SCOOP 2014: BubsenMan sweeps through final table to win Event #16-L ($11+R NL Hold’em, Big Antes)

May 10, 2014

Sometimes a player dominates a final table, other times they seem to be in the right place at the right time. There were elements of both to BubsenMan win in Event 16-L of SCOOP 2014. It was a regular no-limit hold’em contest albeit with the addition of “Big Antes”, which conjured up images of sinister relatives, but in effect serves to keep things moving at a steady clip throughout the second day, which BubsenMan handled with considerable aplomb.

It was a final table without any weak spots. Each of the last nine had a pedigree of sorts, track records of success. Notably Ruslanmd, who earned two MicroMillions titles in 2013 within the space of two days. All though were in the market for a first SCOOP title.

scoop 16l pic.jpg

The final table of SCOOP 16-L

Here’s how they lined up.

Seat 1. lempl123 (Czech Republic) – 16,302,497
Seat 2. BubsenMan (United Kingdom) – 12,257,407
Seat 3. Currie7 (United Kingdom) – 10,516,522
Seat 4. ObearHun (Hungary) – 5,757,515
Seat 5. Ruslanmd (Moldova) – 4,682,786
Seat 6. Devils_range (United Kingdom) – 3,047,804
Seat 7. ZenGulliver (United Kingdom) – 4,160,642
Seat 8. Jokacross (Portugal) – 14,022,258
Seat 9. Amory70 (Belgium) – 2,762,569

Play leading up to the final had progressed at a slow pace, a feature that changed completely when the final nine took their positions.

Devils_range moved in almost at once, shoving with pocket nines with three million chips. ZenGulliver called with ace-queen, as did BubsenMan with the same hand, albeit after tanking for some time. Devils_range looked set for a triple up until the queen on the river sent him to the rail.

Amory70 shoved next, with his nines holding against ObearHun’s ace-ten. Meanwhile Ruslanmd was having less good fortune. Any chance of adding a SCOOP title to his resume came to an abrupt end after he ran into ObearHun. In what was a heavily bet pot, Ruslanmd four bet shoved with tens. ObearHun, called with eights and made a set on the river, sending Ruslanmd out in eighth.

After the break it was Amory70 back in action. He shoved in middle position after looking down at ace-queen. Currie7 found jacks though and didn’t hesitate to call, making a set on the flop. No help came for Amory70 who was forced to settle for seventh.

This left Currie7 in front with 18.3 million, but his lead would only be temporary. For appearing in his rear-view mirror was BubsenMan who first dispatched ZenGulliver in sixth place with a pair of pocket Kings, and then lempl123 in fifth, this time with queens against lempl123’s jacks. The result was to leave BubsenMan with 35 million and an advantage he would never really come close to giving up.

Jokacross, who had kept out of much of the mischief up to now, and whose 10 million chips were in danger of being swallowed up, immediately put his initiative to good use. He called for a deal, suggesting to the others that they see numbers. After a little nudging the others agreed, and when ICM details were produced that was also agreed, with $2,000 left in the middle to play for.

BubsenMan – 35,706,629
currie7 – 21,321,659
ObearHun – 7,169,248
jokacross – 10,552,464

Short stack ObearHun now got to work, shoving four times without reply in a bid to get back in the game. Then in a “what happened there?” kind of hand, the two chips leaders clashed.

So big was BubsenMan’s stack though that it simply absorbed the blow, wobbling a bit, before settling back into the shape of around 30 million chips. Currie7 though was now up to 20 million, and cut the deficit even further shortly after to just five million. But that was as close as he would get.

For BubsenMan, in what was now something of a tradition, was about to send another player to the rail. He found tens, which became a set on the flop, to bust ObearHun in fourth place. Then came the hand that effectively gift wrapped the title.

There was hardly time to count the heads-up stacks (actually they were 65.1 million and 9.6 million) before it was all over. It was a one-handed last stand with Jokacross, who as instigator of the deal would actually collect less than third placed Currie7, got his chips win with king-three. It seemed the reasonable thing to do only BubsenMan was doing the same with king-jack. There was nothing on the board to change that advantage. BubsenMan had a first SCOOP title in the bag.

Congratulations to BubsenMan on an impressive performance, personally seeing off five (and a half) players during the course of the final. The full results are below.

SCOOP 16-L: $11+R NL Hold’em (Big Antes)
7185 (9,750 rebuys, 4,789 add-ons)
Prize pool: $217,240.00
Places paid: 900

1. BubsenMan (United Kingdom) — $27,903.83*
2. jokacross (Portugal) — $19,473.55*
3. currie7 (United Kingdom) — $22,924.35*
4. ObearHun (Hungary) — $16,511.88*
5. lempl123 (Czech Republic) — $9,124.08
6. ZenGulliver (United Kingdom) — $6,951.68
7. amory70 (Belgium) – $4,779.28
8. ruslanmd (Moldova) – $2,606.88
9. devils_range (United Kingdom) – $1,683.61

SCOOP is now in full swing with plenty of events in store. Check out the 2014 SCOOP homepage for a full schedule as well as results thus far in the online tournament series.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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