SCOOP 2015: dr davy11 draws big in Event #27-L ($11+R PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo)

May 19, 2015

There were tons of modifiers on Event #27-L.

This $11 tournament was a rebuy frenzy that featured 5-card PLO in a six-max format. The tournament drew a total of 2,349 players who rebought 3,451 times and purchased 1,508 to create a $73,080 prize pool.

The player who got the largest payday was dr davy11, who started the final table with the chip lead but lost it early on. That didn’t stop dr davy11 though, and the Dutch player came from behind to win the SCOOP title.

The final table


Seat 1: akkenny – 6,195,313
Seat 2: andristetis – 3,660,325
Seat 3: dr davy11 – 5,589,811
Seat 4: Vae Victisss – 3,723,442
Seat 5: Maksimus111 – 463,240
Seat 6: fartovick25 – 5,307,869

Vae Victisss dealt the first elimination and took the lead.

Vae Victisss raised to 440,000 from the hijack and andristetis re-raised to 1,420,000 from the big blind. Vae Victisss called and the flop came 5♥9♠Q♠. andristetis moved all-in for 2.18 million and Vae Victisss called.

Vae Victisss showed A♠10♦5♣4♦2♦ and andristetis was in the lead with A♥A♦Q♣6♥4♥. A 7♥ came on the turn but then a 10♠ came on the river to give Vae Victisss fives and tens.

andristetis won $1,460.13 for finishing 6th while Vae Victisss took the lead with 9.56 million.

Then Vae Victisss was victorious again.

Vae Victisss raised to 550,000 from the cutoff and fartovick25 called from the button. The flop came 10♥K♠7♠ and fartovick25 bet 1.48 million when checked to.

Vae Victisss bet enough to put fartovick25 all in and fartovick25 called.

Players tabled their hands and Vae Victisss turned over A♦J♥9♣8♠2♥ to fartovick25’s A♣K♥10♠5♣4♥.

A 3♦ came on the turn and then a 9♥ came on the river to give Vae Victisss a straight. There was no low hand and fartovick won $2,470.50 for the 5th place finish.

Down to three

Maksimus111 was the final table short stack to start and managed to double a few times but was always near the bottom of the counts.

Then, with four players left, Maksimus111 struggled to stay afloat for some time but couldn’t make the cut.

Maksimus111 raised to 875,000 from the button and dr davy11 re-raised to 2.75 million.

Maksimus111 called all-in and we had another showdown.

dr davy11: A♦A♥9♥7♠3♥
Maksimus111: A♣K♠10♠7♦5♣

The 6♠2♥Q♥6♣8♦ gave dr davy11 aces and sixes for the hi hand and 8-6-3-2-A for the low. Maksimus111 finished 4th and won $4,202.10

Top to bottom

Vae Victisss had the lead going into three-handed play but was the next player to go.

After losing the lead to akkenny, both dr davy11 and akkenny split Vae Victisss’s remaining chips.

Vae Victisss raised to 1.1 million from the button and akkenny called from the small blind. dr davy11 moved all-in for 4.38 million and both players called.

The flop came 9♦5♥J♦ and akkenny shoved. Vae Victisss called all-in for 3.93 million and we had a three-way showdown.

Vae Victisss: A♣8♠6♠5♦2♣
dr davy11: A♥K♥9♣3♣2♠
akkenny: A♦J♥10♠3♠2♥

The turn brought a 3♥ and then a K♦ completed the board. akkenny took the side pot with jacks and threes while dr davy11 took the main pot with kings and nines.

Vae Victisss won $6,211.80 for finishing 3rd and the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

dr davy11 – 13,140,438
akkenny – 11,799,562

dr davy11’s lead quickly grew and then the Dutch player ended the tournament.

akkenny raised to 1.80 million and dr davy11 bet enough to put akkenny all-in.

akkenny called and we had the final showdown of the tournament. dr davy11 turned over K♦J♦10♠5♠4♠ while akkenny showed A♠A♣Q♠10♣6♥.

The board ran 5♥9♥A♥J♣Q♦ and dr davy11 took down the tournament with a broadway straight. akkenny won $8,404.20 for the 2nd place finish while dr davy11 took down the title and $11,511.51.

SCOOP 27-L: $11+R PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo
Entrants: 2,349 entries, 3,451 rebuys, 1,508 add-ons
Prize pool: $73,080.00
Places paid: 300

1. dr davy11 (Netherlands) $11,511.51
2. akkenny (Ireland) $8,404.20
3. Vae Victisss (Georgia) $6,211.80
4. Maksimus111 (Russia) $4,202.10
5. fartovick25 (Ukraine) $2,470.50
6. andristetis (Latvia) $1,460.13

That’s it for event #27-L but there’s still plenty of SCOOP action to go. For all the SCOOP information out there –including a full schedule and satellites to each event– check out the SCOOP homepage.


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