SCOOP 2014: wilhasha smokes Event #40-H final table ($5,200 PLO 6-Max)

May 18, 2014

This final table was wilhasha’s to lose. The Swedish high-stakes cash game pro made the final six with more than twice the chips of second-place blanconegro and one by one, he sent his opponents to the rail. YaAaRnY ultimately caught up to wilhasha three-handed and they kept steady pressure on blanconegro until he succumbed in third place. Wilhasha went into heads-up play at a slight chip disadvantage, but quickly won it back from YaAaRnY. After a half-hour of methodical play, wilhasha closed out the win, earning his first SCOOP title and $199,200.00.

166 high-rolling Omaholics bought in to Event #40-H, their $5,200 buy-ins combining to form an $830,000.00 prize pool. 24 players earned a share of it with $199,200.00 set aside for the winner. Red Spades George Danzer, Jason Mercier, Theo Jorgensen, Ville Wahlbeck, and Ike Haxton were in the mix, but only Mercier made the money.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom clashed with his namesake ISILDRooN on the money bubble. Isildur1 put the last chips in preflop with K♠K♣Q♣4♦ only to run into ISILDRooN’s A♠A♥9♠4♥. ISILDRooN’s aces held up and Blom went out just short of a cash.

Jason Mercier hung on until 14 players remained. With the action folded around to him, he limped in from the small blind and brianm15 raised to 1,600 from the big. Mercier reraised to 4,800, branm15 four-bet to 14,400. Mercier called all-in, his A♣K♥9♣2♠ up against A♦Q♣5♣3♣. Brianm15 flopped a queen and turned two pair on the Q♥8♦6♠8♣10♠ board, ending Mercier’s run in 14th place.

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Can’t mash ’em all

Blinds were up to 1,000/2,000 with seven players remaining and JayP-AA opened for 4,000 on the button. Wilhasha three-bet to 14,400 from the small blind and JayP-AA called. Wilhasha led out for 30,000 on the 7♦5♠2♣ flop, JayP-AA shoved for 67,000 and wilhasha called with A♣A♠Q♠10♥. JayP-AA led with 8♠7♣5♥4♦ for two pair sevens and fives, but wilhasha turned the Q♣ and rivered the 10♠ to improve from a pair of aces to queens and tens. Wilhasha moved up to a tournament-leading 330,170 while JayP-AA departed on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: wilhasha (330,170 in chips)
Seat 2: Benba (34,747 in chips)
Seat 3: blanconegro (170,035 in chips)
Seat 4: conejin_20 (110,641 in chips)
Seat 5: YaAaRnY (111,842 in chips)
Seat 6: Chelsea77 (72,565 in chips)

Ben “Benba” Lamb eliminated in sixth place

Only a few hands in, wilhasha opened for 5,000 and Ben “Benba” Lamb three-bet to 17,000 from the small blind. Wilhasha four-bet to 53,000 and Benba called off his remaining 15,747.

Benba A♠Q♠J♣10♦
wilhasha A♣K♥J♥7♥

Wilhasha flopped a king and rivered two pair on the K♠9♦4♥2♣4♣ board, ending Benba’s run in sixth place ($37,350.00).

Chelsea77 out in fifth place

YaAaRnY got a huge boost by doubling through wilhasha; all the money went in on a K♠4♠3♥ flop, YaAaRnY holding the nut flush draw and a wheel draw with A♠9♦8♦2♠ while wilhasha showed A♦K♥Q♦10♦ for top pair. The 4♥ turn missed YaAaRnY but the 9♠ river made him a flush, good for a double-up to 242,000.

Wilhasha slipped to 205,000 and was in imminent danger of taking another hit when he called Chelsea77’s four-bet shove with Q♣Q♦9♣8♣. Chelsea77 turned over A♣A♦J♠8♦ and kept the lead on the J♦10♥6♦ flop, but wilhasha picked up a wrap draw. Wilhasha turned the 9♠ to make a queen-high straight, besting the jack-high straight Chelsea77 rivered with the 7♠. For fifth place, Chelsea77 took home $53,950.00.

Conejin_20 falls to wilhashin

Chelsea77’s elimination left conejin_20 as the short stack. With the blinds up to 1,250/2,500, wilhasha opened for a min-raise on the button and conejin_20 three-bet to 16,250 from the big blind. Wilhasha called and they saw a Q♠7♦3♥ flop Conejin_20 led out for 33,750, wilhasha potted to 135,000 and conejin_20 called off his remaining 21,000.

conejin_20 A♥K♦J♠10♥
wilhasha 3♠5♥6♦7♥

Wilhasha led with two pair, sevens and threes and although conejin_20 turned the A♦ to make top pair and a wrap draw, the river 9♣ was a blank. Conejin_20 was out in fourth place ($70,550.00), as wilhasha made his third KO in a row.

blanconegro busts in third

Wilhasha and YaAaRnY slowly wore down blanconegro, reducing his stack to 107,000 while they both hovered around 360,000 in chips. At last, blanconegro made a stand, check-raising all-in on the turn with trip kings, but YaAaRnY had already made a flush. Blanconegro needed to pair the board on the river but missed, and went out in third place ($103,750.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: wilhasha (356,729 in chips)
Seat 5: YaAaRnY (473,271 in chips)

Wilhasha flipped the script on this heads-up match when he hit a wrap draw on a J♦9♠5♣ flop with 8♠9♦10♠2♦. YaAaRnY check-raised wilhasha’s 12,000 bet to 36,288 and wilhasha called. The Q♥ made wilhasha a queen-high straight and when YaAaRnY checked, wilhasha bet 68,000. YaAaRnY called and the 4♦ came on the river. YaAaRnY check-called another 84,000 but couldn’t beat wilhasha’s straight.

YaAaRnY slipped further when wilhasha flopped trip fours and improved to a wheel on the river. Left with 188,000, YaAaRnYpicked up A♠K♠J♥9♣ and opened for 8,585. Wilhasha three-bet to 25,755, YaAaRnY four-bet to 77,265 and wilhasha called. The flop fell J♠7♠2♣ and wilhasha led out for a pot-sized bet of 154,530. YaAaRnY called all-in. Wilhasha only had overcards and a straight draw, but rivered the Q♥ to make top pair and lock up the win:

Congratulations to wilhasha on his first SCOOP title! He banked $199,200.00 for the win while runner-up YaAaRnY earned $127,365.00.

SCOOP 40-H: $5,200 PLO 6-Max
Entrants: 166
Prizepool: $830,000.00
Places paid 24

1. wilhasha (Sweden) $199,200.00
2. YaAaRnY (United Kingdom) $137,365.00
3. blanconegro (Mexico) $103,750.00
4. conejin_20 (Chile) $70,550.00
5. Chelsea77 (United Kingdom) $53,950.00
6. Ben “Benba” Lamb (Mexico) $37,950.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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