SCOOP 2014: WCOOP champs battle heads-up, DYBYDX victorious in Event #15 ($700 NLHE Ante Up)

May 09, 2014

Tonight’s final table of the SCOOP 2014 Event #15-H was like watching a long horse race with two clear cut favorite out in front of the nine player field so far that the other simply could not keep up. Aduobe4 and DYBYDX would come out of the gates so fast the other runners, despite their past successes in SCOOP and WCOOP, were mere spectators who made a decent ROI on their $700.00 buy-in. Both players would be looking to capture the second leg of the Triple COOP, Aduobe4 after winning a bracelet in last year’s WCOOP Event #5 and DYBYDX getting one in 2011’s Event # 2. DYBYDX set the pace for most of the three hour heads-up dance and put away Aduobe4 to win $46,728.26 and add more PokerStars bling to a wrist of the winner’s choice.

At the end of day one the players threatened to start-up the final table then and there but 15 managed to hold off their thirst for tournament chips until today. 45 of the 397 runners would come away with some extra SCOOP cash on their $700.00 buy-in after crushing the $150,000 guarantee for a total prize pool of $264,005.00.


Two Red Spades familiar with making some cash during the SCOOP festival added to their winnings yesterday. Andre Akkari made the final table of the 2010 Main Event-Low but a return to the spotlight table was cut short in 23rd place ($1,980.03). Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier already has a SCOOP watch, and would make thefinal table of Event 11-H this year, but bowed out in Event #15-H in 27th place ($1,980.03).

For our 15 players left the overnight chip leader, DYBYDX, will be looking add notch towards the Triple COOP today after collecting the WCOOP bracelet in 2011. MrKloutt is searching for another SCOOP final table after taking sixth in 2012’s Event #17-H. AJSuited16 and OMGjonyctt were both at the WCOOP 2013 Event #11 final table, and while neither would take home the bracelet that night, OMGjonycutt claimed one during Event #9 the night before.

OMGjonycutt’s run to a second -COOP title would end at the hands of mjw006 as the two sparred preflop ending with 188,586 chips in the middle. mjw006’s big slick A♠K♣ would hold against OMGjonyctt’s 2♥A♥ on the Q♣ J♣ A♣ 10♦ 7♥ board leaving 12 players left. Almost 15 minutes later Aduobe4 would introduce F_H_E_S to the rail after milking a flopped set against cracked aces to ship F_H_E_S $3,960.07 in 12th place as the 11 remaining players took a five minute nap coming back to antes of 1,250 chips and an average of 180,000.

Aduobe4 would set up hand-for-hand play. With the antes at 1,500 Hoegh93 and Aduobe4 would try to kick each out preflop with raise, but instead it ended with all of Hoegh93’s funds in the 333,132 chip pot. Two big hands with a chance to challenge DYBYDX’s chip lead. Hoegh93’s pocket queens Q♥Q♠ would not survive the flop as Aduobe4’s big slick A♦K♦ once again took down the big pot on the 5♠ 7♥ K♣ 3♣ 7♦ board. Hoegh93 would narrowly missed a second SCOOP 2014 final table after taking third for $34K in Event 4-M.

12 minutes later with the antes still at 1,500 AnyTw0_Card$ who raised to 3,000 getting called by vandir4rek as everyone else folded. After a small bet and a call with the board showing 6♠ 7♣ K♠ 4♥ AnyTw0_Card$ check raised all-in for 61,244 total holding the nut flush draw and a pair 4♠A♠. vandir4rek was happy to call with the flopped set 6♥6♣ and as the 3♦ hit the river, vandir4rek collected the 145,708 pot opening up the final table below:


Seat 1: Aduobe4 (441965 in chips)
Seat 2: DYBYDX (331346 in chips)
Seat 3: AJSuited16 (175013 in chips)
Seat 4: MrKlouttt (168989 in chips)
Seat 5: vandir4rek (262786 in chips)
Seat 6: LgwZ (117139 in chips)
Seat 7: mjw006 (232653 in chips)
Seat 8: kissthefrog (78937 in chips)
Seat 9: nikhil121 (176172 in chips)

Four and out

One player did not want to appreciate the near non-existent 5/5 blinds and low 1,500 antes as on the fourth hand of final table play someone was ready to leave. After mjw006 raised from early position, kissthefrog was next to act and shoved for 68,417 chips. Holding today’s luck hand, big slick K♦A♥, mjw006 made the call. kissthefrog’s pocket jacks J♥J♠ would not make it past the flop 9♠ 4♣ A♣ 7♦ 3♦ as kissthefrog collected $4,620.08 in ninth place.

Patience settling in

After the quick exit of kissthefrog, nearly an hour elapsed until DYBYDX three-betting the chip leader Aduobe4 preflop seemed almost automatic as the two players held over half the chips in play. Once in a while Aduobe4 would snap back, but with the ante up to 2,000 chips, after a raise by Aduobe4 and a three-bet by DYBYDX, LgwZ jumped into the fray with a shove for 67,549 chips. Aduobe4 sat out but DYBYDX did not making the call with A♥6♣. LgwZ turned up the dominating J♥A♠ but the 9♦ K♣ 6♥ 3♣ 5♦ board contained six instead of a jack sending LgwZ off in eighth place ($6,336.12).

