SCOOP 2015: jwvdcw binks Event #34-H $2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo

May 21, 2015

No-limit Omaha is like driving without a speed limit. SCOOP Event #34-H featured the best speed demons in the virtual world. I know, it sounds a little weird to include speed and Omaha Hi/Lo in the same sentence, but you’d be surprised how a simple little twist like swapping the format to “no limit” helped create one of the more exciting events on the SCOOP calendar.

Mexico’s jwvdcw seemed unstoppable. jwvdcw managed to knock out five opponents at the final table en route to an expedited victory in Event #34-H.

2015 SCOOP Event #34-H $2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo attracted 137 runners. The created a prize pool worth $274,000, which smashed the 100K Guarantee. Only the top 18 places paid out with $63,020.00 set aside to the champion.

A pair of Team PokerStars Pros cashed in Event #34-H… Germany’s George Danzer and Japan’s Kosei “K.Ichinose” Ichinose both went deep. When the money bubble popped, K.Ichinose moved up to second overall and Danzer was in the middle of the pack.

On the final table bubble, Naza114 held the lead with 118K, but George Danzer was the short stack with 33.5K. Danzer bubbled off the final table in tenth place. He made a final stand with A♠Q♦Q♥7♥ versus jwvdcw’s A♦J♠3♥2♣, but the board ran out A♣6♦5♣4♣K♠ and Danzer could only muster up a pair of Aces and a 7-6-5-4-A low. jwvdcw scooped with a Wheel low and a six-high straight. With Danzer’s elimination, the final table was set.


SCOOP 34-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: bokkie87 (82,597)
Seat 2: K. Ichinose (48,068)
Seat 3: CrownUpGuy (60,005)
Seat 4: jwvdcw (71,445)
Seat 5: raiden_kan (38,445)
Seat 6: Naza114 (128,723)
Seat 7: BongBob (65,366)
Seat 8: calvin7v (97,894)
Seat 9: Kekkhou (92,457)

The final table commenced during Level 20 with blinds at 700/1.4K with a 175 ante. Portugal’s Naza114 led the way with 128K, while raiden_kan was last with 38K.

CrownUpGuy eliminated in 9th place

The final table was seated for only a few hands before we saw fireworks. CrownUpGuy opened to 3,080 and jwvdcw called. The flop was Q♠J♦2♠. CrownUpGuy fired out 5,600, jwvdcw bumped it up to 14,000, CrownUpGuy shoved for 56,750, and jwvdcw called.

CrownUpGuy: A♥K♥10♠9♦
jwvdcw: A♠J♠J♥3♥

jwvdcw flopped a set, but picked up a flush draw. CrownUpGuy flopped a Broadway draw. The turn was the 7♠ and the river was the K♠. Without a qualifying low, jwvdcw won the pot with an Ace-high flush and beat out CrownUpGuy’s Broadway straight. CrownUpGuy became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $6,850.00.

Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked Kosei Ichinose woke up with Aces and tried to double up. Ichinose opened to 3,500, jwvdcw shoved for 148,325, and Ichinose called all-in for 36,413.

Kosei Ichinose: A♥A♠9♦5♣
jwvdcw: A♣K♠9♠2♠

The board finished up K♣7♦3♦9♥10♥. Without a qualifying low, jwvdcw turned two pair to snap off Ichinose’s Aces. Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose busted in eighth place, which paid out $8220.00.

bokkie87 eliminated in 7th place

Battle of short stacks. Kekkhou shoved for 71,493, but super short-stacked bokkie87 called all-in for 22,901.

Kekkhou: 5♠J♥7♥8♠
bokkie87: 4♠2♣A♦2♠

The board ran out Q♦J♣10♥5♦8♥. Without a qualifying low… bokkie87 could only come up with a pair of deuces, and Kekkhou won the pot with two pair (Jacks and deuces). bokkie87 was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $10,960.00.

raiden_kan eliminated in 6th place

BongBob opened to 3,520, raiden_kan raised to 13,560, BongBob re-raised to 43,200, and raiden_kan called all-in for 15,260.

raiden_kan: A♥9♥7♦5♦
BongBob: A♣K♣4♦2♥

The board ran out Q♠J♦7♣K♥K♦. Without a qualifying low hand, BongBob won the pot with trip Kings against raiden_kan’s two pair (Kings and sevens). raiden_kan was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $13,700.00.

