SCOOP 2014: Ansgar2000 denies Anderson of a fifth title winning Event #16-M ($109+Rebuys, Big Antes)

May 10, 2014

We will not speculate on where Calvin “cal42688” Anderson would put five SCOOP champion watches, maybe he could asked the new proud papa Shaun Deeb what he did with his wrist trophies. In the today’s SCOOP Event #16-M $200,000 guarantee Big Antes tournament, Anderson looked to be exiting in around sixth place but made a huge push for chips with four remaining to take the chip lead, opening up the possibility of owning a tie for the most SCOOP titles in history. It was nice of the 1,547 runners to pump in an extra 1,690 rebuys and 1,288 add-ons to knock down the $200,000 guarantee with a $452,500.00 prize pool. Anderson would make it to heads-up play after a three-way deal split the remaining pot between himself, Supernova Elite Ansgar2000, and UncleAnte9. But, Ansgar2000 would deny Calvin the fifth watch, taking home $59,500.15 and the title.

In a contrast to the Ante Up tournaments last night, the Event #16-M today got itself into a rush quickly eliminating Buchi_9, Isidinho, and ronaldgrauer, and finschi333 in 11th through 14th place respectively to reach hand-for-hand play just after this author spent the morning running 13.1 miles.

The final table bubble would feature TCOOP winner Christian “iPUNI$H” Bauer looking for another notch towards a Triple COOP crown. With the blinds at 12.5K/25K ante 5K Bauer would open shove from the cutoff for 246,886 as play folded around to aptly named UncleAnte9 who shoved for 1.56 million from the small blind. Christian’s J♦10♥ would need a spot of luck to reach today’s final table facing an uphill climb against UncleAnte9’s J♣K♥. Both would pair their jacks J♠ 7♠ 2♥ 2♠ 6♦ but no more as Bauer claimed ($3,801.00) in tenth place starting up a final table littered with -COOP champs.


Seat 1: PIUlimeira (2049300 in chips)
Seat 2: floppinhel (997885 in chips)
Seat 3: youaremelon (607954 in chips)
Seat 4: Ansgar2000 (2065021 in chips)
Seat 5: Zackattak13 (493284 in chips)
Seat 6: Romulaz (3310648 in chips)
Seat 7: cal42688 (2672326 in chips)
Seat 8: UncleAnte9 (1862235 in chips)
Seat 9: elementx8 (2092347 in chips)

UncleAnte9 nearly took down the December WCOOP challenge Main Event, banking $377,545.00 as the runner-up, Calvin “cal42688” Anderson would take up a novel worth of hyperlinks to points towards all of his Major victories here at PokerStars currently holding four SCOOP title just one less than a certain Mr. Deeb with five, and Zack “Zackattak13” Korik who already has a final table this year in Event #9-M and a watch from 2012’s Event #14-M

If that’s not enough there’s Ansgar2000 with more VPPs than most as a Supernova Elite sporting a White Walker as an avatar and a Sunday Warm-Up victory back in 2010 and elementx8 who nearly claimed a WCOOP bracelet in last year’s Event #56 chopping four-ways for $122K in third place.

All awesome accolades but only one player could take down the Triple COOP today and that would be youaremelon. After collecting a TCOOP win earlier this year in Event #16 for $157K to go with a WCOOP win from 2012’s Event #55 the shark melon avatar has a chance to join Shawn “buck21” Buchanan and James “Andy McLEOD” Obst as Triple COOP winners today.

Found a spot, just not the right time

Despite the rising blinds and more importantly the sizable antes, all nine players would play through nearly an hour before the final elimination. With the blinds up to 17.5K/35K ante 7K Zack “Zackattak13” Korik would open shove from early position for 489,174 chips holding A♣Q♣ as the table quickly folded around to PIUlimeira on the button who overshoved for 2.41 million. The blinds got out of there with good reason as PIUlimeira flipped up pocket aces A♥A♠. Only one club hit the K♦ 9♥ 6♠ 6♣ 7♦ board as Korik walked away with $4,660.75 in ninth place.

Flop and river in hell

Rhys “floppinhel” Jones facing the bullying tactics of PIUlimeira needed to make a decision out of the big blind. With the blinds up to 20K/40K ante 8K PIUlimeira would open-shove from the small blind for over three million leaving Jones with 8♣A♥ in the big blind and only 350,102 chips left. Rhys would make the call but watched a couple of jacks tumble out J♥J♣2♥ matching the one sitting in PIUlimeira’s hand 3♠J♠. Another heart K♥ on the turn gave some life to Jones’ hand but despite hitting the flush on the river 3♥ PIUlimeira’s boat was bigger sending Rhys off with $8,597.50 in eighth place.

Here comes Cal!

