SCOOP 2014: monkeyboxes pats to win in Event #13-L ($27 NL Single Draw 2-7)

May 09, 2014

For maximum SCOOPage, players had to get low.

And in Event #13-L, no one drew lower more consistently than monkeyboxes. monkeyboxes had to stay low for a while as the tournament lasted nearly 12-hours.

Two hours were spent at the final table and the heads-up match alone lasted thirty minutes. monkeyboxes put to an end to that match only after SoUNdzRise1 drew one card to hit a 9-7 and ran it into monkeyboxes patted 8-7.

If not, players might have kept playing straight through spring.

That final battle was the last step of a tournament that drew 1,397 players. Together, they created a prize pool of $34,296.35 and monkeyboxes got the lion’s — or monkey’s – share of the pool, and won $5,100.66 for the victory.

But before there was one victor, there were seven contenders.

The final table


Seat 1: monkeyboxes – 904,095
Seat 2: Rum4091 – 650,896
Seat 3: pantri – 1,346,279
Seat 4: mikal12345 – 1,352,155
Seat 5: theNorfman – 299,430
Seat 6: Kana!lle – 11,482,240
Seat 7: SoUNdzRis1 – 949,905

Our short stack didn’t wait long to make a move. theNorfman moved all-in for 209,430 from the hijack and Rum4091 called from the big blind. Rum4091 discarded one card while theNorfman stood pat.

theNorfman held on to Q♦9♣7♦3♣2♥ while Rum4091 hit a pair with 7♠6♥4♥4♣3♠. theNorfman was up to 486,360 while Rum4091 dropped to 493,966.

Rum4091 then lost a few more hands and took over the least-coveted position of short stack. Then the situation deteriorated even more for Rum4091.

mikal12345 raised to 71,444 from under-the-gun and Kana!lle three-bet to 175,000. Rum4091 moved all-in for 184,800 from the small blind, mikal12345 folded and Kana!lle called.

Kana!lle stood pat while Rum4091 drew one. Rum4091 showed A♣8♠7♠6♣2♣ while Kana!lle was standing with a 9♣7♦6♠5♥3♥.

Rum4091 became our first final table elimination and won $609.78 for finishing 7th.

But Kana!lle wasn’t done yet.

The German player wanted all of Rum4091’s chips, even the ones that theNorfman won earlier.

Four hands after Rum4091’s elimination, theNorfman moved all-in for 397,804 from the cutoff and Kana!lle re-shoved for 1.58 million from the button. The blinds folded and theNorfman patted while Kana!lle drew one.

theNorfman had J♠8♥6♠5♠4♦ while Kana!lle improved to 9♠5♣4♣3♦2♣.

Kana!lle took the chip lead with 2.08 million while theNorfman won $811.79 for busting out in 6th.

Turning tables

The last two eliminations made Kana!lle our tournament chip leader.

Then we had two double ups and Kana!lle became our short stack. The first all-in didn’t involve Kana!lle at all though.

SoUNdzRise1 raised to 70,000 from under-the-gun and monkeyboxes moved all-in for 357,845 from the cutoff. mikal12345 called and SoUNdzRise1 folded.

Both players liked their hands and stood pat.

mikal12345 had 10♠9♠4♠3♥2♠ but monkeyboxes had the better 10 with 10♣7♦6♠4♦2♦.

monkeyboxes chipped up to 864,440 while mikal12345 dipped to 1.72 million.

The next all-in started with an under-the-gun raise to 80,000 from pantri. mikal12345 called and Kana!lle three-bet to 320,000 from the button. SoUNdzRise1 moved all-in for 767,694 from the small blind and only Kana!lle called. SoUNdzRise1 patted while Kana!lle discarded two cards.

SoUNdzRise1 had a dealt 9♣8♠6♦4♠2♠ while Kana!lle hit a Q♠J♠6♥5♣3♣. SoUNdzRise1 doubled up to 1.79 million while Kana!lle became the short stack with 1.12 million.

No extra COOP

Kana!lle soon rebounded while SoUNdzRise1 and mikal12345 dropped. The two were almost even in chips when there was a three-way showdown.

pantri raised to 100,000 from the cutoff and mikal12345 moved all-in for 639,427. SoUNdzRise1 re-shoved for 668,940 and pantri called.

