SCOOP 2013: Mitorun runs away with title in Event #37-M ($215 HORSE)

May 25, 2013

David “WhooooKidd” Baker was looking for his second SCOOP title in a matter of days as another mixed game event produced a fascinating SCOOP final table, but in the end Baker would fall short with Russia’s Mitorun emerging with the title and almost twenty grand in prize money.

It was Event #37-M of the SCOOP schedule with the $215 HORSE event bringing a talented field of 567 players to build a prize pool of $113,400. That was almost double the advertised guarantee with the top 72 players set to cash and the top prize worth $21,432.60.

Team PokerStars Pros Marcel Luske, David Williams, Mickey Petersen, Nacho Barbero, Eugene Katchalov, Bertrand Grospellier, George Lind, Marcin Horecki, Adrienne Rowsome, George Danzer, Naoya Kihara and Chad Brown all fell short of the money, along with Taknapotin from Canada who bubbled this one in 73rd place as the remaining players had locked up a minimum $357.21 pay day.

James “Andy_McLEOD” Obst was eliminated in 10th place before korjae’s pair of sevens in Stud couldn’t improve enough to better YordanPetrov’s pair of eights. Korjae was out in 9th place as our final table line up was set:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: Tarzancev (354,978 in chips)
Seat 2: David “WhooooKidd” Baker (653,607 in chips)
Seat 3: Fred_Brink (164,036 in chips)
Seat 4: Mitorun (425,322 in chips)
Seat 5: YordanPetrov (372,245 in chips)
Seat 6: holtekila (183,433 in chips)
Seat 7: Ulett_23 (87,814 in chips)
Seat 8: guns_n_fight (593,565 in chips)

The chip leader was none other than David “WhooooKidd” Baker who continued his cracking SCOOP series after winning his second SCOOP title just a few days earlier.

Stud would be the first game of the final table with Ulett_23 looking for an early double up as the short stack, but it would be holtekila who would be first to go.

holtekila lost a chunk of change against Mitorun’s ace high-flush, before a three-way clash in Stud Hi-Lo saw holtekila all in by fifth street against both Fred_Brink and Mitorun. By sixth street, Mitorun gave it up as Fred_Brink already showed a straight to leave holtekila drawing dead. holtekila ended with A♣2♠K♠6♦6♠Q♥5♣ as Fred_Brink’s 5♠8♥7♥6♣4♥3♠A♦ scooped the lot to leave holtekila to pick up $1,984.50 for 8th place.

Two-time COOP champion Ulett_23 had survived a pay jump but could go no further than 7th place. In Stud Hi-Lo, Ulett_23 capped the action on third street and was all in for change on fourth with both Fred_Brink and YordanPetrov coming along. After checking fifth, the two live players put in bets on sixth and the river with YordanPetrov’s 4♣A♣7♣5♦7♥A♦2♣ scooping the pot with aces and sevens for the high and a seven-low. Both opponents mucked to see Ulett_23 out in 7th place for $2,835.00.

It would take until the next orbit of Stud for the next casualty. After heavy action on fourth and a bet on fifth, Tarzancev was all in on sixth street against Fred_Brink. After the river was dealt, Tarzancev showed A♦J♣2♦J♠6♦6♣8♠ for two pair with jacks and sixes but Fred_Brink had already made a flush on sixth with Q♥4♥A♥10♥5♠6♥J♦. Tarzancev took home $3,969.00 for 6th place.

Mitorun and Fred_Brink shared the chip lead with five players remaining, with Mitorun extending that advantage with the elimination of YordanPetrov. It was during Limit Holdem when YordanPetrov three-bet preflop before action was capped on the flop. YordanPetrov only had a few thousand to commit on the turn holding A♦Q♥ on the board of 2♠8♣6♠6♣ but Mitorun’s pair with 5♣5♠ was in front and it stayed that way with the 7♠ completing the board. YordanPetrov picked up $5,670.00 for 5th place.

Fred_Brink was on the short stack when the Omaha Hi-Lo orbit rolled around and committed his last chips on the turn against two opponents:

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Unfortunately for Fred_Brink, Mitorun tabled the old “nut nut” for the ten-high straight to go with a seven-low. It was too strong for Fred_Brink who mucked and departed in 4th place for $8,505.00 in prize money.

WhooooKidd moved back into the chip lead with some solid form in Omaha Hi-Lo, but guns_n_fight made up some ground in Razz.

guns_n_fight and Mitorun were keen to look at deal numbers but Baker was not interested – after all, Baker had won more money this SCOOP series than anyone else. It would prove to be an unfortunate decision however as Baker was ground down before committing all in during a hand of Seven-Card Stud:

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WhooooKidd started with kings but that’s all he could muster as guns_n_fight improved to a pair of aces to collect the pot and end Baker’s run short of a third SCOOP title, finishing in 3rd place for $11,566.80.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 4: Mitorun (1,824,180 in chips)
Seat 8: guns_n_fight (1,010,820 in chips)

With Baker out of the way, the two remaining players quickly agreed to a deal, leaving $1,200 and the SCOOP title to play for.

Despite locking up some money, the heads-up battle would be a lengthy one, but that’s often the nature of heads-up split-pot games.

guns_n_fight was able to fight back during Limit Holdem, winning six pots in succession to take over the lead, however a queen-high double up with Mitorun’s J♥Q♥ surviving against the barrage from guns_n_fight with just Q♣4♥ kept Mitorun in contention.

Mitorun carried that momentum into the Omaha Hi-Lo round, winning back-to-back one million chip pots. The first saw Mitorun make trip jacks to scoop, which was followed by a pair of eights and eight-four low to better guns_n_fight’s pair of deuces with an eight-five low.

However it was a hand of Razz that did all the damage:

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Mitorun caught the eight-low on the river to take control of the contest, and it was all over two hands later. guns_n_fight was all in on fourth with the board running out 5♣7♦10♣3♣8♥5♦3♦ for a ten-low, but Mitorun again caught good with the board of K♦9♦A♣2♣4♦2♠7♣ bringing a nine-low for the victory! guns_n_fight collected $17,534.18 for 2nd place following the deal with Mitorun winning the SCOOP title and $19,604.32 in prize money.

SCOOP Event #37-M $215 HORSE Results
Entrants: 567
Prize pool: $113,400.00
Places paid: 72

1st Mitorun (Russia) – $19,604.32*
2nd guns_n_fight (Greece) – $17,534.18*
3rd David “WhooooKidd” Baker (Mexico) – $11,566.80
4th Fred_Brink (Denmark) – $8,505.00
5th YordanPetrov (Bulgaria) – $5,670.00
6th Tarzancev (Russia) – $3,969.00
7th Ulett_23 (Canada) – $2,835.00
8th holtekila (Norway) – $1,984.50

* denotes heads-up deal

There are a total of 44 events on the 2013 SCOOP schedule, each offering a low, medium and high level of buy-in, running right through until May 26th. Check out the full schedule, satellite information, stats and the Player of the Series leaderboard on the SCOOP home page.

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