SCOOP 2014: Maga429 pulls off fortuitous comeback victory in Event #36-L $27 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Re-entry]

May 16, 2014

Kazakhstan’s Maga429 avoided an elimination on the final table bubble of SCOOP Event #36-L by cracking Aces with a flopped-straight flush. The run-good continued at the final table and Maga429 picked the right time to get hot. Even when faced with a 3-1 heads-up disadvantage, Maga429 pulled off a remarkable come-from-behind victory. After a whirly blur of a final table ended, Maga429 was the last player left standing and your newest SCOOP champion.

SCOOP Event #36-L $27 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Re-entry] attracted 17,715 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $434,903.25 with 10,895 original entries and 6,820 re-entries. Only the top 2,250 places paid out, with $50,877.21 set aside to the eventual champion.

Players were allowed up to three re-entries (or four total) for the first 90 minutes of the tournament.

Team Poker Stars Pros taking a shot at a SCOOP title included George Danzer, Leo Fernandez, Angel Guillen, Marcin Horecki (3x), Marcel Luske, Nacho Barbero (3x), Live Boeree (2x), Christian De Leon (4x), David Williams (4x), Max Lykov (3x), and Andre Akkari (3x). PokerStars Team Online grinding it out for this event included acoimbra, mement_mori,frosty012, Pessagno (4x), DaWarsaw (4x), nanonoko (4x) and nkeyno (4x).

Several familiar faces cashed including a handful of Team PokerStars Pros: David Williams (325th), Andre Akkari (484th), Liv Boeree (969th), George Danzer (1,320th), and Marcin Horecki (2,230th). Two from Team Online also advanced to the money: nkeyno (737th) and acoimbra (1,327th).

With ten to go, action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. Short-stacked Maga429 made an aggressive move and attempted to double up on the bubble, but Maga429 was fighting for his tournament life with 8♦6♦ against gostyniak’s A♠A♦. Maga429’s only hope was a monstrous flop… and his prayer were answered. Maga429 flopped a straight flush and staved off elimination.

Here’s the straight flush in the replayer:

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When the final table of nine was finally set, Maga429 advanced, but was still in the back of the pack. Meanwhile, it looked like no one was going to be able to stop big-stacked oliver_fazz.


SCOOP Final Table Event #36-L – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Terk18 (20,268,486)
Seat 2: Maga429 (8,708,080)
Seat 3: gostyniak (7,868,528)
Seat 4: Mateus#9 (5,593,979)
Seat 5: actionfelipe (5,335,530)
Seat 6: MCvisitor (9,423,724)
Seat 7: kalakos7 (1,961,616)
Seat 8: Cardiffbiker (5,540,477)
Seat 9: oliver_fazz (23,874,580)

The final table commenced during Level 52 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 100K ante. oliver_fazz held onto the lead with 23.8M and kalakos7 was the shorty with 1.9M. The final table featured Dan “cardiffbiker” Owston, a regular on the UKIPT, who chopped a MicroMillions event in 2013.

Mateus#9 eliminated in 9th place

The final table was barely underway before we saw the first bust out. Mateus#9 open-shoved for 6,118,979, oliver_fazz re-shoved for 21,089,050, and everyone else got out of the way. Heads-up. Mateus#9 was not looking good with Q♦7♣ against oliver_fazz’s formidible A♦K♠. The flop was K♥Q♥10♦ and oliver_fazz flopped top pair and a Broadway straight draw, while Mateus#9 flopped second pair. The turn was the 5♦ and the river was the 9♣. Mateus#9 failed to improve and oliver_fazz’s Big Slick held up. Mateus#9 became the first player to exit the final table and collected $2,609.41 for a ninth-place finish.

kalakos7 eliminated in 8th place

Greece’s kalakos7 was the next player to bow out. When action folded around, MCvisitor raised 2.8M from the small blind, and kalakos7 called all-in for 1,071,464. MCvisitor was ahead with K♣Q♣ vs. kalakos7’s 10♣8♦. The board ran out A♦K♦4♣3♥6♥. MCvisitor flopped a pair of Kings and secured the pot. For an eighth-place finish, kalakos7 took home $3,914.12.

gostyniak eliminated in 7th place

Another shorty bit the dust. With blinds at 1.6M, gostyniak was all-in for 993,528 with 10♣8♦ and oliver_fazz attempted to pick him off with Q♦J♦. The board finished up A♥K♠5♠Q♠A♠. gostyniak turned a straight draw but failed to get there. oliver_fazz flopped a Broadway draw, but turned a pair of Queens (and improved to two pair on the river). Poland’s gostyniak was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $7,393.35.

