SCOOP 2014: TEENageTuRtL tackles Event #04-M (6-Max, Action Hour)

May 06, 2014

TEENageTuRtL’s found victory among sharks.

There were four former SCOOP champions in the field with just eight players to go. Among them was Calvin “cal42688” Anderson, who has a total of four SCOOP watches. It was a tough seven to beat, but TEENageTuRtL already outlasted thousands of players just getting to that point.

The 6-Max Action Hour saw 2,443 entrants, 3,990 rebuys and 1,708 add-ons. This created a prize pool of $407.050.00 with $64,111.65 up top.

While everyone was fighting for the top prize, 330 players cashed. Of those, only six would make the final table. Actually, a simultaneous hand-for-hand elimination gave us a final table of just five players.

When we hit the final table bubble, Calvin “cal42688” Anderson found himself as the short stack. But despite his limited stack, Anderson’s aggression didn’t falter.

The four-time SCOOP champion continued to shove all-in and three-bet to stay alive. Then he scored a double up.

bobi_bet776 raised to 200,000 from under-the-gun and Anderson moved all-in for 1.44 million. bobi_bet776 called with Q♣10♦ and was flipping against Anderson’s 3♣3♥.

Things weren’t looking good for Anderson when the flop fell Q♥10♥K♦, but then a 3♠ came on the turn to give him a set.

The river was an A♦ and Anderson doubled up to 3.04 million while bobi_bet776 dropped to 4.12 million.

The bubble had been going on for some time but then it burst two hands after Anderson’s double up. Exploded, might be a more accurate term to describe what happened since we lost two players on the same hand.

cre0x raised to 200,000 from the button and Hoegh93 moved all-in for 5.47 million. Hoegh93 had cre0x covered and cre0x went into the tank.

While cre0x was thinking, the other table had an elimination.

Anderson raised to 204,000 from the cutoff and bobi_bet776 called from the small blind. le kork moved all-in for 1.54 million, Anderson folded and bobi_bet776 called.

le kork showed A♦8♠ and was dominated by bobi_bet776’s A♥J♦. The board ran 10♦J♣5♣9♣5♠ and le kork was out in 7th, a finish worth $4,884.60.

Back at the other table, cre0x was still thinking but called all-in soon after le kork was eliminated. It was a flip when cre0x showed 9♥9♠ to Hoegh93’s A♥Q♥.

The 8♥6♦A♣Q♦A♠ board fell heavily in Hoegh93’s favor and cre0x fell to a full house. cre0x was out in 6th and won $7,713.59.

We were down to our five-handed six-max final table.

The final table


Seat 1: -EMPTY-
Seat 2: bobi_bet776 – 6,292,473
Seat 3: floes – 2,823,008
Seat 4: TEENageTuRtL – 8,260,810
Seat 5: Hoegh93 – 7,654,853
Seat 6: Calvin “cal42688” Anderson – 2,807,856

Anderson was on the hunt for his fifth SCOOP watch but would have to settle for 5th place.

Anderson scored an early double up that started when TEENageTuRtL raised to 200,000 from the button. Anderson re-raised to 456,789 from the big blind and TEENageTuRtL moved all-in for 7.34 million.

Anderson called all-in and had TEENageTuRtL’s A♣Q♣ dominated with A♠K♦. The board ran 4♥7♦5♣10♠4♠ and Anderson doubled up to 5.70 million.

Anderson jumped to third in chips but then lost them all a few hands later.

Once again, TEENageTuRtL raised to 200,000, but this time from the cutoff. Anderson three-bet to 487,576 from the small blind and bobi_bet776 made it 1.12 million from the big blind.

TEENageTuRtL folded and Anderson moved all-in for 5.12 million. bobi_bet776 called and showed Q♦Q♥ to Anderson’s A♥Q♠.

There was a low 3♦7♣2♣2♠6♠ board and Anderson was eliminated in 5th place. Anderson was denied his fifth SCOOP watch but won $14,246.75 as a consolation prize.


bobi_bet776 took a massive lead with 14.12 million, slightly more than half the chips in play.

The other three players were fighting for second and then there was a near-repeat of the previous elimination.

TEENageTuRtL raised to 280,000 from the cutoff and Hoegh93 called from the button. floes moved all-in for 2.83 million and only TEENageTuRtL called.

floes showed A♣Q♠ while TEENageTuRtL tabled Q♦Q♣. The board was a low 4♥9♥6♠7♠9♠ and floes hit the rail.

TEENageTuRtL chipped up to 7.91 million while floes won $22,387.75 for finishing 4th.

Rising up

bobi_bet776 was still the commanding chip leader but TEENageTuRtL started mounting the assault. After eliminating floes, TEENageTuRtL took out Hoegh93.

TEENageTuRtL raised to 280,000 and Hoegh93 three-bet to 630,000. TEENageTuRtL shoved for 6.02 million and Hoegh93 called all-in.

Hoegh93 was in the lead with A♣Q♣ and had TEENageTuRtL’s A♠2♠ dominated. Things were looking good for Hoegh93 until a two fell on the river of a 5♦4♣K♦7♠2♥ board.

Hoegh93 earned $34,599.25 for finishing 3rd while TEENageTuRtL chipped up to 10.75 million.

Heads up

bobi_bet776 – 17,087,150
TEENageTuRtL – 10,751,850

bobi_bet776 had the lead and dealt a few quick blows to TEENageTuRtL early on. TEENageTuRtL was down to just 3.35 million and moved all-in after bobi_bet776 raised to 420,000.

bobi_bet776 called with 8♠7♠ while TEENageTuRtL showed K♦7♦. The board ran Q♦9♣9♥A♣5♠ and TEENageTuRtL doubled up to 6.73 million.

A few hands later, bobi_bet776 raised to 420,000 and TEENageTuRtL re-raised to 1.11 million. bobi_bet776 four-bet to 2.22 million and TEENageTuRtL moved all-in for 6.62 million.

bobi_bet776 called and we had another showdown.

TEENageTuRtL: A♥10♦
bobi_bet776: K♥Q♥

TEENageTuRtL doubled up to 13.28 million when the board ran 6♥3♣9♣8♥5♠.

Then TEENageTuRtL took the lead with a set of fours:

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Then it ended. bobi_bet776 raised to 320,000 and TEENageTuRtL re-raised to 800,000. bobi_bet776 threw in a four-bet worth 2.44 million and TEENageTuRtL moved all-in for 18.69 million.

bobi_bet776 called all-in and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

bobi_bet776: 9♣9♥
TEENageTuRtL: A♣Q♠

The board came 5♦K♠2♠8♣Q♣ and TEENageTuRtL took it down on the river. bobi_bet776 won $46,810.75 for finishing 2nd while TEENageTuRtL became the newest SCOOP champion.

The victory comes with one SCOOP watch and $64,111.65.

SCOOP 04-M: $55+R NLHE 6-Max Action Hour
Entrants: 2,443 (3,990 rebuys, 21,708 add-ons)
Prize pool: $407,050.00
Places paid: 330

1. TEENageTuRtL (Argentina) $64,111.65
2. bobi_bet776 (Bulgaria) $46,810.75
3. Hoegh93 (Denmark) $34,599.25
4. floes (Mexico) $22,387.75
5. cal42688 (Mexico) $14,246.75
6. cre0x (Ukraine) $7,713.59

The action has settled for this event but there’s still plenty of SCOOP left to go. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events and satellites to each and every one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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