SCOOP 2014: Ante up ace ArraratMG wins Event #15-L ($7.50 NLHE Ante Up)

May 09, 2014

Is there anywhere else in the known universe where a $7.50 buy-in tournament runs for almost two full days? No? We thought so. Welcome to the SCOOP, where micro-stakes grinders get the high roller treatment.

Tonight’s no-limit hold’em fusion dish was the “Ante Up,” where the traditional blind structure is eschewed in favor of a large ante. Ante Up creates an interesting dynamic as the event progresses– in the middle and late stages preflop pots grow downright massive with nine antes up for grabs, but as play turns short-handed, the pots actually shrink since fewer and fewer antes are being posted each hand. Play is quite deep-stacked in the end stages and no one in this field knew it better than ArraratMG. The chip leader at the end of Day 1, ArraratMG stayed there through the vast majority of Day 2 and arrived at the final table second in chips. ArraratMG laid low to start but eliminated his final four opponents in stunning fashion, earning $10,040.05 and his first SCOOP title.

10,302 players anted up to Event #15-L, the prize pool topping out at $70,259.64. 1,350 places were paid with first places set to earn $10,040.05. Joining the field were Red Spades George Danzer, Marcin Horecki, ElkY, Tyler “frosty012” Frost, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, Joe Cada, and Marcel Luske, but one one cashed, Portuguese Team Pro João “jomane” Nunes, who finished in 25th place.

After forty levels of play, Day 1 came to a close with 39 players remaining. Here’s a look at the top ten in chips:

ArraratMG – 4,421,540
rochemon – 2,980,204
theczar19 – 2,905,048
Igrys5* – 2,869,199
cachas88 – 2,765,427
zenwowa – 2,743,112
danielbln28 – 2,185,184
digopapel – 2,158,995
LAKI SEDAM 7 – 2,149,338
addy_1954 – 1,824,118

ArraratMG remained at or near the top of the chip counts in the early part of Day 2 and was closing in on 10 million on the final table bubble. With the blinds at 5/5 and the ante up to 70,000, KiepDoDen007 and LAKI SEDAM limped in and giggsy1982 raised to 311,880, leaving himself a mere 4 chips behind. Digopapel called and the limpers folded. Giggsy1982 tossed those 4 chips in on the J♠5♣3♦ flop and digopapel called, his A♦9♣ leading giggsy1982’s Q♦8♠. Digopapel’s ace-high held up through the K♦ turn and the 2♣ river and giggsy1982 hit the rail, sending us to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: LAKI SEDAM 7 (3,894,014 in chips)
Seat 2: FINfish13 (2,435,178 in chips)
Seat 3: KiepDoDen007 (4,347,381 in chips)
Seat 4: nj2000 (16,823,512 in chips)
Seat 5: nobre13 (4,631,594 in chips)
Seat 6: danielbln28 (2,630,371 in chips)
Seat 7: digopapel (3,914,165 in chips)
Seat 8: ArraratMG (9,813,575 in chips)
Seat 9: zenwowa (3,020,210 in chips)

danielbln28 busts on Hand #2

The final table lost its first player on the second hand of play. KiepDoDen007 limped in for 5, nj2000 raised to 213,654 and danielbln28 three-bet to 2,389,270. The action folded back around to KiepDoDen007, who moved all-in for 4,627,431. Nj2000 folded and danielbln28 called off his remaining 171,101 with 3♣3♦. They were no match for KiepDoDen007’s Q♦Q♥ and danielbln28 went out in ninth place ($491.81).

KiepDoDen007 scores a double KO

FINfish13 slipped below a million in chips and with the ante up to 90,000, he open-shoved for 747,108 from UTG+1. Zenwowa called, his K♥Q♦ trailing FINfish13’s A♣9♣. FINfish13’s ace-high held up and he doubled to 2,214,221 while zenwowa was left with 883,000.

A few orbits later, zenwowa was down to 343,000 and open-shoved from UTG+1. FINfish13 flat-called and KiepDoDen007 reraised to 1,120,945. FINfish13 shipped for 1.67 million and KiepDoDen007 called.

KiepDoDen007 Q♣Q♠
FINfish13 A♥K♣
zenwowa 5♠7♦

Although FINfish13 hit top pair on the K♠8♣6♠ flop,KiepDoDen007 caught running spades on the 8♠ turn and the 4♠ river to make a flush. Zenwowa had the fewest chips to start the hand and went out in eighth place ($772.85) while FINfish13 took seventh ($1,405.19).

Digopapel dusts nobre13

As the ante rose to 100,000, nobre13 looked down at 4♥4♠ and open-shoved for 2.87 million from middle position. Digopapel immediately reshoved behind him for 6.27 million and turned up pocket tens. Nobre13 didn’t get any help on the A♦J♥3♥K♦2♥ board and exited in sixth place ($2,107.78).

ArraratMG levels LAKI SEDAM 7

ArraratMG still held the chip lead with five players remaining and he shored it up even further when LAKI SEDAM 7 bluffed the river with a busted combo draw on a Q♠8♦2♣10♣Q♦ board. ArraratMG made a hero call with A♥6♠ for only ace high and raked in the 3.14 million pot.

