SCOOP 2014: Mati312 knows Badugi

May 09, 2014

So, a funny thing happened on the way to the SCOOP Badugi events the other day.

As you might know, it’s not been too long ago that PokerStars’ Team Online signed up Matthias “mati312” Brandner, or, as he is known to the PokerStars Blog team, Mr. Badugi.


There was never any question the kid was going to jump into the Badugi events. He was crushing the satellites, and they were crushing him right back. That is to say, Badugi isn’t like hold’em when it comes to multi-tabling.

“People who have multi-tabled Badugi before might confirm, playing more than five or six Badugi tables is extremely hard,” Brandner said. “At one point I had over 12 tables opened.”

Nevertheless, he finished in the black and entered all three flights of the Badugi event ($27, $215, $2,100). With the satellites all put to bed, he went to work.

“My stack at both the low and middle event kept growing, but at the high event, it became really swingy for me, and I almost busted at one point,” he said. “I had some noteable players at my table in the high event, including Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond and Badugi Highstakes regular “muratfb”, but that didn’t hold me back. In general the player field in the high event consisted mostly of highly skilled MTT pros. Most of them didn’t specifically have Badugi experience, though.”

There is a lot more to this story, but the vagaries of Badugi make it such that we should just get to the point. By the time the night was over, Brandner had made the final table of the high flight and finished in fifth place for $8,250. What’s more, he also finished 15/311 and 19/1943 in the medium and low flights. In all, he turned a $2,342 investment into $10,000

Not a bad day to be a specialist.

“I closely missed some big money, but having such a deep run in all three events still felt great, and winning 10k in a long SCOOP session is a result I’m pleased about,” Brandner said. “There’s only more to come! Plus, I was able to bluff Phil Galfond. What more do I want?”

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