SCOOP 2015: km_freestyle thwarts Shaun Deeb’s attempt at a 6th SCOOP title; km_freestyle wins Event #16-M [$215 PLO Heads-Up]

May 15, 2015

At the onset of the 2015 SCOOP, Shaun Deeb shared the record for most SCOOP titles with five victories, until Calvin ‘cal42688’ Anderson passed him the other night. Deeb did not waste going after win #6 when he embarked on a momentous run in SCOOP Event #16-M $215 PLO Heads-Up. Deeb successfully navigated the field and found himself heads-up for the win. Only Canada’s km_freestyle stood in Deeb’s way from another historic moment. Alas, Deeb’s relentless march toward title #6 was stopped dead cold by a straight flush. Yep, Deeb got whacked by a rare appearance from the Steel Wheel. Deeb settled for a runner-up finish, while km_freestyle stepped into the victory circle for winning Event #16-M.

SCOOP Event #16-M $215 PLO Heads-Up attracted 755 runners for this two-day affair. These PLO heads-up specialists created a prize pool worth $151,000. Only the Top 64 places paid out, with $27,379.32 set aside for the champion.

The first seven rounds of heads-up played out on Day 1. The second day of action featured the final eight playing down to the champion. Team Online nkeyno from Japan finished a deep run on Day 1 when he cashed in 11th place.


KingGorn (Canada) defeated lissi stinkt (Germany)
shaundeeb (Mexico) defeated DonkCommited (Mexico)
km_freestyle (Canada) defeated nicoji83 (Portugal)
taktix907 (Canada) defeated hotcocaEST (Estonia)

lissi stinkt eliminated in 8th place

Eight minutes in, disaster struck. “Jackson Fives” snapped off Aces. lissi stinkt got crippled when A♦A♣J♥10♥ lost to KingGorn’s J♠Q♣10♣5♠. KingGorn flopped two pair — Jacks and fives — and cracked Aces.

KingGorn put lissi stinkt out of misery a couple of hands later. It was not pretty either. lissi stinkt’s K♦K♠Q♣5♣ lost to KingGorn’s J♠7♦5♠2♣. KingGorn turned a straight when the board finished up A♣8♣6♦4♠4♦. KingGorn advanced to the Final Four. For an eighth-place finish lissi stinkt earned $4,853.14.

Aces and Kings both cracked in a short span. lissi stinkt summed it up, “This game is so unfair.”

DonkCommited eliminated in 7th place

shaundeeb was the second player to advance to the Final Four. shaundeeb only needed 30 minutes to slay DonkCommitted. shaundeeb opened up almost a 3-1 edge over DonkCommitted going into the final hand. DonkCommited opened to 120, shaundeeb raised to 360, and DonkCommited called. All the money went in on a flop of A♦10♥3♦. shaundeeb bet 720, DonkCommited raised to 2,880, shaundeeb re-raised 5,040, DonkCommited called all-in for 310.

shaundeeb: A♥K♠J♠7♥
DonkCommited: A♠Q♠5♦3♥

Both players flopped top pair, but shaundeeb had a better kicker and picked up a gutshot Broadway draw. The turn was the J♦ and the river was the 10♦. shaundeeb turned two pair, Aces and Jacks, which held up against DonkCommited’s Aces and tens. shaundeeb advanced to the semi-finals, while DonkCommited busted in seventh place, which paid out $4,853.14.

nicoji83 eliminated in 6th place

At the end of Level 3, km_freestyle dragged a decisive pot with A♠K♣7♠2♣ for a full house against nicoji83’s two pair with A♥K♦5♥3♥. At the start of Level 4, km_freestyle finished off nicoji83. The board ran out J♣10♣4♣9♥K♠. nicoji83’s A♣10♠7♠5♠ and pair of tens lost to km_freestyle’s two pair with A♥J♦9♠3♦. For a sixth-place finish nicoji83 collected $4,853.14.

