SCOOP 2015: EverFla calls, collects nearly $20K for #1-L win ($11 NLHE)

May 11, 2015

Making big hands is always nice. Making them and then having others willing to play against you with less — even much less — is nicer still. Such was the story of the very end of SCOOP #1-L, an $11 buy-in, two-day no-limit hold’em event that drew nearly 20,000 runners.

Technically speaking, Event #1-L is the first listed on the massive 138-tournament schedule, which means its winner — EverFla of Brazil — will forever be the first winner’s name on the list of 2015 SCOOP champions. Read on to learn how EverFla collected the $19,842.57 first prize after picking up some nice hands at the end and getting to call down others’ big bets and raises.

Day 1: 19,829 to 15

Within the first hour on Day 1 the total turnout had already edged over 10,000 players, and by the time late registration concluded at the three-hour mark nearly twice that had registered with 19,829 taking part. That meant a $198,290 prize pool — well over twice the event’s $75 guarantee — with the top 2,700 finishers dividing the money.

The first day saw them play 40 levels, each lasting 15 minutes. They made the cash by early afternoon, and before the day was done three members of Team PokerStars Pro Online managed to make the money: Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara (1,818th, $21.81), Liliya “Liay5” Novikova (1,428th, $31.72) and Tyler “frosty012” Frost (180th, $93.19).

By the time play was halted Sunday night just 15 players remained, with Pscyhomobi (18th), gcruz0710 (17th), and ice.karos (16th) the last three knocked out, each earning $406.49. The remaining group was led by Drugoi1 of Russia with just under 13 million and EverFla next with about 11.65 million.

Here’s how the counts looked heading into Monday’s final day of play:

1. Drugoi (Russia) — 12,991,006
2. EverFla (Brazil) — 11,653,149
3. IQ_Styl3 (Romania) — 9,623,627
4. 1802BG (Netherlands) — 9,429,997
5. dujo123 (Canada) — 9,335,499
6. patje122 (Netherlands) — 8,538,648
7. EV1in (Russia) — 7,275,979
8. xMarker7x (Ukraine) — 6,413,487
9. amrc8576 (Germany) — 4,029,466
10. vova isr (Israel) — 3,851,672
11. Majda777 (Slovenia) — 3,760,062
12. robstiz (United Kingdom) — 3,630,108
13. CuongHaMay (Vietnam) — 3,205,261
14. joker180785 (Romania) — 2,884,175
15. serbanoo1 (Romania) — 2,522,864

Day 2: 15 to 1

It took almost exactly one hour on Day 2 for the field to be trimmed down to the final nine. Majda777 (15th), serbanoo1 (14th), and 1802BG (13th) each took away $575.04 for their finishes, and joker180785 (12th), robstiz (11th), and amrc8576 (10th) earned $743.58 apiece.

With EV1in having taken over the chip lead by building a stack of nearly 21 million, the final table was set.


Seat 1: dujo123 (Canada) — 5,418,863
Seat 2: vova isr (Israel) — 5,476,706
Seat 3: EV1in (Russia) — 20,991,427
Seat 4: Drugoi (Russia) — 10,726,289
Seat 5: CuongHaMay (Vietnam) — 16,038,024
Seat 6: IQ_Styl3 (Romania) — 12,134,448
Seat 7: EverFla (Brazil) — 10,697,553
Seat 8: xMarker7x (Ukraine) — 8,157,042
Seat 9: patje122 (Netherlands) — 9,504,648

Working from 9 to 5

The blinds were 180K/360K when the final table began (with a 36K ante), making the average stack just over 30 big blinds deep. The first hour of the final table saw four players fall.

After losing a big pot to EverFla to fall down to ninth of nine, IQ_Styl3 open-raised all in for just under 2.9 million (then a little more than 7 BBs) from middle position and got one caller in EverFla from a seat over. IQ_Styl3 had K♣J♦ while EverFla had A♦10♣, the 8♦Q♦2♦2♣4♥ board missed both players’ hands, and IQ_Styl3 was done in ninth.

Not long after the blinds had moved up again and patje122 was open-pushing from middle position for about 1.26 million or less than three big blinds. EV1in — still the chip leader — called from the small blind, showing A♠Q♠ while patje122 had K♣Q♥. The community cards brought a lot of deuces and no king, coming 2♥2♠J♥10♦2♦, and patje122 was done in eighth.

