SCOOP 2014: Goldshark swims to victory in Event #20-M ($215 PLO 6-Max Re-Entry)

May 11, 2014

Goldshark entered this final table much like his other opponents– in the shadow of ShipitFTW911’s 3 million stack, more than twice the size of his closest competitor. However, opportunity knocked for Goldshark right away when he flopped a set against top pair and a flush draw. Goldshark faded Illini213’s outs and sent him to the rail, vaulting to within a few blinds of the chip lead. Never letting go of the lead, Goldshark rolled over the rest of the final table and defeated xmrwhat in a swift heads-up match, winning his first SCOOP title and over $56,000.

Event #20-M drew 1,296 individual players. They made 469 re-entries creating a $353,000.00 prize pool. 228 places were paid with the winner set to earn $56,480.00. A baker’s dozen of Red Spades were in the mix including Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara, Caio Pessagno, Lex Veldhuis, Matthias De Meulder, Bryan Huang, ElkY, Marcin Horecki, Theo Jorgensen, and Fredy “sirfreddy83” Torres. Four made the money: Nacho Barbero (201st), George Danzer (101st), Christophe De Meulder (68th), and Leo Fernandez (63rd).

Blinds were up to 10,000/20,000 on the final table bubble. On our four-handed table Illini213 opened for a raise to 45,000 and SKITPISS called from the big blind. SKITPISS checked the K♦6♦5♠ flop over to Illini213, who bet 82,000. SKITPISS raised to 346,000, Illini213 shoved for 425,354 and SKITPISS called, revealing 3♣4♦8♦8♥ for straight and flush draws. Illini213 had superior draws with A♦5♥7♦9♥ and made the nut flush when the 2♦ turned. The river was the 8♠ and SKITPISS was left with 171,000.

Although SKITPISS doubled to 272,000 a couple hands later, he clashed with Illini213 again on a 8♥4♣2♠ flop. SKITPISS check-raised all-in for 222,648 and Illini213 called.

SKITPISS 6♠7♦10♥10♠
Illini213 5♦6♦8♠9♠

SKITPISS’s pair of tens held up through the K♥ turn, but Illini213 rivered the 3♣ and made a six-high straight, ending SKITPISS’s run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: SorryGirls=* (1,023,458 in chips)
Seat 2: Illini213 (1,303,356 in chips)
Seat 3: ShipitFTW911 (3,019,262 in chips)
Seat 4: xmrwhat (612,157 in chips)
Seat 5: jliberta146 (1,360,018 in chips)
Seat 6: Goldshark (1,506,749 in chips)

Goldshark feasts on Illini213

Only a couple orbits in, the action folded to Goldshark on the button and he min-raised to 50,000. SorryGirls=* flat-called from the small blind and Illini213 put the squeeze on from the big, three-betting to 200,000. Goldshark called and SorryGirls=* folded. Illini213 led out for 450,000 on th K♠8♥5♥ flop, Goldshark shoved for 1.47 million and Illini213 called all-in. Illini213 turned up a pair of kings and a flush draw with K♥Q♠9♠4♥ while Goldshark revealed 7♠7♣8♦8♠ for middle set. Illini213 blanked the 10♣ turn and the 3♦ river, ending his run in sixth place ($8,330.80). Goldshark moved up to 2.89 million, only a breath away from chip leader ShipitFTW911’s 3 million.

jliberta146 jettisons SorryGirls=*

The blinds rose to 15,000/30,000 and SorryGirls=* made it 62,000 to go from the cutoff. Jliberta146 called from the big blind and they saw a 8♠6♠5♦ flop. Jliberta146 check-raised SorryGirls=*’s 139,000 continuation bet to 556,000, SorryGirls=* shoved for 761,013, and jiberta146 called. Jiberta146 flopped an eight-high straight with 3♠3♥4♠7♥ while SorryGirls=* turned up middle pair and the nut flush draw with A♠6♣9♠Q♣. Jliberta146’s straight held up, the 6♦ and the 8♣ falling to give him the 1.27 million pot. SorryGirls=* was left with 192,000.