With seven to go, oliver_fazz held onto the lead with 30.8, while Cardiffbiker clung to the short stack with a shade under 4M.

Cardiffbiker eliminated in 6th place

Maga429 min-raised to 3.2M, short-stacked Cardiffbiker called all-in for 840,477 and quickly found himself dominated with K♣8♦ versus Maga429’s A♣K♥. The board finished up K♠10♠7♣5♣4♥. Both players flopped a pair of Kings, but Maga429 won the pot with top pair, top kicker with an Ace-kicker. Cardiffbiker busted out in sixth place, which paid out $10,872.58.

Terk18 eliminated in 5th place

Terk18 open-shoved all-in for 6,569,762, MCvisito called from the small blind, and oliver_fazz called from the big blind. Three-way. The flop was 9♥8♥3♠. MCvisitor checked, oliver_fazz fired out 1.6M., MCvisitor folded. Heads-up.

oliver_fazz: A♥J♥
Terk18: K♣Q♦

oliver_fazz led with Ace high but also flopped a nut-flush draw. The turn was the 4♣ and the river was the 6♦. oliver_fazz won the pot with Ace-high. Terk18 failed to improve and hit the virtual rail in fifth place, which paid out $15,221.61.

With four remaining, oliver_fazz was way ahead with 52M and held almost 60% of the remaining chips.

actionfelipe eliminated in 4th place

Maga429 opened to 4.8M and actionfelipe called all-in for 2,321,060. actionfelipe was looking for some serious action with 5♦2♥ against Maga429’s A♥4♠. The flop was K♦J♦2♣ and actionfelipe hit the flop with a pair of deuces. The 4♣ spiked on the turn and Maga429 took the lead with a pair of fours. The 10♣ fell on the river and did not help actionfelipe. Alas, Greece’s actionfelipe went busto in fourth place, which paid out $19,570.64.

With three left in mix, oliver_fazz led with 45.7M, Maga429 sat in second with 25.3M, and MCvisitor brought up the rear with 17.4M.

oliver_fazz eliminated in 3rd place

oliver_fazz’s big stack took a massive hit and all of sudden, he went from the hunter to the hunted. oliver_fazz min-raised to 4M, MCvisitor bombed it all-in for 49,122,968, and oliver_fazz called all-in for 11,074,296. oliver_fazz woke up with A♠A♣ against MCvisitor’s A♦K♣. However, MCvisitor flopped a Broadway straight draw and got there on the turn. The board ran out Q♣J♥8♥10♠4♦. Alas, oliver_fazz’s Aces were brutally snapped off and he busted out in third place, which paid out $28,268.71.

HEADS-UP: Maga429 (Kazakhstan) vs. MCvisitor (Russia)
Seat 2: Maga429 (22,627,736)
Seat 6: MCvisitor (65,947,264)

With two to go, MCvisitor held almost a 3-1 advantage.

MCvisitor eliminated in 2nd place; Maga429 wins SCOOP Event #36-L!

Heads-up lasted 10 hands and in that short stretch, Maga429 pulled off a sensational comeback by winning two decisivie hands. On the 9th hand of heads-up, Maga429 was all-in for his proverbial tournament life and managed to double up with A♠8♦ vs. MCvisitor’s Q♦J♣. Maga429 won a 56M pot and seized the lead, and MCvisitor slipped to 32M. On the next hand… it was all over.

MCvisitor open-shoved for 32,132,028 with J♥6♥, and Maga429 insta-called with K♥Q♣. The flop was Q♠10♥6♣ and although MCvisitor flopped a pair of sixes, Maga429 improved to a pair of Queens. The turn was the 7♠ and the river was the 2♠. Maga429 won the pot with a paid of Queens and MCvisitor went busto in second place.

For a runner-up performance, MCvisitor earned $36,966.77.

Congrats to Kazakhstan’s Maga429 for winning Event #36-L and collecting a first-place prize worth $50,877.21, in addition to a SCOOP champion’s watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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SCOOP-36-L: $27 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Re-Entry]
Entrants: 17,715
Prize pool: $434,903.25 (10,895 entries; 6,820 re-entries)
Places paid: 2,250

1. Maga429 (Kazakhstan) $50,877.21
2. MCvisitor (Russia) $36,966.77 **
3. oliver_fazz (Switzerland) $28,268.71
4. actionfelipe (Greece) $19,570.64
5. Terk18 (United Kingdom) $15,221.61 **
6. Cardiffbiker (United Kingdom) $10,872.58
7. gostyniak (Poland) $7,393.35
8. kalakos7 (Greece) $3,914.12
9. Mateus#9 (Brazil) $2,609.41

** Denotes player re-entered twice

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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