Calvin Anderson’s chips may have slipped a bit after being near the chip lead for a good portion of the final table. Down to 1.7 million chips with blinds still at 20K/40K ante 8K youaremelon would put the Triple COOP shot on the line by shoving for 737,454 chips from the cutoff as it folded to cal42688 in the big blind. Anderson would quickly call with big slick K♦A♥ facing off against youaremelon’s J♦Q♣. Calvin would pair the ace on the turn and avoid the straight draw 8♣ 10♠ 4♥ A♣ 7♦ to win the 1.55 million chip pot and end any shot at a third Triple COOP winner today as youaremelon took $13,122.50 in seventh place.

Antes is in the name

Being a Big Ante tournament, UncleAnte9 seems to be at home with the concept as seen by the hand below on the way to the chip lead:

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Four bets before the flop as both nailed a big hand with the J♣ 4♥ 5♥ Q♥ J♥ board. Romulaz would find trip jacks on the river J♠9♠ but UncleAnte9 slowplayed the nut flush 3♥A♥ long enough to cash in on the 3.72 million chip pot and taking over the chip lead as Romulaz collected $17,647.50 in sixth place.

Mr. Deeb, you are on notice

After falling under a million chips, Calvin Anderson over the past hour has been busy. Doubling through Ansgar2000 and now with the blinds up to 40K/80K ante 16K eliminating another player, Anderson is making a play to become the second five-time SCOOP champion. elementx8 holding pocket sixes 6♥6♠ shoved for 1.26 million from the cutoff as Anderson took a few seconds before calling with A♦9♥. The sixes looked fine for a double up until an ace appeared on the river 4♥ 4♦ 2♥ 10♦ A♥ shipping Calvin the chip lead and $22,172.50 in fifth place to elementx8.

Chip lead gone and so is PIUlimeira

In a huge hand between Ansgar2000 and Anderson, 5.2 million chips would head the Supernova Elite’s way after Calvin made the call of Ansgar2000’s river shove with the board showing 5♠ 3♦ 5♥ J♠ 9♠. Calvin showed the rivered two pair but he was already drawing dead to Ansgar2000’s turned boat J♣J♥. Ten minutes later with the blinds up to 60K/120K ante 24K Anderson would lead for a min-raise as UncleAnte9 shoved for 2.3 million. Once again done in by jacks, Anderson would call with A♣10♦ as UncleAnte9’s jacks J♥J♣ collected the five million chip pot after a clean board 6♦ Q♣ Q♠ 8♥ K♠.

On the next hand PIUlimeira would min-raise from the button as Anderson shoved 3.21 million into the middle. Holding big slick A♦K♠ PIUlimeira made the call for less and watched top two pair become moot after four clubs 5♣ K♥ 10♣ A♣ 8♣ matched Calvin’s jack J♣10♠ to eliminate PIUlimeira in fourth place ($30,770.00).

Shortly after the three players would feel the pressure of the blinds and antes to decide on the deal below as 1,150 people on the rail waited the return of virtual cards with $4,000 and the SCOOP watch to play for:

UncleAnte9: $58,393.89
Ansgar2000: $55,500.15
cal42688: $55,178.48


All this time to get coolered like that? A thought likely going through the head of UncleAnte9 after this hand sent the tournament into heads-up play. With the blinds up to 60K/120K ante 24K UncleAnte9 and Ansgar2000 would trade several preflop raises until 12.2 million sat in the middle. UncleAnte9 holding big slick A♦K♠ hoping Ansgar2000 was trying to scare with a mid-pair, instead the player with a bloated King Joffrey Baratheon was staring down at the White Walker’s pocket aces A♣A♠. The aces held on the 9♣ 10♠ Q♦ Q♠ K♦ board sending UncleAnte9 to the rail with the chopped funds in third place.

Ansgar2000’s first SCOOP title

This guy was going after his fifth SCOOP title.


Calvin “cal42688” Anderson – “only” a four-time SCOOP champ

But, Ansgar2000 had other plans, like taking home today’s title with the extra $4,000.00 still being played for.

Watch below as the Supernova Elite claims another perk given by PokerStars. A SCOOP championship watch:

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Both players would end up with a straight and shove on the 8♥ 7♠ 10♠ 3♦ 9♦ river card as Calvin turned up J♦8♣. But, Ansgar2000 was one better holding the nut straight J♣Q♣ and now holding a SCOOP title after taking down Event #16-M for $59,500.15!

SCOOP 16-M: $109+Rebuys NLHE [Big Antes]
Entrants: 1,547
Rebuys: 1,690
Add-ons: 1,288
Places paid: 198
Prize pool: $452,500.00

(* denotes part of three-way deal)
1. Ansgar2000 (Germany) *$59,500.15
2. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) *$55,187.48
3. UncleAnte9 (Canada) *$58,393.89
4. PIUlimeira (Brazil) $30,770.00
5. elementx8 (New Zealand) $22,172.50
6. Romulaz (United Kingdom) $17,647.50
7. youaremelon (Canada) $13,122.50
8. Rhys “floppinhel” Jones (United Kingdom) $8,597.50
9. Zack “Zackattak13” Korik (Canada) $4,660.75

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David Aydt is a freelance contributor and cannot feel his legs from the half marathon this morning.


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