SCOOP 2014: MrKloutt collects watch, $64K for Event #40-M win ($530 PLO, 6-Max.)

May 18, 2014

Event #40-M, a $530 buy-in short-handed pot-limit Omaha event, offered lots of action and another competitive field in the Spring Online Championship of Online Poker. Taking just over 12 hours to complete, MrKloutt of the United Kingdom ultimately prevailed, topping a field of 716 for the win and $64,440 first prize while outlasting a tough final table at which Mike “munchenHB” Telker finished fifth.

With 716 participating that meant a total prize pool of $358,000, way over the $200K guarantee announced for the event. It took about six hours for the tournament to play down to 90 players and the cash bubble to burst, with Team PokerStars Pros Lex Veldhuis and Jason Mercier among those barely missing the money after finishing in 96th and 99th, respectively.

At that point ZebHardy had just vaulted into the lead, soon becoming the first player to 200,000 chips, with only zerochill and DOCTORB911 having more than 100,000. Meanwhile one red spade did survive past the bubble’s bursting, as Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen of Team Online was still alive with a below average stack.

Petersen would last about a half-hour more before finally losing the last of his chips in a hand versus kurakasa to finish 60th for a $1,181.40 cash.

By the seven-and-a-half-hour mark they were down to 24 players with PukeKlogen then out in front with ZebHardy in second, both the only players over 300,000. Two more hours would pass before they were down to 12, with PukeKlogen still the pace-setter with more than 850,000.

It would take another hour for six more to fall. monzemann (12th), SchneidsFish (11th), and Phil “Jackal69” Shaw (10th) each cashed for $4,654. Meanwhile PukeKlogen slipped in the counts to finish in 9th, followed by Sick Pastorr (8th) and sherif7090 (7th) with each of those three cashing for $7,303.20.

With O-Totoro having pushed into first position with nearly 1.2 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: ZebHardy (Sweden) — 523,841
Seat 2: danfiu (Hungary) — 309,586
Seat 3: Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Cyprus) — 438,643
Seat 4: DOCTORB911 (Canada) — 612,650
Seat 5: O-Totoro (Finland) — 1,194,280
Seat 6: MrKloutt (United Kingdom) — 501,000

danfiu eliminated in sixth

They were approaching the tournament’s 11-hour mark when the first elimination of the final table took place.

With the blinds 10,000/20,000, danfiu open-raised pot to 70,000 from early position, then MrKloutt reraised to 220,000 from the big blind. danfiu raised all in for 239,586 total, and MrKloutt called.

danfiu had Q♥Q♦9♦5♥ but MrKloutt had both a better pair and the diamonds covered with A♦A♠10♦8♣. The board ran out K♠J♥8♠2♦4♣, and without improving danfiu was out in sixth.

munchenHB takes fifth

Next to go was ‘COOP hero Mike “munchenHB” Telker who final tabled last year’s SCOOP “High” Main Event (finishing fourth) after having also final tabled the 2012 WCOOP Main Event (where he finished fourth as well). Telker would wind up one spot shy of those finishes here after finishing fifth following a three-way hand versus ZebHardy and MrKloutt, the deepest finish of Telker’s 11 cashes so far in this year’s SCOOP.

The hand began with a min-raise to 50,000 by MrKloutt from the button, called by ZebHardy in the small blind. Telker responded with a raise to 200,000 from the big blind which both of his opponents called, and the trio saw the flop come 9♦J♦5♠. ZebHardy checked, munchenHB bet all in for 121,348, MrKloutt reraised all in over the top, and ZebHardy folded.

Telker showed A♥Q♠9♣4♥ for a pair of nines while MrKloutt had a nice rundown hand of 10♠9♠8♦7♦ for both a wrap draw and a diamond flush draw. The turn brought the 8♥ to fill a straight for MrKloutt, and while the Q♣ river improved Telker to two pair it wasn’t enough and they were down to four.

Fourth for DOCTORB911

They pushed forward to the 12-hour break, then the first hand back saw MrKloutt opening with a 2x raise to 80,000 from the button, DOCTORB911 reraise-shoving for 213,297 from the big blind, and MrKloutt calling.

DOCTORB911: A♦K♥J♥3♦
MrKloutt: Q♠9♦8♠3♥

The board brought five small cards — 5♠2♦2♠4♠3♠ — making a wheel for DOCTORB911 but a flush for MrKloutt, thereby ending DOCTORB911’s tourney run in fourth.

O-Totoro out in third

With that hand MrKloutt was in a commanding position relative to the other two players with more than 2.46 million while ZebHardy had but just over 627,000 and O-Totoro a little under 489,000.

The battle continued with both ZebHardy and O-Totoro seeing their stacks dwindle, then Zebhardy doubled through O-Totoro to knock the latter down to about 150,000. Two hands after that the blinds were 20,000/40,000 when O-Totoro open-raised all in from under the gun with A♠Q♣J♥10♥ and ZebHardy called from the big blind with J♦8♦6♦6♥.

The board rolled out 3♦8♣10♣6♣5♠, making a set of sixes for ZebHardy and just a pair of tens for O-Totoro, and they were down to two.

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MrKloutt outlasts ZebHardy for the win

That hand bumped ZebHardy up over 1 million to 1,005,714 to start the heads-up portion of the tournament, still well behind MrKloutt’s 2,574,826, however.

They’d play three small hands, then MrKloutt would win about a third of ZebHardy’s stack in a hand to knock the latter down under 700,000.

ZebHardy then doubled up on the very next hand after that, getting it all in on a K♥4♥6♣ flop holding K♦9♦6♦3♣ for a better two pair against MrKloutt’s K♠Q♠5♥4♠. The board finished out 5♦ then 9♠, improving both players’ two-pair hands but ZebHardy’s was still best, and just like that ZebHardy was back close to 1.4 million and in contention again.

But all came crashing to a halt one hand later. After a min-raise to 80,000 from the button by ZebHardy and a call from MrKloutt, the flop came 2♥4♦7♥ and MrKloutt checked. ZebHardy bet 106,666, MrKloutt made it 479,998 to go, ZebHardy pushed all in for 1,314,348, and MrKloutt called.

ZebHardy showed K♥J♣4♠4♣ for a middle set of fours while MrKloutt had K♣7♦6♣2♦ for top-and-bottom pair. The turn then brought the 7♣, making full houses for both players but giving MrKloutt the big advantage with sevens full. The river was the K♦ and it was all over… MrKloutt had won.

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Congratulations to MrKloutt for outlasting 715 opponents to win Event #40-M and a coveted SCOOP watch, adding further to a great series that includes a dozen other cashes and one other final table in Event #15-H ($700 NLHE, Ante Up) in which MrKloutt took seventh.

SCOOP 40-M: $530 PL Omaha (6-Max.)
Entrants: 716
Prize pool: $358,000.00
Places paid: 90

1. MrKloutt (United Kingdom) $64,440.00
2. ZebHardy (Sweden) $48,330.00
3. O-Totoro (Finland) $35,800.00
4. DOCTORB911 (Canada) $25,060.00
5. Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Cyprus) $17,900.00
6. danfiu (Hungary) $10,740.00

There’s just one day left in the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker, presenting nine more opportunities for players to take part including the “low,” “medium,” and “high” versions of the Main Event. Check the 2014 SCOOP homepage for details regarding what’s left on the schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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