LAKI SEDAM 7 sank to 3.68 million, but on the next hand he picked up K♥Q♣. He raised to 290,000 from UTG, nj2000 called on the button and ArraratMG called from the big blind. ArraratMG checked the Q♥9♥3♣ flop over to LAKI SEDAM 7, who bet 810,002 with his top pair. Nj2000 called and ArraratMG raised to 4.86 million. LAKI SEDAM 7 called all-in and nj2000 got out of the way. ArraratMG revealed 3♥3♦ for bottom set and although LAKI SEDAM 7 picked up some outs on the K♣ turn, the J♣ river didn’t give him the full house he was looking for. ArraratMG moved up to over 28 million in chips and LAKI SEDAM 7 hit the rail in fifth place, good for $2,81.38.

No free money

On the very next deal nj2000 opened for 321,155. ArraratMG called from the small blind and KiepDoDen007 shoved for 3.86 million from the big. Nj2000 gave up the hand but ArraratMG called, his 6♦6♠ racing against A♦10♦. ArraratMG hit bottom set on the A♥7♦6♣ flop but KieDoDen007 hit running diamonds on the turn and river to make the nut flush.

KiepDoDen007 doubled to 8.74 million and was suddenly eager to make a four-way deal. Everyone agreed to pause the action and take a look at the numbers. Here’s how they stacked up at the time:

ArraratMG – 23,767,455
nj2000 – 10,685,015
KiepDoDen007 – 8,774,069
digopapel – 8,313,461

Final table host Marc-Andre “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur stepped in and provided the final four with ICM numbers. However, short stack digopapel and chip leader ArraratMG were both looking for larger shares than the math awarded. Nj2000 and KielDoDen007 were inclined to deal, but weren’t keen on giving up anything from their shares. In the words of nj2000…

nj2000: no free money

With negotiations at an impasse, cards went back in the air.

nj2000 falls to ArraratMG

Four-handed play dragged into the 5/5/200,000 level, ArraratMG and nj2000 holding steady while KiepDoDen007 dipped to 5.4 million and digopapel chipped up to 9.3 million. However, the stalemate broke when ArraratMG and KiepDoDen007 limped in and nj2000 raised to 432,111. Only ArraratMG called and the flop fell K♣9♣7♦. Nj2000 led out for 582,481, ArraratMG raised to 1.16 million and nj2000 shoved for 9.74 million total. ArraratMG snap-called and turned up a set with 7♠7♥. Nj2000’s Q♣J♣ needed a ten or a club to survive, but the 6♦ and the 8♥ landed instead. For fourth place, nj2000 banked $3,512.98.

ArraratMG three-outs digopapel

As play turned three-handed ArraratMG was the dominant chip leader with 37.2 million, and digopapel was second with 9.1 million. KiepDoDen007 was the short stack with 5.2 million but doubled to 9.42 million when his A♠J♥ rivered a Broadway straight vs. digopapel’s pocket sevens. Six hands later, digopapel open-shoved for 2.97 million on the button and ArraratMG called from the small blind.

digopapel A♥8♦
ArraratMG A♦7♥

Digopapel’s hand held up on the J♣5♠4♥ flop and although the K♠ turn put six outs to a chop out there, ArraratMG had only three outs to a win with one card to come. Lo and behold it was the 7♠, pairing his kicker, and digopapel was suddenly on the rail in third place ($5,230.83).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: KiepDoDen007 (9,926,146 in chips)
Seat 8: ArraratMG (41,583,854 in chips)

KiepDoDen007 chipped up in the early part of the heads-up match and was up to 15.1 million when he raised to button to 456,789. ArraratMG called and they saw a A♦Q♥9♣ flop. ArraratMG check-called 922,904 on the flop and another 2,445,830 when the 2♦ turned. The river was the J♣ and ArraratMG checked a third time. KiepDoDen007 shoved for 11 million and ArraratMG conceded the 8.15 million pot.

KiepDoDen007 climbed to 19.2 million and was about to pass 20 when a cooler of a turn card made this hand his last. The money went in on a K♥7♥6♠8♦ board– KiepDoDen007 had turned top two pair on the same card that filled ArraratMG’s gutshot straight draw. KiepDoDen007 missed the river and after two solid days of play, ArraratMG finally had all the chips in front of him.

Congratulations to Poland’s ArraratMG on his first SCOOP title! He banked $10,040.05 for the win while runner-up KiepDoDen007 earned $7,277.26.

SCOOP 15-L: $7.50 NLHE [Ante Up]
Entrants: 10,302
Prizepool: $70,259.64
Places paid 1,350

1. ArraratMG (Poland) $10,040.05
2. KiepDoDen007 (Vietnam) $7,277.26
3. digopapel (Brazil) $5,230.83
4. nj2000 (Germany) $3,512.98
5. LAKI SEDAM 7 (Montenegro) $2,810.38
6. nobre13 (Portugal) $2,107.78
7. FINfish13 (Finland) $1,405.19
8. zenwowa (Russia) $772.85
9. danielbln28 (Germany) $491.81

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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