The blinds moved up to 250K/500K, at which point vova isr open-pushed for nearly 3.9 million from under the gun, getting one caller in EverFla from the button. Again the all-in player was dominated, as vova isr showed A♣J♦ and EverFla A♠Q♠, and once again the better hand held as the board came K♦3♣8♠5♣7♥ to end vova isr’s run in seventh.

Then just before the day’s two-hour break, dujo123 open-raised all in from the small blind for a little over 4.6 million (just over eight BBs) with A♦K♦ and was called by EV1in holding Q♠8♥ in the big blind. The flop hit the latter, coming 5♣8♣9♥, and after the J♥ turn and 4♣ river dujo123 was out in sixth.

Field Chopped from 5 to 3, Then No Chop

As the day’s third hour began EverFla was in front with about 36.7 million with EV1in the nearest challenger with about 26.4 million.

About 20 minutes into that third hour Drugoi1 open-pushed from the small blind for just over 15 million, which was a little less than what CuongHaMay called with from the big blind. Drugoi1 had A♥K♦ and was hoping to improve versus CuongHaMay’s 7♠7♥, but a seven flopped to give the latter a set, and by the turn Drugoi1 was drawing dead to finish fifth.

A couple of minutes later EverFla opened with a button min-raise to 1.2 million, xMarker7x reraised all in from the small blind for just under 13 million, then EV1in reraise-shoved over that from the big blind, forcing a fold from EverFla. xMarker7x had A♥7♥ and EV1in 10♣10♦. The 5♠4♠7♠ flop gave xMarker7x one pair, but the turn and river brought two sixes and xMarker7x was knocked out in fourth.

The final trio played a little further, then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal with EverFla ahead (38.9 million), CuongHaMay second (35.2 million) and EV1in third (26.1 million). Both “chip chop” and “ICM”-based figures were produced, but neither those numbers nor others suggested by the group worked for all, and play marched on without a deal.

From 3 to 1: EverFla calls shoves, collects SCOOP title

Not long after the scuttled deal, a hand arose during the 325K/650K/65K level that saw EV1in min-raise to 1.3 million from the button, CuongHaMay call from the small blind, then EverFla squeeze a three-bet to just over 4 million. EV1in took that opening to shove all in for almost 30 million, and after CuongHaMay folded, EverFla — who had EV1in well covered — called right away.

EverFla: A♦A♥
EV1in: 9♦7♣

In terms of EV, EV1in was in dire straits, and after the 2♥Q♦A♣ flop was already drawing dead to end in third place.

That pot enabled EverFla to enjoy a huge chip lead to begin heads-up play with almost 74 million to CuongHaMay’s just over 25 million.

Their duel would last just under 15 minutes, with CuongHaMay chipping up some gradually then getting knocked back under 20 million just before the final hand took place.

That one started with a min-raise to 1.4 million by EverFla, CuongHaMay calling, and the pair watching a flop come 3♣A♣J♥. CuongHaMay checked, then called after EverFla bet 1.47 million. The turn was the 2♥, and this time CuongHaMay led with a bet of 2.8 million which EverFla called.

The river brought the A♠ to pair the board, and CuongHaMay shoved all in with the just over 14.1 million left. EverFla called, showing A♥10♦ for trip aces, while CuongHaMay had but 8♥5♠. As with the knockout of EV1in, EverFla not only had a big hand but an opponent bluffing big into him, and as a result walked away a SCOOP champion.

Congratulations to EverFla for topping nearly 20,000 opponents to earn almost $20K and that top spot on the list of 2015 SCOOP winners!

SCOOP 01-L: $11 No-Limit Hold’em
Entrants: 19,829
Prize pool: $198,290
Places paid: 2,700

1. EverFla (Brazil) $19,842.57
2. CuongHaMay (Vietnam) $15,835.43
3. EV1in (Russia) $11,897.40
4. xMarker7x (Ukraine) $8,923.05
5. Drugoi (Russia) $6,940.15
6. dujo123 (Canada) $4,957.25
7. vova isr (Israel) $2,974.35
8. patje122 (Netherlands) $1,784.61
9. IQ_Styl3 (Romania) $1,189.74


Almost the entire 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker is still left to go. Check out the 2015 SCOOP homepage for a full schedule as well as results thus far in the online tournament series.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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