SCOOP 2015: sukin12 adds SCOOP to Super Tuesday title in Event #18-L ($27 NL Hold’em 6-Max, Shootout)

May 16, 2015

Shootouts are a unique format in poker tournaments and rarely seen live these days outside major series like the WSOP. Their logistical issues are easily overcome in the online world and shootouts continue to be popular in this medium.

The lastest shootout on the 2015 SCOOP schedule was a 6-Max variant and the low buy-in version had a $27 price tag with a $75,000 guarantee. The tournament drew 5,847 entrants with no late registration, the tournament kicked off and locked down.

Any player who won their first table automatically moved on to the next round and were also in the money. Each table continued to play down until there was only one player remaining, then they sat around waiting for the other tables to finish. The next SCOOP champion would basically have to win five consecutive SNGs to pick up the trophy.

Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen, Jake Cody, Jamie Staples, and George Danzer were the sole representatives to win their first table with Danzer the only one to make it past the next round. Each round took around three hours to finish even with the decreasing number of tables.

That timing theme stayed the same throughout and the final round of multiple tables slowly made its way down to the final table. Kolkelini was the first to make it through after beating kim_251106 heads up. AggysB was the second player to book a seat at the expense of famp777.

Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich has been riding a recent EPT hot streak but his Event #18-L came to an end at the hands of Taffyfella. onode finished third in the Sunday Million just a few weeks ago and made this final table after dispatching 2013 SCOOP champion T3G3S. Former Super Tuesday champion sukin12 earned a final table spot after beating pustelga heads up before high-stakes grinder huiiiiiiiiii knocked out PrsHarlequin to set the table.

2015 SCOOP 18-L Final Table.jpg

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Kolkelini (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: sukin12 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: AggsyB (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: onode (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: Taffyfella (5,000 in chips)
Seat 6: huiiiiiiiiii (5,000 in chips)

Blinds: 25/50

huiiiiiiiiii in no rush, eliminated in 6th

Short-handed games generally move along quicker than your average final table but this one was more than balanced out by the reset chip stacks and deep structure. All six players began the final table with 100 big blinds so it was going to take something special to get a quick exit.

There was nothing quick about the early action and it took 50 minutes to find the first called all-in. huiiiiiiiiii is a regular in the high-stakes games so he might have been a little impatient with the amount of time needed to contend for the title. He was involved early and often then found himself with just 1,000 which he put in the middle with A♦Q♦.

Taffyfella looked him up with K♥Q♥ but missed the 9♠7♦5♥ flop. The bad card for huiiiiiiiiii hit on the K♠ turn and he couldn’t find a come back on the J♦ river to be the first sent off the final table, taking home $2,009 for 6th place.

onode can’t finish number one, eliminated in 5th

onode has been running well this month and earned a nice payday for his 3rd place in the Sunday Million on May 3. He was looking for another big payout but was unable to add a SCOOP title to his list of accomplishments.

He was the newest short stack and moved all-in from the button for his remaining 1,942 just 18 hands after huiiiiiiiiii was sent out. Practically the blink of an eye at the pace of the final table. Taffyfella stayed active and shoved over the top in the small blind to get a fold from Kolkelini in the big.

Taffyfella: 7♠7♥
onode: 2♣2♥

It was bad news for onode with the most bottom of the bottom pairs. The virtual dealer ran out a drama-free board J♥8♠3♥9♦6♠ to send onode out in 5th place for $3,588.

Kolkelini keeps trying, eliminated in 4th

It was a valiant effort by Kolkelini but another player fell short of the title. The German was rarely over starting stack but managed it one last time with a double through Taffyfella with 3♥3♠ versus A♦Q♦.

The ride came to an end 35 minutes later when Kolkelini was back down to 1,500, less than ten big blinds and they went in the middle on the button with Q♦4♦. AggsyB called in the big blind with K♥10♦.

Kolkelini neeed to hit a live card or some version of a flush or straight but the board ran out all black A♣3♠2♠3♣K♠ to give AggsyB the best hand. Kolkelini ran deep but had to settle for 4th place and $6,459.

Seat 2: sukin12 (6,376 in chips)
Seat 3: AggsyB (10,092 in chips)
Seat 5: Taffyfella (13,532 in chips)
Blinds: 80/160 with 20 ante

Taffyfella falls, eliminated in 3rd

Taffyfella was the front-runner with three players remaining but sukin12 chipped away over the next half hour and finally took care of all the heavy lifting on his own.

The last straw came when Taffyfella moved all-in for 4,642 holding A♣2♣ and blinds at 100/200/25. sukin12 called with A♠8♦ and a chance to finish off Taffyfella. They both hit the K♣8♠2♥ but sukin12’s contact was just a little better.

The rest of the board was harmless for sukin12 J♥4♠ and Taffyfella went from the penthouse to the cellar in short order, gone in 3rd place for $10,048.

Seat 2: sukin12 (20,125 in chips)
Seat 3: AggsyB (9,875 in chips)
Blinds: 100/200 with 25 ante

sukin12 comes back to capture SCOOP Event #18-L title

sukin12 momentarily lost the lead but found a dramatic way to get it back. They were both playing small ball until both quickly got the chips in the middle with sukin12 in trouble showing A♠10♦ against A♦J♦. The 8♥6♣5♣ flop changed nothing but the 10♥ switched the advantage back to sukin12.

It only took a few more hands before AggsyB had a shot after a pre-flop min-raise. sukin12 checked after the Q♠7♦4♦ flop and AggsyB bet out 635. sukin12 checked/raised to 1,770 and AggsyB put in all 7,049 that remained.

sukin12 called but was behind with 8♦7♠ against top pair Q♣6♣ and needed some special cards. The 5♦ turn wasn’t an immediate life saver but it provided a gut-shot straight draw and the first part of a backdoor flush. The river 2♦ was just what sukin12 was looking for to send AbbsyB out in 2nd place for $13,636.

sukin12 has past success including a Super Tuesday win but the Czech player can claim a SCOOP title along with the $18,666 top prize.

SCOOP 18-L: $27 NL Hold’em (6-Max, Shootout)
Entrants: 5,847
Prize pool: $143,543.85
Places paid: 1,296

1. sukin12 (Czech Republic) $18,666.06
2. AggsyB (United Kingdom) $13,636.66
3. Taffyfella (United Kingdom) $10,048.06
4. Kolkelini (Germany) $6,459.47
5. onode (Japan) $3,588.59
6. huiiiiiiiiii (Austria) $2,009.61


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