SoUNdzRise1 drew one card while pantri and mikal12345 stood pat. pantri had K♠7♥4♥3♦2♠, mikal12345 showed 10♥9♣6♠5♣3♣ but SoUNdzRise1 outdrew them both with 10♦8♠7♣6♦4♦.

SoUNdzRise1 tripled up to 2.06 million while pantri was left with 654,709. This made mikal12345 — a two-time WCOOP champion — our 5th place finisher. For the final table performance, mikal12345 took home $1,082.73.

Short battle

pantri soon chipped back up to more than 1 million and was battling Kana!lle for the title of “not short stack.”

The two were neck-and-neck until they got all their chips in the middle.

pantri raised to 120,000 from the button and Kana!lle moved all-in for 1.12 from the small blind.

pantri called and drew one card after Kana!lle stood pat. pantri hit A♠6♣5♥4♠2♣ while Kana!lle was sitting on 9♠8♦6♠5♦4♦.

Kana!lle doubled up to 2.37 million while pantri was left with just 134,305.

pantri doubled up a few times to stay alive but couldn’t get the momentum going again. pantri was back down to 582,220 and moved all-in from the button.

SoUNdzRise1 called from the big blind and discarded one card while pantri took none. pantri stood pat with a 10♣8♦7♣5♣4♦ while SoUNdzRise1 hit a 9♣8♣7♠6♥4♥.

SoUNdzRise1 was up to 3.18 million while pantri won $1,553.96 for finishing 4th.

Kana!lle then surged again before falling out in third.

Kana!lle raised to 240,000 from the button and monkeyboxes made it 720,000. Kana!lle re-raised all-in for 1.89 million and monkeyboxes called.

Both players stood pat but Kana!lle’s 9♥8♦3♥2♣ was slightly behind monkeyboxes’ 9♣7♥6♣4♦3♣.

Kana!lle won 2,467.27 for finishing 3rd and the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

monkeyboxes – 4,972,083
SoUNdzRise1 – 2,010,917

monkeyboxes was slowly chipping away at SoUNdzRise1 until SoUNdzRise1 hit a good pat hand.

SoUNdzRise1 raised to 200,000 and monkeyboxes re-raised to 650,000. SoUNdzRise1 moved all-in for 1.80 million and monkeyboxes called. SoUNdzRise1 stood pat while monkeyboxes discarded one.

monkeyboxes hit 10♣9♥5♥4♣2♥ but it wasn’t enough to beat SoUNdzRise1’s patted 9♣6♦5♣4♠2♣.

SoUNdzRise1 doubled up to 3.64 and took the lead while monkeyboxes was down to 3.34 million.

monkeyboxes didn’t have a double up throughout the heads-up match. Despite dipping down a bit more, monkeyboxes grinded back up to 4.45 million and then ended things.

monkeyboxes raised to 200,000 and SoUNdzRise1 three-bet to 400,000. monkeyboxes threw in a re-raise to 900,000 and SoUNdzRise1 called.

SoUNdzRise1 drew one card while monkeyboxes took none. SoUNdzRise1 bet 1.09 million and monkeyboxes raised to 2.18 million. SoUNdzRise1 called all-in and showed 9♦7♥4♣3♣2♥. It was good, but not as good as monkeyboxes 8♦7♦5♠4♥3♦.

SoUNdzRise1 took home $3,602.14 for the runner-up finish while monkeyboxes became our newest SCOOP champion.

For the victory in Event #13-L, monkeyboxes wins one SCOOP watch and $5,100.66.

SCOOP 13-L: $27 NL Single Draw 2-7
Entrants: 1,397
Prize pool: $34,296.35
Places paid: 175

1. monkeyboxes (United Kingdom) – $5,100.66
2. SoUNdzRise1 (Romania) – $3,602
3. Kana!lle (Germany) – $2,467.27
4. pantri (Paraguay) – $1,553.96
5. mikal12345 (Norway) – $1,082.73
6. theNorfman (Canada) – $811.79
7. Rum4091 (Switzerland) – $609.78

Players in Event #13-L are done drawing low to win big but that doesn’t mean you have to. You can still draw low, hit badugis or royal flushes this SCOOP. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a schedule of the remaining events and find one that suits your skill set and bankroll.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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