SCOOP 2014: Ladybird1367 lands a victory in Event #14-L ($27 PLO Heads-Up)

May 09, 2014

After two days and 12 rounds of heads-up PLO, Ladybird1367 emerged victorious and undefeated from Event #13-L.

For the win, Ladybird1367 won $7,981.27 and one SCOOP watch.

The tournament began with 3,056 players — who created a prize pool of $75,024.80 — and didn’t stop until only 16 remained.

Those final 16 got to rest for a day before coming back to play down to a champion. There were several accomplished players in the final 16, including Team PokerStars Online Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara.

But Kihara and the other 15 would fall off the bracket until there was only one name left standing.


The elite eight


nkeyno vs. TylkoSpokój

Our last Team PokerStars player was the first to go.

Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara briefly held the lead by less than 100 chips. After that it was all downhill.

Kihara lost in chunks of 1,000.

In the first one, with 15/30 blinds, TylkoSpokój raised to 60 and Kihara called. The flop came A♥10♦J♦ and Kihara checked. TylkoSpokój bet 75 and Kihara threw in a raise to 250. TylkoSpokój called and a 3♦ fell on the turn.

Kihara checked again and called when TylkoSpokój bet 420. A 6♦ completed the board and both players checked.

Both players had a flush but TylkoSpokój’s Q♦5♦Q♥10♥ had Kihara’s 4♦2♦9♥6♣ beat.

TylkoSpokój was up to 6,166 while nkeyno dipped to 3,834.

Then Kihara dropped to the twos.

TylkoSpokój raised to 60 again and Kihara called, bringing a 9♠5♠2♥ flop. Both players checked and a 4♦ came on the turn. Kihara bet 78 and TylkoSpokój called.

Kihara bet 179 when an 8♣ fell on the river and TylkoSpokój raised to 813. Kihara called and mucked when TylkoSpokój showed a straight with 7♦6♥J♥10♣.

Kihara was down to 2,673 while TylkoSpokój chipped up to 7,327.

Two hands later TylkoSpokój raised to 60 again and Kihara called.

There was a 3♣K♦9♥ flop and Kihara check-raised TylkoSpokój’s 75-chip bet to 250. TylkoSpokój called and a K♣ came on the turn. Kihara bet 403 and an A♣ came on the river when TylkoSpokój called. Kihara bet 926 and TylkoSpokój moved all-in for 4,204. Kihara folded and was left with 1,109 while TylkoSpokój was up to 8,891.

Then it ended for Kihara.

With 25/50 blinds, Kihara raised to 125 and the flop came A♠Q♣3♠ when TylkoSpokój called. This time TylkoSpokój check-raised to 736 after Kihara bet 162. Kihara called all-in and showed some draws with K♣J♦10♦8♣ while TylkoSpokój had a set of three with 3♦3♥9♣9♦.

The turn was an 8♠ and a Q♥ on the river sealed Kihara’s fate.

Kihara finished 8th for $1,677.55.

k1llerdonkey vs. GODZZILLAN

GODZILLAN took an early lead and built it up to 6,307 before k1llerdonkey struck back.

With 20/40 blinds, k1llerdonkey raised to 80 and GODZILLAN called, bringing a J♦2♦Q♠ flop.

k1llerdonkey bet 87 when checked to and GODZILLAN raised to 254. k1llerdonkey called and the 5♥ came on the turn. GODZILLAN bet 360 and k1llerdonkey called. A 7♥ completed the board and GODZILLAN put out a final bet of 720. k1llerdonkey called and took down the pot with Q♦5♣A♣6♥ when GODZILLAN showed 8♠8♦K♠10♦.

k1llerdonkey took a slight lead with 5,067 to GODZILLAN’s 4,933 and worked it up to 7,443 before ending things.

With 30/60 blinds, GODZILLAN raised to 180 and k1llerdonkey called. There was a Q♣Q♠4♦ flop and k1llerdonkey check-raised to 360 when GODZILLAN bet 180. GODZILLAN called and a 5♠ fell on the turn. k1llerdonkey bet 900, GODZILLAN moved all-in for 1,957 and k1llerdonkey called.

GODZILLAN turned over K♦K♥7♦6♦ but k1llerdonkey had a full house with Q♥5♥10♥10♠.

GODZILLAN also won $1,657.55 for finishing 7th while k1llerdonkey made it to the next round.

