SCOOP 2014: Mieses88 is Event #12-M’s top stud ($215 Stud)

May 08, 2014

In contrast to no-limit hold’em’s battle plan of aggression and attrition, seven-card stud is more about bets saved and earned. Stud may lack the drama-laden shoves and reshoves of its sister game, but fortunes can change just as quickly with its five betting rounds and frequent multiway action. Tonight’s top stud didn’t arrive at the final table with a bully’s stack, slashing and burning his way to the finish. It took patience, finesse, and a few fortunate cards to vault Mieses88 from a below-average stack to a SCOOP title in Event #12-M.

The medium-buyin edition of the 2014 SCOOP’s lone stud high event drew 306 players, the prize pool topping out at $61,200.00. 40 places were paid with the winner set to earn $11,934.00. The Red Spades had eight bannermen in the field including George Danzer, Marcin Horecki, Marcel Luske, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, Nacho Barbero, Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara, and Theo Jorgensen. However, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier was the only one to make the money.

The field down to three tables, ElkY put the last of his chips in the pot on third street with the A♠ showing vs. gettingpwned’s Q♥. Unfortunately, ElkY didn’t improve beyond ace-high while gettingpwned picked up a pair of sevens on fifth street and sent him to the rail in 19th place.

Betting limits were up to 6,000/12,000 on the final table bubble and g-man/obell was the shortest stack remaining with 12,827. Dealt the K♥ on third street, g-man/obell completed to 6,000 and Mieses88 raised to 12,000 with the 7♠ up. G-man/obell called all-in and the cards went on their backs.

g-man/obell (K♣8♣) K♥9♣8♠3♠ (10♦)
Mieses88 (Q♣Q♠) 7♠J♦Q♦6♣ (2♣)

Although g-man/obell made kings up on fifth, Mieses88 caught a third queen on the same street and ended g-man/obell’s run just short of the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: cyberkanguru (81,196 in chips)
Seat 2: ana marquez (110,284 in chips)
Seat 3: MillánKiller (212,959 in chips)
Seat 4: anneka_15 (170,808 in chips)
Seat 5: INSHALA82 (399,775 in chips)
Seat 6: Pipisimple (48,872 in chips)
Seat 7: LyRiver888 (417,992 in chips)
Seat 8: Mieses88 (88,114 in chips)

cyberkanguru runs kings into aces, finishes eighth

Short stack Pipisimple fell to only 28,000 in chips before she hit a miracle river jack to make trips vs. ana marquez’s aces and sevens. Pipisimple tripled to 78,000, but ana marquez wasn’t down for long. With the limits up to 8,000/16,000, INSHALA82 completed with the 5♠, LyRiver888 called with the 7♦ up and cyberkanguru raised to 16,000 with the K♦. Marquez three-bet to 24,000 with the A♦, both INSHALA82 and LyRiver888 got out of the way, and cyberkanguru called. Cyberkanguru committed the rest of his chips on fourth street and turned up split kings, but Marquez revealed split aces.

cyberkanguru (K♣6♦) K♦4♥3♠5♣ (8♠)
ana marquez (Ac]Q♥) A♦3♥4♦2♥ (8♥)

Cyberkanguru did not improve and exited in eighth place, good for a $1,530.00 payday.

anneka_15 out in seventh

After eliminating cyberkanguru, ana marquez was up to 225,000 in chips, but Mieses88 knocked her down to 75,000 with trip queens. Meanwhile, Pipisimple picked up steam when she doubled to 247,000 hitting kings and nines on fifth street against Mieses88’s pair of queens.

Anneka_15, however, was heading in the other direction and with 16,000 remaining, she put the last of her chips in on fourth street against LyRiver888.

anneka_15 (7♦K♥) 6♠5♥A♣J♦ (8♣)
LyRiver888 (A♠K♠) J♥6♥K♦4♠[ (6♣)

LyRiver888 picked up a pair of kings on fifth street and rivered kings up, sending anneka_15 home in seventh place ($1,836.00).

Mieses88 slays MillánKiller in sixth

Third in chips to start the final table, MillánKiller fell on the short stack when he called Pipisimple down only to be shown trip tens. Down to only 24,000, MillánKiller completed to 10,000 with the K♦ up, LyRiver888 called and Mieses88 raised to 20,000. MillánKiller committed the rest of his stack and both opponents called. Mieses88 led out for 20,000 on fourth street and LyRiver888 folded.

