SCOOP 2014: DWDuck2 delivers in Event #39-L ($27 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo)

May 17, 2014

No Limit Omaha is unique breed. It’s not a game commonly played by many, but it’s a very entertaining poker variation of the four-card gamble taken to the extreme. Throw in Hi/Lo and players suddenly have themselves four cards, two ways to win the pot and the chance to wager for all of their chips at any time. That sort of fun is sure to attract a big crowd and topping them all in today’s SCOOP event was DWDuck2 who delivered yet another SCOOP title for Canada and $10,443.79 in prize money.

Event #39-L if the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker saw 2,692 players turn out for a $27 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Event. The prize pool guarantee was $25,000 but when registration closed, that figure had been smashed with $66,088.60 to be shared among the top 342 finishers.

Adrienne Rowsome, David Williams, George Danzer, Marcin Horecki, Marcel Luske and Fredy Torres were some of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field but they missed out on the cash, as did Poland’s sabat08 who was our unfortunate bubble in 343rd place.

There was one red spade still alive in the field when the money was reached with Japan’s PokerStars Team Online member Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara making a big run towards the final table. Sadly Kihara fell just short, bowing out in 26th for a collect of $204.87.

It would take over ten hours of play before Desateur’s aces and sixes were no match for TAROT333’s set of queens, and with no low between them, Desateur was left to depart in tenth place as our final table was set:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: N3v3r1 (1,520,071 in chips)
Seat 2: robc1978 (1,717,645 in chips)
Seat 3: TAROT333 (3,311,949 in chips)
Seat 4: Exzik (1,356,244 in chips)
Seat 5: DWDuck2 (2,434,077 in chips)
Seat 6: haKe110 (1,177,802 in chips)
Seat 7: jpa_25 (1,177,917 in chips)
Seat 8: LisamamaMila (228,663 in chips)
Seat 9: tono23 (535,632 in chips)

haKe110 started off the final table in a blaze of glory with a dramatic double elimination on just the second hand of the final table:

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The two Russian players were the two short stacks and their final table was brought to an abrupt end as haKe110’s kings and tens were enough to eliminate both opponents. LisamamaMila took $561.75 for ninth place as the shortest stack while tono23 pocketed $958.28 for eighth.

Exzik would be next to fall when moving all in over a preflop raise and a call. The original raiser, robc1978, let it go but TAROT333 called again with 5♠4♠Q♦2♦ for some double-suited connectivity against Exzik’s 6♥5♥A♣A♠ for aces with a suited connector. The flop would land 6♦3♦A♦ to give Exzik a set of aces but TAROT333 had flopped a diamond flush to take the lead. Exzik would need to pair the board to make a full house, but the 10♠ turn and 9♦ river would leave Exzik empty-handed and out the door in seventh place for $1,619.17.

N3v3r1 landed a big double up with a Broadway straight on a high board that crippled jpa_25 who was aiming low. That left jpa_25 on the short stack and all in preflop just a few hands later with J♣4♥J♦A♥ against TAROT333’s A♠5♣3♥3♦. The board ran out 2♠3♠4♣Q♠A♦ to give TAROT333 a beautiful wheel, good for the high and the low, to eliminate jpa_25 in sixth place for $2,280.05 in prize money.

The five-handed battle was pretty tight until a huge hand erupted between robc1978 and TAROT333. The play was checked on the flop and turn, so it was surprising to see things get crazy on the river. The board read 5♠7♥5♦6♣3♥ with TAROT333 betting and then calling it off with 2♣8♥8♣9♣ for the nut straight and an eight-low but robc1978 had A♣7♣2♠7♠ for a full house and nut-low to scoop the enormous pot.

robc1978 was into the chip lead while N3v3r1 was the one under pressure as the short stack. N3v3r1 made a move with a preflop three-bet shove holding A♦4♦J♣8♥ with DWDuck2 making the call with Q♥A♠3♠10♣. Remarkably, the board of K♦7♥2♣2♦9♣ missed both players completely, and with no low possible, it would be DWDuck2’s ace-queen high that was good to take it down. N3v3r1 was out in fifth place for $2,940.94.

It would take just one more hand to see four become three with the elimination of haKe110. Again it was a preflop clash with DWDuck2 doing the damage. haKe110 three-bet jammed 4♦J♥A♠3♥ and DWDuck2 took it on with 5♥3♠A♦3♦. Once again we’d see the board brick out as the 8♠Q♥7♠8♦9♠ community cards missed both players. There was no low out there so that left DWDuck2 with eights and threes to scoop the pot. That meant haKe110 was on the rail in fourth place for $3,866.18.

robc1978’s chip lead was squandered with a big double up of TAROT333, before DWDuck2 made a straight to further dent robc1978’s empire as all three remaining players were relatively even in chips.

However it wouldn’t take long for all of the chips to be committed in the middle preflop in the biggest pot of the tournament:

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It was robc1978 holding jacks and queens, and improving to a full house, but DWDuck2’s kings made quads! It was an unfortunate end for robc1978 who picked up $5,617.53 for third place.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 3: TAROT333 (3,965,202 in chips)
Seat 5: DWDuck2 (9,494,798 in chips)

DWDuck2 had a solid chip lead over TAROT333, and the two chopped one big pot before the final hand of the tournament unfolded.

DWDuck2 raised and TAROT333 put in a three-bet. DWDuck2 made the call in position and the two took a flop of Q♠J♠5♣. That was good enough for TAROT333 to move all in to try and take it down but DWDuck2 made the call with 3♥7♠A♦5♠ for pair and flush draw. TAROT333 was in front with 8♠A♥J♣10♥ for a pair of jacks but when the 2♦ turn and 3♦ river completed the board, DWDuck2 had two pair and a seven-low to scoop the pot for the win!

TAROT333 picked up $7,842.73 for second place but the SCOOP title goes to Canada as DWDuck2 wins $10,443.79 in prize money. Congratulations!

SCOOP-39-L: $27 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo – $25K Guaranteed
Entrants: 2,692
Prize Pool: $66,088.60
Places Paid: 342

1. DWDuck2 (Canada) $10,443.79
2. TAROT333 (Russia) $7,842.73
3. robc1978 (United Kingdom) $5,617.53
4. haKe110 (Germany) $3,866.18
5. N3v3r1 (Bulgaria) $2,940.94
6. jpa_25 (Canada) $2,280.05
7. Exzik (Ukraine) $1,619.17
8. tono23 (Russia) $958.28
9. LisamamaMila (Russia) $561.75

If you missed out today, then don’t worry as there are plenty more opportunities for you to grab yourself a slice of the SCOOP pie. There are 45 different events, all with low, medium and high buy-in levels to suit players of all budgets. A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 18th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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