Ladybird1367 vs. FeriBo

Ladybird1367 took the lead the first hand and then won a large pot:

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FeriBo was on the ropes but managed to hang on a for a while. First, FeriBo doubled up with a straight. FeriBo raised to 80 and Ladybird1367 called. The flop came J♥K♦2♦ and Ladybird1367 called FeriBo’s 120 bet. The turn was a Q♠ and FeriBo bet 240 when checked to. Ladybird1367 raised to 1,120 and FeriBo called all-in.

FeriBo had a straight with A♥10♦7♣7♦ while Ladybird1367 had two pairs with Q♦J♠A♠3♥.

FeriBo doubled up to 2,436 and fought all the way back up to 4,100 before falling back down. Ladybird1367 hacked away at FeriBo’s stack and then dealt the final blow when FeriBo was back down to about 1,500.

With 50/100 blinds, FeriBo raised to 100 and Ladybird1367 re-raised to 300. FeriBo called and the flop came 3♣6♥2♦. Ladybird1367 bet 600 and FeriBo moved all-in for 1,250. Ladybird1367 called and showed Q♠Q♥8♠5♣ to FeriBo’s A♣Q♣9♦6♠. A 7♠ came on the turn and then Ladybird1367 hit a straight when the 4♥ came on the river.

FeriBo finished 6th and won $1,677.55 while Ladybird1367 advanced to the semi-finals.

giovanny1985 vs. swansfc_CJ

giovanny1985 and swansfc_CJ were fairly even in chips until the blinds hit 80/160.

giovanny1985 was at 5,206 while sansfc_CJ had 4,794. giovanny1985 then won a series of hands and grinded up to 6,246 before taking down a large pot.

giovanny1985 raised to 480 and sansfc_CJ called, bringing an A♥2♠4♦ flop. Both players checked and then swansfc_CJ bet 556 when a 9♥ came on the turn. giovanny1985 called and a 4♥ completed the board.

swansfc_CJ bet 1,201 and giovanny1985 called. swansfc_CJ had 9♠10♠7♦5♣ and lost the pot to giovanny1985’s K♥3♥8♠6♣.

swansfc_CJ was down to 1,517 and lost it all the following hand.

sansfc_CJ raised to 320 and giovanny1985 re-raised to 960. sansfc_CJ moved all-in for 1,517 and giovanny1985 called.

giovanny1985: Q♦Q♥10♦9♦
swansfc_CJ: K♥9♥7♣5♦

The board ran 7♠10♣A♥3♠8♣ and giovanny1985 took down the match with queens. swansfc_CJ on the other hand won $1,677.55 for finishing 5th.

The final four


k1llerdonkey vs. TylkoSpokój

TylkoSpokój never had the lead.

On the first hand, TylkoSpokój raised to 40 and k1llerdonkey re-raised to 112. TylkoSpokój called and the flop came 4♣Q♥3♠. k1llerdonkey bet 121 and TylkoSpokój folded.

From there on, k1llerdonkey continued to grind up but got a big boost in chips when blinds hit 15/30. TylkoSpokój raised to 60 and k1llerdonkey made it 126.

TylkoSpokój re-raised to 378 and k1llerdonkey called, bringing a 3♦J♠A♦ flop. Both players checked and a 9♥ fell on the turn. TylkoSpokój bet 570 when checked to and k!llerdonkey called. The river was a K♥ and there was another round of checks.

k1llerdonkey showed aces and kings with A♠K♦Q♦7♦ and TylkoSpokój mucked.

k1llerdonkey was up to 6,874 while TylkoSpokój was down to 3,126. k1llerdonkey then won a few hundred more before making it to the finals.

TylkoSpokój raised to 80 and killerdonkey called. The flop came 7♦9♦K♦ and TylkoSpokój bet 100 when checked to. k1llerdonkey raised to 283, TylkoSpokój re-raised to 1,009 and k1llerdonkey made it 3,187. TylkoSpokój called all-in and showed a set of kings with K♣K♥6♠2♦ but k1llerdonkey had a full house with K♠7♦7♠Q♠.

TylkoSpokój won $3,012.99 for finishing 4th while k1llerdonkey advanced to the finals.

giovanny1985 vs. Ladybird1367

Ladybird1367 also never figured out what it felt like to not have the lead in the semifinals.

Ladybird1367 took a small lead in the beginning and first started pulling away after hitting a flush:

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giovanny1985 continued to fall and lost a bit more after a busted flush draw. giovanny1985 raised to 300 and Ladybird1367 called, bringing a 7♦3♣J♠ flop. An 8♠ came on the turn when both players checked and Ladybird1367 bet 250. giovanny1985 called and a 4♣ completed the board.

