaLucSac rivered a full house and won the pot. Meanwhile, fuddebuf busted out in second place.

Denmark’s fuddebuf collected $52,490.00 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to ImaLucSac, who shipped Event #24-H and earned $70,047.00 for first place, not to mention a sleek SCOOP champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the re-player:

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2013 SCOOP Event #24-H $1,050 Mixed NL/PLO – Final Table Results:

Entrants: 362
Prize Pool: $362,000
Places Paid: 45

1. Dylan “ImaLucSac” Linde (Canada) – $70,047.00
2. fuddebuf (Denmark) – $52,490.00
3. Markush13 (Belarus) – $39,820.00
4. ILYAK1717 (Finland) – $29,865.00
5. Shaun Deeb (Mexico) – $20,634.00
6. pokerkluka (Netherlands) – $15,928.00
7. shtirlitz_ (Russia) – $12,308.00
8. Schinken777 (Germany) – $8,688.00
9. ihaveAAdream (Germany) – $6,335.00

Get your SCOOP fix by visiting the SCOOP home page. View the remaining schedule or find out who is currently in the lead for Player of the Series. Plus, if you’re a stat geek, check out the comprehensive SCOOP stats page.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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