SCOOP 2013: TheLandlord1 evicts opponents to win Event 34M ($215+R PLO H/L)

May 24, 2013

TheLandlord1 went into the final table with the chip lead but quickly found the competition to be quite tough. It took some tenacity and the skill to find the right spots to pick up chips in order to maneuver through the opponents. And patience was key during the heads-up match, as waiting for the right time to score a double-up was the proper path to victory.


Event 34 (medium level buy-in) offered players the chance to earn a bracelet in the ever-popular Pot Limit Omaha, albeit of the Hi/Lo variation. The two-day tournament started with a substantial field that nearly doubled the guarantee.

Players: 943
Guarantee: $100,000.00
Prize pool: $188,600.00
Paid players: 126

Team PokerStars was once again well represented with the likes of Marcel Luske, Henrique Pinho, David Williams, George Danzer, Nacho Barbero, Richard Toth, George Lind, Bertrand Grospellier, Naoya Kihara, Chad Brown, Andre Akkari, Mickey Petersen and Fredy Torres all joining the field but failing to reach the money. Adrienne Rowsome was another who got awfully close, falling in 138th place, just a dozen places short of the min-cash.

When the bubble burst on Australian Onadownswing, the remaining 126 had locked in a profit with at least $339.48 returning to their cashier.

SCOOP crusher Shaun Deeb (84th – $414.92), Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki (60th – $528.08) and SCOOP Event #3-M winner Adam Levy (57th – $528.08) were some of the notables to cash on Day 1 before play wrapped up after 30 levels of play.

Adam Levy.jpeg

Play stopped with TheLandlord1 of Canada atop the leaderboard with 790,745 chips. followed by paomala of Costa Rica with 662,150, and phil694 was on the shortest of the ten remaining stacks with 215,728 chips.

Day 2

It only took a few tries during hand-for-hand play to find the first elimination of the day. On the final table bubble, phil694 raised preflop from the button, and luk45zp called from the big blind to see a 3♥5♠J♦ flop. Luk45zp bet, and phil694 called all-in with 2♦9♣6♣A♦. Luk45zp showed 9♦A♠6♠J♣, and the board ran out with Q♠ and 5♣. That eliminated phil694 in tenth place with $1,886.00.

The Landlord1 holds the lease

The final table began in Level 31 with blinds of 12,500/30,000, and a few hands into the action, the chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: UlDuffer (285,103 in chips)
Seat 2: TheLandlord1 (865,843 in chips)
Seat 3: luk45zp (470,095 in chips)
Seat 4: EdoTK (182,356 in chips)
Seat 5: Fresh_oO_D (494,869 in chips)
Seat 6: Liquid_PLO (243,114 in chips)
Seat 7: henrikx (720,021 in chips)
Seat 8: paomala (762,150 in chips)
Seat 9: Obamapoker88 (691,449 in chips)

2013 SCOOP - 34M final table.JPG

Henrikx started strong at the final table, and with the collection of a 615K-chip pot from Fresh_oO_D, henrikx took over the chip lead with a count of more than 1.2 million.

That led to a hand in which luk45zp moved all-in preflop with 9♦[AH]K♠2♥ against the 5♦9♣A♦A♣ of henrikx. The board of 3♦J♠Q♦9♥6♣ only gave luk45zp a pair of nines, which wasn’t enough to beat aces. Luk45zp exited in ninth place with $2,263.20.

Fresh_oO_D risked it all against TheLandlord1 but stayed alive by splitting the low half of the pot. Then a split pot with paomala kept Fresh_oO_D in action again. But a bit later, a full double through paomala was a positive sign, and even another double through henrikx got Fresh_oO_D off the short stack.

Meanwhile, EdoTK, who finished fourth in just days ago in Event 19M, got involved with UIDuffer to see a raised flop of 6♣3♦6♥. UIDuffer pushed all-in with A♣5♠2♠7♠, and EdoTK called all-in with 8♥Q♣2♦A♥. The 2♣ and 7♣ finished the hand, giving the high and low to UIDuffer and leaving EdoTK out in eighth place with $3,772.00.

Liquid_PLO was ready for action and raised from middle position with 6♣8♥10♦9♥. Paomala reraised from the small blind with 6♥A♥2♣8♣. Obamapoker88 reraised all-in with A♣3♣2♠Q♣, and Liquid_PLO called all-in. Paomala called and covered both players. The board came 9♠Q♥J♥5♣K♥, and paomala had the nut flush to eliminate Liquid_PLO in seventh place with $5,658.00 and Obamapoker88 in sixth with $7,544.00.

TheLandlord1 doubled through paomala, who soon after doubled back through TheLandlord1.

After UIDuffer doubled through Fresh_oO_D, the latter moved all-in with 7♥A♦7♣9♦ against the 8♠3♣4♠7♦ of TheLandlord1. The board of 8♦4♦A♠6♠2♥ gave TheLandlord1 two pair and the low, and Fresh_oO_D ended a tumultuous final table in fifth place with $9,505.44.

UIDuffer on the button and henrikx in the big blind got involved to see a raised flop of 6♣2♦Q♣. UIDuffer bet, and henrikx check-raised. UIDuffer responded with an all-in reraise holding Q♥4♣A♥K♦, and henrikx called with A♣3♣3♠J♥, making the flush on the K♣ turn. The 9♠ on the river ended the tournament for UIDuffer, who took home $13,673.50 for the fourth place finish.

Paomala was the next player at risk, all-in with 10♠K♦A♣8♦ against TheLandlord1 and 2♣4♥A♦2♥. The board of Q♥3♥3♣5♣5♠ didn’t help paomala at all, so a third place exit was the only option for $18,294.20.

Heads-up with a deal

The last two players started play with these chip counts:

Seat 2: TheLandlord1 (1,968,626 in chips)
Seat 7: henrikx (2,746,374 in chips)

It didn’t take long for them to decide on a deal based on chip-chop numbers. Henrikx agreed to take $28,845.80, while TheLandlord1 was guaranteed $27,620.20. They played on for the title, SCOOP watch, and an additional $2K in prize money.

Henrikx kept the pressure on and retained the lead for some time, but TheLandlord1 finally doubled through henrikx with ace-high flush over king-high flush for a pot worth nearly 4 million chips. Not long after, the two players got into action after a raised flop of 9♠2♣10♣. TheLandlord1 bet, and henrikx raised all-in with 6♣7♦A♦8♦ for the draw, but TheLandlord1 showed 6♦K♣2♦A♥ for the pair of sixes. The Q♣ on the turn changed nothing, and the 10♥ only gave TheLandlord1 two pair to eliminate henrikx in second place with $28,845.80.

TheLandlord1 won the SCOOP title, watch, and $29,620.20 in cash. Congrats!

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #34-M ($215 PLO H/L) results:
Players: 943
Prizepool: $188,600
Places paid: 126
(Payouts reflect two-way deal)

1. TheLandlord1 (Canada) $29,620.20*
2. henrikx (Sweden) $28,845.80*
3. paomala (Costa Rica) $18,294.20
4. UIDuffer (Ireland) $13,673.50
5. Fresh_oO_D (Germany) $9,505.44
6. Obamapoker88 (Sweden) $7,544.00
7. Liquid_PLO (Germany) $5,658.00
8. EdoTK (Sweden) $3,772.00
9. luk45zp (Poland) $2,263.20

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.


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