Ladybird1367 bet 550 and giovanny1985 folded and showed A♠K♠.

Ladybird1367 was up to 8,220 while giovanny1985 was down to 1,780.

Two hands later, giovanny1985 raised to 300 and Ladybird1367 three-bet to 900. giovanny1985 moved all-in for 1,830 and Ladybird1367 called.

giovanny1985: A♦Q♦2♥2♦
Ladybird1367: A♣Q♥10♦9♦

The board came K♣5♠A♠J♠5♦ and Ladybird1367 made it to the finals with a straight. giovanny1985 became our 3rd place finisher and won $3,012.99.

The final


A tournament of 3,056 players was now down to the final two. It was Ladybird1367 versus k1llerdonkey.

The rules were the same as the previous 11 rounds: 5,000 chips a player, 10/20 starting blinds and non-stop PLO until only one player was left standing.

Unlike the semifinals, both k1llerdonkey and Ladybird1367 knew what if felt like to be short in the final match ot the tournament.

k1llerdonkey and Ladybird1367 exchanged a few jabs early on and cut a deal after the first three hands of play

The deal came out to:

k1llerdonkey :$7,510.71
Ladybird1367: $7,481.27

Left To Play for place 1: $500.00

And both players agreed.

Then Ladybird1367 dealt the first big blow.

With 15/30 blinds, k1llerdonkey raised to 60 and Ladybird1367 three-bet to 180. k1llerdonkey called and the flop was a monotone Q♦7♦J♦. k1llerdonkey bet 210 when checked to and Ladybird1367 called.

k1llerdonkey bet 450 on the 5♥ turn and Ladybird1367 called, bringing a 9♥ on the river. k1llerdonkey bet 1,050 and Ladybird1367 thought for some time before calling.

Ladybird1367 made the right call with Q♣Q♥8♣2♥ while k1llerdonkey had 9♠7♠6♦6♣.

Ladybird1367 was up to 6,771 while k1llerdonkey dropped to 3,229.

Then k1llerdonkey got a double up.

With 25/50 blinds, Ladybird1367 called and k1llerdonkey raised to 126. Ladybird1367 called again and the flop came 9♦8♠3♦. k1llerdonkey bet 200 and Ladybird1367 raised to 852. k1llerdonkey called and then checked when the 10♣ came on the turn. Ladybird1367 bet 1,956 and k1llerdonkey moved all-in for 3,197.

Ladybird1367 called and showed a set of nines with 9♠9♥A♣2♥ while k1llerdonkey had a straight with J♠7♥K♠J♦. k1llerdonkey doubled up to 8,350 while Ladybird1367 was down to 1,650.

Ladybird1367 then fought back up to 2,469 before doubling up. Ladybird1367 raised to 120 and k1llerdonkey called, bringing an A♠K♥8♠ flop. k1llerdonkey check-called Ladybird1367’s 240 bet and a 2♣ came on the turn. k1llerdonkey checked again and Ladybird1367 bet 690.

k1llerdonkey raised to 2,039, Ladybird1367 moved all-in for just 70 more and k1llerdonkey called.

Ladybird1367 showed another set with K♣K♠9♥3♣ while k1llerdonkey turned over A♣8♣6♦4♠.

Then an 8♥ fell on the turn and both players hit a full house. Ladybird1367’s kings full of eights took the pot though. Ladybird1367 doubled up to 4,938, k1llerdonkey dropped to 5,062 and things were almost even.

After that, Ladybird1367 pulled away one final time and brought the tournament to an end:

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k1llerdonkey won the agreed-upon $7,510.71 for the runner-up finish while Ladybird1367 took the title and $7,981.27.

SCOOP 14-L: $27 PL Omaha Heads-Up
Entrants: 3,056
Prize pool: $75,024.80
Places paid: 256

1. Ladybird1367 (Belarus) – $7,981.27*
2. k1llerdonkey (Ireland) – $7,510.71*
3. giovanny1985 (Colombia) – $3,012.99
4. TylkoSpokój (Poland) – $3,012.99
5. swansfc_CJ (United Kingdom) – $1,677.55
6. FeriBo (Bulgaria) – $1,677.55
7. GODZZILLAN (Croatia) – $1,677.55
8. nkeyno (Japan) – $1,677.55

*Denotes a two-way deal.

That’s it for Event #13-L. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events and take your shot at a SCOOP title and a fancy Movado SCOOP watch.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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