SCOOP 2015: EPT Champ Nicolas “niccc” Chouity wins second SCOOP and third COOP with win in Event #22-H

May 17, 2015

Alligator blood. Nicolas “niccc” Chouity must have it pulsating through his veins. The 2010 EPT Grand Finale champ went into Event #22-H seeking his second career SCOOP title and his third overall COOP (he won a WCOOP in 2011 and an event at 2012 SCOOP). Only Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos stood in his way. Puropoker123 was no slouch either with two career COOP titles (with a win in both 2013 SCOOP and 2012 WCOOP). Nicolas “niccc” Chouity began heads-up with a sizable deficit, but niccc went into “alligator blood” mode to avoid elimination multiple times during an impressive heads-up battle. After being on the ropes for almost an hour, niccc’s fortunes turned. niccc went on the cusp of an elimination to the chip leader. As soon as niccc secured the lead, he did not waste any time and quickly knocked out Puropoker123 to win SCOOP title #2.

SCOOP Event #22-H $700 NL (6-Max, Variable Level Times, Ultra-Deep) attracted 858 players. They created a prize pool worth $570,570, which almost quadrupled the original guarantee. The top 96 places paid out with $101,276.54 set aside for the champion.


EPT Champion Nicolas “niccc” Chouity and 2-time SCOOP winner
This short-handed NL event featured “Variable Level Times”, which meant the first stages were like a Turbo with 4-minute and 6-minute levels during the first two hours of action, before they escalated to 8-minutes, 10-minutes, 12-minutes, and 15-minutes. There was also a tier with 20-minute levels, but we never progressed that far.

With 18 to go on the final three tables, ChallengerBJ (Malta) was first in chips with 7.1M, or more than double supernova9 (Mexico) in second with 3.3M. With 10 to go, Puropoker123 seized the lead. Puropoker123 picked off KissP4ckUSee in seventh place, when Puropoker123 turned a straight with Q♥9♥ to beat KissP4ckUSee’s K♦9♦. KissP4ckUSee bubbled off the final table.


SCOOP 22-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: niccc (13,730,062)
Seat 2: UncleAnte9 (4,566,097)
Seat 3: mumu12345 (928,170)
Seat 4: ChallengerBJ (2,481,400)
Seat 5: Puropoker123 (18,243,727)
Seat 6: supernova9 (2,950,544)

The final table commenced during Level 44 with blinds at 70K/140K and a 17.5K ante. Puropoker123 led the pack with 18.2M, while mumu12345 was the shorty with 928K. Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos and Nicolas “niccc” Chouity had both previously won a SCOOP and WCOOP. They were both seeking a third COOP and second SCOOP title. niccc had also won the 2010 EPT Grand Finale.

supernova9 eliminated in 6th place

The final six played almost a full level before someone busted. Puropoker123 min-raised to 320,000, supernova9 bombed it all-in for 1,675,544 with A♠J♥, and puropoker123 called with 10♥10♣. Classic race. The board finished up K♣9♠5♣8♣4♦. puropoker123’s pocket tens held up. Mexico’s supernova9 never improved and busted out in sixth place, which paid out $17,117.10.

Puropoker123 chipped up to 20M, while ChallengerBJ was last with 1.7M.

mumu12345 eliminated in 5th place

mumu12345 opened to 1,440,000 and Puropoker123 called. The flop was J♠10♥3♠. Puropoker123 bet 160,000, mumu12345 called all-in for 58,840.

Puropoker123: A♠K♥
mumu12345: K♦J♥

mumu12345 led with a pair of Jacks, but Puropoker123 flopped a Broadway gutshot draw. The turn was the 3♥ and the river was the Q♠. Puropoker123 rivered an Ace-high straight to win the pot. Germany’s mumu12345 busted in fifth place, which paid out $28,528.50.

ChallengerBJ eliminated in 4th place

ChallengerBJ opened-shoved for 1,826,400 with K♠7♣ and Puropoker123 called with 6♥6♠. The board ran out 10♠3♠2♥9♠8♥. ChallengerBJ failed to improve and Puropoker123’s pocket sixes held up. For a fourth-place finish, ChallengerBJ took home $39,939.90.

UncleAnte9 eliminated in 3rd place

Next hand the “Left Shark” was dunzo. niccc opened to 440,000, UncleAnte9 bombed it all-in for 5,519,421 with K♠Q♠, and niccc insta-called with A♠A♣. The board finished up 4♠3♣2♥7♥A♦. Aces held up and niccc won the pot with a set of Aces. UncleAnte9 went busto in third place, which paid out $57,057.00.

HEADS-UP: Puropoker123 (Panama) vs. niccc (Lebanon)
Seat 1: niccc (16,532,002)
Seat 5: Puropoker123 (26,367,998)

With two to go, Puropoker123 held the lead. Both had won a SCOOP, so the winner of the heads-up was going to win SCOOP crown #2.

Puropoker123 opened up a 5-1 edge and dominated the first hour of heads-up. Puropoker123 was unable to deliver a fatal knockout blow. Puropoker123 had niccc on the ropes with A♦K♣ vs. K♦2♣. However, niccc hit a monster flop with K♠2♠2♥ to avoid an elimination and double up. That was the spark that ignited an inferno. niccc rallied back from a 3-1 deficit to finally gain control of the lead after dragging an uncontested pot in excess of 19.6M. That hand occurred at approximately the one-hour mark of heads-up play. niccc led 24.3M to 18.5M.

Puropoker123 eliminated in 2nd place; niccc wins SCOOP Event #22-H!

On the third hand after niccc seized the lead, it was all over. niccc min-raised to 1M, Puropoker123 re-raised to 2,545,454, niccc four-bet shoved for 26,354,662, and Puropoker123 called all-in for 13,874,884. Classic race. Flipping coins. Puropoker123 trailed with A♥K♦ versus niccc’s 5♦5♥. The flop was 10♠5♣4♦ and niccc flopped a set. The turn was the 2♠ and Puropoker123 picked up a Wheel draw. The river was the 9♥, which did not aid Puropoker123. niccc’s set of fives held up to win the pot and the tournament. Puropoker123 busted in second place.

For a runner-up finish, Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos earned $75,029.95

Congrats to Nicolas “niccc” Chouity for winning his second SCOOP title and third overall COOP. First place paid out $101,276.54, plus a sleek Movado’s champion watch.

SCOOP-22-H: $700 NL (6-Max, Variable Level Times, Ultra-Deep)
Entrants: 858
Prize Pool: $570,570
Places Paid: 96

1. Nicolas “niccc” Chouity (Lebanon) $101,276.54
2. Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos (Panama) $75,029.95
3. UncleAnte9 (Canada) $57,057.00
4. ChallengerBJ (Malta) $39,939.00
5. mumu12345 (Germany) $28,528.50
6. supernova9 (Mexico)  $17,117.40

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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