Greed at the top

Sooner or later DYBYDX and Aduobe4 are not going to stop at a raise and a three-bet. But, until then they continued to thin the herd of the final table. After waiting nearly an hour for elimination number two, just three hands later it was time for another player to relinquish their seat. Aduobe4 led for 5,510 as DYBYDX slipped onto the call button as MrKloutt and mjw006 joined in for the Q♣3♥8♦ flop. mjw006 checked as Aduobe4 bet 18,025 chips while DYBYDX folded. MrKloutt liked the flopped top pair, good kicker K♠Q♥ and shoved for 95,283 however Aduobe4 like the flopped two pair 8♠Q♠ even more and made the call. No king on the 7♥ turn and 9♠ river and MrKloutt was out in seventh place ($8,976.17).

Mo Money Less Problems

Two hands later the ruler of the stacks, Aduobe4 went looking for another six-figure pot and found it. Check out the video below as the chip leader refuses to sit on the big stack:

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AJSuited16 would take pocket tens 10♥10♠ into the fight against Aduobe4’s A♣Q♦ but a flopped queen K♠ Q♠ 9♣ 8♦ 4♣ left nothing but air to punch at as Aduobe4 collected the 152,549 chip pot and AJSuited16 got the first five figure pay with $11,616.12 in sixth place.

Chip disparity?

Here’s the chip count about five minutes from the third hourly break:

Seat 1: Aduobe4 (952,955 in chips)
Seat 2: DYBYDX (705,194 in chips)
Seat 5: vandir4rek (60,352 in chips)
Seat 7: mjw006 (121,607 in chips)
Seat 9: nikhil121 (144,892 in chips)

Well, vandir4rek tried to limp and shove for 57,852 over a raise by mjw005 and three-bet by DYBYDX with the seemingly lucky hand of the night, big slick A♦K♠. Just the dead money in the middle would have been nice, but DYBYDX was priced in holding a considerable amount of chips behind and made the call with 7♠5♣. It was the little hand that could picking up a straight draw on the turn, but it would be a pair on the river 8♠ 8♥ 4♥ 9♠ 5♦ that ended vandir4rek’s run in fifth place ($15,048.28). Mark another excellent run during SCOOP for vandir4rek as the Russian nearly claimed a watch during Event #26-H last year as runner up to Rodrigo “caprioli” Caprioli.

Flicking ants off the hill

On the next hand Aduobe4 led for the dutiful 5,510 chips as mjw006 made the call from the small blind to see a couple of little spades on the 4♠3♠Q♣ flop. mjw006 would check-call the 10,525 flop bet as an ace A♣ hit the turn. Again, check-call as Aduobe4 moved up to 21,085 chips as a six landed on the river. mjw006 was not letting go of the turned pair A♦8♣ and check called for tournament life. Until the river mjw006 was good but with two pair 6♠A♠ after missing the flush draw, Aduobe4 was better shoving mjw006 off in fourth place ($21,780.41).

Chalk crosses the line

Much like the Kentucky Derby favorite California Chrome crossing the finish line, Aduobe4 and DYBYDX were the odds-on favorites to play for the watch. With the ante up to 2,500 nikhil121 would take stand against DYBYDX’s four-bet shove with pocket sevens 7♥7♠. DYBYDX was not playing the part of the bully turning up big slick K♥A♠ and this hand took a roller coaster ride on the board. First, DYBYDX would hit trips K♠K♣8♠ then nikhil121 caught a break with a boat on the turned 7♣. The happiness quickly went away as the last king in the deck K♦ hit the river for quads as nikhil121 stepped aside in third place ($29,040.55).

Time for the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaain event!

After working a chop and leaving $3,000 and the championship watch on the table Aduobe4 and DYBYDX took their massive stacks to work on each other. Starting out with 357 antes for Aduobe4 and 436 antes for DYBYDX this writer and the 391 people watching probably grabbed a beer and pizza to settle in for the heads-up battle.

And battle they did as the stacks nearly evened an hour later as the antes moved up to 3,500 ante the players still holding extensive antes (285 each) as neither had much to say in the chat box, instead letting their chips and cards do the talking. After hour number two DYBYDX would take a minor lead with the antes moving up to 4,500 after the break, but neither player showing signs of giving up this title as Aduobe4 still held almost 200 antes.

Who were the 259 people on the rail during hour three? Stakeholders? Parents? Grade 10 schoolmates? People who love poker? Aduobe4 would need to double up after slipping to 315,531 chips but A♦8♠ would outflip DYBYDX’s pocket sevens 7♣7♠ on the 5♣ 8♣ 3♦ 10♣ 6♠ board as the WCOOP champs continued their clinic on how to keep a cool head when deep stacked.

Twenty minutes later the hook was set just right by DYBYDX in this hand below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

After flopping 2♣Q♦J♦ top pair with 8♣Q♠ and calling a raise from DYBYDX, the rest of the chips went into the middle after the turned 3♠. Unfortunately for Aduobe4, DYBYDX was holding a set of deuces 2♦2♥ making the river 10♥ moot handing DYBYDX the Event #15-H title and $46,728.26!

SCOOP 15-H $700.00 NLHE [Ante-Up]

Entrants: 397
Prize pool: $264,005.00
Places paid: 45
(* denotes part of two-way deal)

1. DYBYDX (United Kingdom) *$46,728.26
2. Aduobe4 (United Kingdom) *$42,637.56
3. nikhil121 (Chile) $29,040.55
4. mjw006 (Australia) $21,780.41
5. vandir4rek (Russia) $15,048.28
6. AJSuited16 (Costa Rica) $11,616.22
7. MrKloutt (United Kingdom) $8,976.17
8. LgwZ (Brazil) $6,336.12
9. kissthefrog (Sweden) $4,620.08

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David Aydt is a freelance contributor


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