MillánKiller (6♦3♦) K♦K♥4♥9♠ (5♠)
Mieses88 (Q♥8♥) 8♦9♦8♠A♥ (3♠)
LyRiver888 (X-X) 5♦10♣

Although MillánKiller’s pair of kings led on fourth street, Mieses88 caught another eight on fifth street to make trips. For sixth place, MillánKiller took home $2,448.00.

ana marquez eliminated in fifth place

Only a few orbits later, ana marquez three-bet on third street vs. Pipisimple and bet the rest of her stack on fourth. Marquez’s buried queens improved to kings and queens on the river, but Pipisimple caught running cards to make a straight and ended her run in fifth place ($3,366.00).

INSHALA82 takes fourth

With four left, INSHALA82 was the short stack, holding 195,000 in chips with the limits up to 12,000/24,000. INSHALA82 dipped below 100k when he called LyRiver888 all the way to seventh street, only to have him reveal a king-high flush he made on fifth. Then, on the next deal, INSHALA82 folded his (X-X) A♣9♠5♥ on fifth street when Pipisimple picked up an open pair of kings. Left with 46,000, INSHALA82 put the last of his chips in on fourth street against LyRiver888 and Mieses88. Mieses88 folded to LyRiver888’s fifth street bet and the hole cards were revealed.

INSHALA82 (3♦A♠) K♦5♥9♠J♠ (4♦)
LyRiver888 (8♦Q♠) 8♣4♠8♠7♦ (5♦)
Mieses88 (X-X) J♥K♠9♦

LyRiver888 made trip eights on fifth street and send INSHALA82 to the rail in fourth place, good for $4,896.00.

Pipisimple sputters in third

As play turned three-handed, Pipisimple led with 634,000, LyRiver888 was second with 504,000 and Mieses88 was the short stack with 392,000. However, Mieses88 soon won back-to-back pots, making an ace-high flush then queens up to take over the chip lead with 807,000. Four hands later, Mieses88 made another ace-high flush and climbed to 991,000 in chips, leaving Pipisimple on the short stack.

With the limits up to 16,000/32,000, Pipisimple completed to 16,000 with the 4♣ and Mieses88 raised showing the 6♠. Pipisimple three-bet and Mieses88 capped. Pipisimple made the high board on fourth street and led out, Mieses88 raise and Pipisimple called. Fifth street made Pipisimple an open pair of kings and he bet his last 13,893. Mieses88 called and was behind with only a pair of fives, but was blessed with the 6♥ on sixth street to make two pair.

Pipisimple (6♣9♣) 4♣K♥K♠Q♠ (A♦)
Mieses88 (7♣10♦) 6♠5♠5♦6♥ (3♠)

Pipisimple had a slew of outs to a better two pair or trips but missed on the river and exited in third place ($6,732.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 7: LyRiver888 (274,864 in chips)
Seat 8: Mieses88 (1,255,136 in chips)

LyRiver888 thrice ground up his stack past the half-million mark only to be knocked back down. It was only when LyRiver888 was dealt rolled-up queens that he was able to extract enough value from Mieses88 and nearly even their stacks.

After getting a fold from Mieses88 on sixth street, LyRiver888 took a slight chip lead and hung on to it for the better part of a level before Mieses88 took it back. With Mieses88 back up to 879,000 in chips to LyRiver888’s 651,000, he three-bet on third street with the 5♠ up and led fourth when he picked up the A♠. LyRiver888 called with 7♥8♥ and hit an open pair of sevens on fifth street. LyRiver888 bet and Mieses88 called. LyRiver888 led again on sixth and seventh streets, only to have Mieses88 raise the river. LyRiver888 called, but couldn’t beat Mieses88’s jacks and fives.

LyRiver888 (X-X) 7♥8♥7♦2♣ (X)
Mieses88 (10♠J♣) 5♠A♠J♦4♠ (5♦)

Mieses88 moved up to 1.1 million and closed out the win four hands later, rivering a nine-high straight against LyRiver88’s queens up.

Congratulations to Mieses88 on shipping a SCOOP title and $11,934.00. For his runner-up finish, LyRiver888 earned $8,874.00.

SCOOP 12-M: $215 Stud
Entrants: 306
Prizepool: $61,200.00
Places paid 40

1. Mieses88 (Czech Republic) $11,934.00
2. LyRiver888 (China) $8,874.00
3. Pipisimple (Argentina) $6,732.00
4. INSHALA82 (United Kingdom) $4,896.00
5. ana marquez (United Kingdom) $3,366.00
6. MillánKiller (United Kingdom) $2,448.00
7. anneka_15 (Finland) $1,836.00
8. cyberkanguru (Germany) $1,530.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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