Kekkhou eliminated in 5th place

calvin7v open-shoved for 146,527, and short-stacked Kekkhou called all-in for 35,982.

calvin7v: A♣8♣4♠2♥
Kekkhou: A♦10♣9♥3♣

The board ran out 7♣6♥4♥A♠A♥. Kekkhou could only muster of trip treys and a low hand of 7-6-4-3-A. However, calvin7v scooped with a better low of 7-6-4-2-A and a full house (Aces full of fours). Kekkhou was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $16,440.00.

With four to go, jwvdcw led with 232K, followed by calvin7v’s 185K and BongBob’s 146K. Meanwhile, Naza114 was last with 120K.

calvin7v eliminated in 4th place

calvin7v is going to have to wait another day to win another SCOOP. calvin7v limped for 1,250 from the small blind, jwvdcw raised to 7,500, and calvin7v called. The flop was K♠10♦7♦. calvin7v checked, jwvdcw bet 10,750, calvin7v check-raised all-in for 141,084, and jwvdcw called.

calvin7v: 7♥7♣4♣3♥
jwvdcw: A♦K♦2♦2♠

The turn was the 9♦ and the river was the 5♠. Without a qualifying low, jwvdcw lost with a set of sevens versus jwvdcw’s Ace-high flush. calvin7v busted in fourth place and earned a payday worth $24,660.00. With three to go, jwvdcw led with 387K.

BongBob eliminated in 3rd place

BongBob got smoked like cheap schwag. BongBob limped for 1,250 from the small blind, jwvdcw bombed it all-in for 467,237, and BongBob called all-in for 150,257.

BongBob: A♣K♠8♣5♠
jwvdcw: Q♥J♠10♥4♦

The board ran out Q♣6♦5♣10♠8♠. BongBob turned a Broadway draw, but whiffed on the river. Without a qualifying low, jwvdcw won the pot with a better two pair — Queens and tens versus BongBob’s eights and fives. For a third-place finish, BongBob took home $33,291.00.

HEADS-UP: jwvdcw (Mexico) vs. Naza114 (Portugal)
Seat 4: jwvdcw (620,969)
Seat 6: Naza114 (64,031)

Heads-up would last over an hour. Considering Naza114 was down almost 10-1, he put up a great fight. Alas, in the end, it was impossible to overpower jwvdcw.

Naza114 eliminated in 2nd place; jwvdcw wins SCOOP Event #34-H!

Going into the final hand, Naza114 was in trouble with 78K because jwvdcw held over 606K. Naza114 limped for 200 and jwvdcw checked. The flop was 10♥3♥, jwvdcw checked, Naza114 bet 5,000, jwvdcw re-raised all-in for 601,506, and Naza114 called all-in for 69,494.

jwvdcw: A♣K♠K♥J♥
Naza114: 10♣8♠7♠4♦

The turn was the 3♦ and the river was the 7♦. Without a qualifying low hand, Naza114 lost with two pair (tens and eights) versus jwvdcw’s stronger two pair (Kings and treys). For a valiant runner-up finish, Naza114 earned $43,840.00.

Congrats to jwvdcw, who won Event #34-H. First place paid out $63,020.00 in addition to a sleek champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-34-H: $2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo
Entrants: 137
Prize Pool: $274,000
Places Paid: 18

1. jwvdcw (Mexico) $63,020.00
2. Naza114 (Portugal) $43,840.00
3. BongBob (Mexico) $33,291.00
4. calvin7v (Finland) $24,660.00
5. Kekkhou (Finland) $16,440.00
6. raiden_kan (Macao) $13,700.00
7. bokkie87 (Netherlands) $10,960.00
8. Team PokerStars Pro Kosei “K. Ichinose” Ichinose (Japan) $8,220.00
9. CrownUpGuy (Austria) $6,850.00

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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