A few hands later, SorryGirls=* called xmrwhat’s 60,000 raise from the small blind and ShipitFTW911 came along from the big. SorryGirls=* moved all-in for 42,587 on the J♠3♦2♣ flop and both opponents called. ShipitFTW911 check-called 128,455 from xmrwhat on the 9♦ turn and they checked down the J♥ river. Xmrwhat’s A♠K♣K♦7♥ was good for the main and side pots, sending SorryGirls=* to the rail in fifth place ($14,120.00).

Play on

Shortly after four-handed play commenced, everyone agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here’s how they stacked up at the time.

Goldshark – 3,503,159
xmrwhat – 2,533,541
ShipitFTW911 – 1,472,220
jliberta146 – 1,316,080

Final table host Roy “GodlikeRoy” Bhasin provided the players with ICM and chip chop figures. Although ShipitFTW911 and Goldshark were willing to accept the ICM numbers, the foursome couldn’t come to a consensus and cards went back in the air.

ShipitFTW911 crushed by quads

Jliberta146 slipped to 824,000 in chips before doubling up at ShipitFTW911’s expense. In a three-way raised pot, the action checked to ShipitFTW911 on a 9♣4♦2♣ flop. ShipitFTW911 bet 217,500, jliberta146 shoved and Goldshark got out of the way. ShipitFTW911 called, but his A♦K♠10♥10♦ was crushed by jliberta146’s set of fours with 2♠4♠4♥6♣. The 3♥ turn gave jliberta146 a straight draw to boot and he filled it with the 5♣ on the river. Jliberta146 doubled to 1.77 million, leading ShipitFTW911 on 472,000.

Four hands later, ShipitFTW911 opened for 175,000 on the button and xmrwhat three-bet to 300,000. Jliberta146 cold four-bet to 1,075,000, ShitpitFTW911 called off his remaining 222,000 and xmrwhat folded.

jliberta146 K♠K♥Q♥3♠

Jliberta146 flopped top set and rivered quad kings on the K♣5♦2♣A♥K♦ board and sent ShipitFTW911 to the rail in fourth place ($21,180.00).

jliberta146 takes third

As three-handed play commenced Goldshark was the chip leader with 5.12 million, jliberta146 was second with 2.42 million and xmrwhat was the short stack with 1.2 million. However, xmrwhat soon doubled through Goldshark, his ace-high flush edging out Goldshark’s jack-high flush in a 2.68 million pot.

Goldshark still had the lead when he three-bet jliberta146’s button min-raise to 560,000. Jliberta146 four-bet to 1.76 million, Goldshark shoved and jliberta146 called.

Goldshark 9♥10♦J♣Q♦
jliberta46 A♥K♥K♠5♦

Jliberta146’s kings were still good on the J♦8♦8♠ flop, but Goldshark hit an open-ended straight draw. Although the 3♣ was no help to Goldshark, the 9♠ river made him a queen-high straight and jliberta146 was eliminated in third place ($31,770.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: xmrwhat (2,812,380 in chips)
Seat 6: Goldshark (6,012,620 in chips)

Goldshark and xmrwhat paused the action to take a look at ICM numbers, but xmrwhat wanted more than Goldshark was willing to give. Four hands after cards went back in the air, xmrwhat and Goldshark went to war on a J♣8♥2♣ flop. Xmrwhat checked, Goldshark bet 220,000 and xmrwhat raised to 528,450. Goldshark called and the turn came the 8♠. Xmrwhat fired another 428,450 and Goldshark called. Xmrwhat check-called 700,000 on the 10♠ river and Goldshark revealed 2♠2♦6♦7♠ for deuces full of eights.

Xmrwhat was left with 797,000 and on the next deal, Goldshark closed out the win:

Congratulations to Norway’s Goldshark on his first SCOOP title! He banked $56,480.00 for the win while runner-up xmrwhat earned $42,360.00.

SCOOP 20-M: $215 PLO 6-Max Re-Entry
Entrants: 1,765
Prizepool: $353,000.00
Places paid 228

1. Goldshark (Norway) $56,480.00
2. xmrwhat (Israel) $42,360.00
3. jliberta146 (Canada) $31,770.00
4. ShipitFTW911 (Sweden) $21,180.00
5. SorryGirls=* (Brazil) $14,120.00
6. Illini213 (Costa Rica) $8,330.80

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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