SCOOP 2014: Philych_085 takes one shot, wins Event #07-L ($27 NL Draw Re-Entry)

May 07, 2014

You could draw and lose and draw again.

But that’s it, just one shot, then another.

Our champion, Philych_085, only took one shot to win the title along with $8,233.20. That’s an average of $8,233.20 per entry. Philych_085 faced a field of 1,839 entries that included 13 Team PokerStars Pro and online players.

Out of those thousands of entries, 290 took a second shot.

Some players cashed on it, others didn’t. MissLuZaan was the re-entry who made it the furthest and finished 4th.

It was a long, 12-hour journey and nine-and-a-half of those hours were spent getting down to the final six players.

It was our champion — and former WCOOP champion — Philych_085, who burst the final table and took the chip lead.

stam7 raised to 50,000 from the small blind and Philych_085 moved all-in for 3.41 million from the small blind. stam7 called all-in for 580,034 and drew one card while Philych_085 drew three.

stam7 had two pairs with 10♦10♣5♦5♥K♥ but Philych_085 had that beat with Q♣[1h]5♣5♠J♦.

Philych_085 started the final table with a chip lead of 4,008,477 while stam7 won $731.73 for bubbling…

The final table


Seat 1: Jar Of Love – 1,664,488
Seat 2: RaiseUpBlind – 376,051 (Re-entry)
Seat 3: bob43155 – 2,479,967
Seat 4: Philych_085 – 4,008,477
Seat 5: MissLuZaaan – 1,096,232 (Re-entry)
Seat 6: OneH1tWonder – 1,019,785 (Re-entry)

Our final table short stack didn’t last long.

On the third hand, RaiseUpBlind moved all-in for 344,801 from the cutoff and MissLuZaaan called from the big blind.

MissLuZaaan discarded two cards while RaiseUpBlind took one. RaiseUpBlind showed two pair with 7♥7♠5♥5♠2♦ while MissLuZaaan had a set with 3♣3♦3♥8♦9♠.

RaiseUpBlind’s took a second chance early on and it resulted in a final table appearance. For finishing 6th, RaiseUpBlind won $1,102.83.

No more shots

The final table was split evenly with single entries and re-entries. The balance changed when RaisUpBlind — a re-entry — was eliminated. The single entries then used their majority status to fully eliminate the double entries.

It was cold.

OneH1tWonder was chipped down a bit and then lost a big chunk to bob43155:

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Then, a few hands later, Jar Of Love — another single-entry — finished OneH1tWonder off. OneH1tWonder moved all-in for 224,658 from under-the-gun and Jar Of Love called from the cutoff. The remaining players folded and we had another final table showdown.

Both players drew two cards and OneH1tWonder got K♣K♥Q♦10♦7♦ while Jar Of Love had 9♣9♥9♠A♦7♥. OneH1tWonder won $1,960.01 for finishing 5th and MissLuZaaan was the last re-entry standing.

This time, bob43155 dealt all three blows.

MissLuZaaan was at 1.04 million when bob43155 raised to 100,000 from the button. MissLuZaaan called and drew two cards while bob43155 drew three.

MissLuZaaan bet 189,750 and bob43155 called. MissLuZaaan showed 4♣4♠K♣10♦2♣ but bob43155 took the 654,500 pot with J♦J♠5♥5♣6♦.

The following hand bob43155 raised to 100,000 from the cutoff and MissLuZaaan called from the small blind.

bob43155 discarded three cards and MissLuZaaan took two.

MissLuZaaan checked and bob43155 bet 150,000. MissLuZaaan called and then mucked when bob43155 showed A♦A♠J♠8♦4♠.

A few hands later, bob43155 finished off the re-entries.

MissLuZaaan moved all-in for 337,826 from the button and bob43155 called all-in from big blind.

This time bob43155 drew two cards while MissLuZaaan discarded three. bob43155 showed A♥A♠J♦7♣5♦ but couldn’t beat bob43155’s 9♣9♥9♦5♠2♦.

bob43155 chipped up to 2.94 million while MissLuZaan was eliminated in 4th and won $3,005.34.


With all the re-entries gone, play slowed down a bit.

The remaining three players were also nearly even in chips. Philych_085 was in the lead with 3,722,268 while bob43155 was close behind with 3,686,676. Jar Of Love came in third with 3,236,056.

Both Philych_085 and bob43155 found themselves at-risk and doubled up a few times. Then bob43155 went all-in for the last time this tournament.

Philych_085 raised to 264,000 and bob43155 moved all-in for 949,589. Philych_085 called and both players drew one card.

bob43155 hit two pair with 3♠3♥4♣4♦6♣ but Philych_085 had a greater two pair with 9♦9♠6♠6♦K♦.

bob43155 was eliminated in 3rd and took home $4,537.35.

Heads up

Philych_085 – 5,330,053
Jar of Love – 5,314,947

Players were nearly even in chips again but Jar Of Love started pulling away. Jar Of Love won a few hands and then took a large pot off of Philych_085:

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But then Philych_085 launched the final counterattack.

Philych_085 raised to 264,000 and Jar Of Love called. Jar Of Love discarded three cards while Philych_085 just took one. Philych_085 bet 588,000 and Jar Of Love called and mucked when Philych_085 showed 2♦2♣2♥Q♠7♣.

Philych_085 was up to 3.20 million and then took down a few more pots to bring things back to even.

Then Philych_085 started to pull away. Jar Of Love raised to 240,000 and Philych_085 three-bet to 480,000. Jar Of Love called and discarded three cards while Philych_085 took one.

Philych_085 checked and Jar Of Love bet 1.23 million. Philych_085 raised to 4.72 million and Jar Of Love folded.

Philych_085 was up to 7.03 million while Jar Of Love was down to 3.62 million. Philych_085 then chipped away at Jar Of Love a bit more before dealing the final blow.

Philych_085 raised to 308,000 and Jar Of Love moved all-in for 1.51 million. Philych_085 called and both players discarded three cards.

Jar Of Love’s final hand was a 9♣9♦Q♣5♦4♥ and Philych_085 took down the tournament with J♠J♦10♠7♥3♥.

Jar Of Love won $6,141.36 for the runner-up finish while Philych_085 took the title, the scoop watch and $8,233.20.

SCOOP 07-L: $27 NL Draw Re-Entry
Entrants: 1,839 (290 re-entries)
Prize pool: $52,266.95
Places paid: 276

1. Philych_085 $8,233.20
2. Jar Of Love (China) $6,141.36
3. bob43155 (Mexico) $4,573.35
4. MissLuZaaan (Czech Republic) $3,005.34
5. OneH1tWonder (Austria) $1,960.34
6. RaiseUpBlind (Canada) $1,102.83

No more drawing. Event #07-L has come to a close but there’s still plenty of SCOOP action to go. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a full list of the remaining events along with satellites to each one. Get a few scoops of poker action this spring.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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