hotcocaEST eliminated in 5th place

This match lasted the longest of the four, clocking in at 77 minutes. It took eight levels to determine a winner. Going into the final hand, hotcocaEST trailed 3-1 in chips. hotcocaEST made a final stand with A♣Q♥6♣5♠ against taktix907’s K♣K♠9♠6♠. The board ran out 9♣2♥2♣J♠K♦. hotcocaEST flopped a nut-flush draw, but never got there on the river. taktix907 won the pot with a full house and advanced to the final table. For a fifth-place finish, hotcocaEST earned $4,853.14.

shaundeeb (Mexico) defeated KingGorn (Canada)
km_freestyle (Canada) defeated taktix907 (Canada)

taktix907 eliminated in 4th place

km_freestyle struck blood first during Level 1 when taktix907 brought a straight to a flush fight. taktix907’s A♠Q♥5♣3♣ lost to km_freestyle’s Q♦7♠6♠5♥. km_freestyle was on a fast track to a first-round knockout, but taktix907 went into alligator blood mode. Despite the huge disadvantage, taktix907 put up resistance for several levels. The short-stacked ninja avoided an elimination by catching a runner-runner flush with Q♣Q♠J♠7♦ against km_freestyle’s A♣K♦10♥4♦ and two pair.

After being under siege for almost an hour, taktix907 finally busted. The flop was 10♦6♥3♠. km_freestyle fired out 720, taktix907 shoved all-in for 1,160, and km_freestyle called.

km_freestyle: A♥A♦J♥6♣
taktix907: 9♥8♦7♠3♣

taktix907 flopped a gutshot draw and a pair of treys, but km_freestyle was ahead with Aces. The turn was the Q♥ and the river was the Q♦. taktix907 whiffed on a draw and finished up with two pair — Queens and treys. Alas, km_freestyle won the pot with a better two pair and Aces up. km_freestyle advanced to the finals, whereas taktix907 went busto in fourth place, which paid out $8,711.19.

KingGorn eliminated in 3rd place

By Level 4, shaundeeb opened up a 4-1 lead playing small ball. Despite the disadvantage, KingGorn put up a solid fight until Deeb finally put him away an hour into their match. On a flop of 10♣6♦2♠, shaundeeb fired out 1,440, KingGorn bombed it all-in for 3,364, and shaundeeb called.

shaundeeb: A♠K♦Q♥Q♠
KingGorn: 9♦7♦6♣4♠

shaundeeb was ahead with Queens, but KingGorn picked up a gutshot draw. The turn was the 5♠ and the river was the 2♣. Both players ended up with two pair, but shaundeeb won the pot with Queens and deuces versus KingGorn’s sixes and deuces. Deeb advanced to the finals and KingGorn was knocked out in third place, which paid out $8,711.19.


HEADS-UP: km_freestyle (Canada) vs. shaundeeb (Mexico)
Seat 1: km_freestyle (5,000)
Seat 2: shaundeeb (5,000)

The 10th and final round. Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb was heads-up and only one bustout away from his 6th SCOOP title.

shaundeeb eliminated in 2nd place; km_freestyle wins SCOOP Event #16-M

During the first level, shaundeeb took an early hit. km_freestyle drew first blood by dragging a pot with a Queen-high straight. During Level 2, km_freestyle picked up another sizable pot with a full house.

A frustrated shaundeeb jokingly replied: “You just flop trips… every hand… don’t you?”

During Level 3, shaundeeb finally got something going and trimmed his deficit in half. Alas, shaundeeb would never get out of that round.

km_freestyle led 6.4K to 3.6K going into the final hand. shaundeeb opened to 120, km_freestyle bumped it up to 360, and shaundeeb called. The flop was 7♥5♣2♣. km_freestyle fired out 645, shaundeeb raised to 2,655, km_freestyle re-raised to 4,665, shaundeeb called all-in for 540.

km_freestyle: A♦A♣8♣3♣
shaundeeb: 9♦7♦6♥2♦

shaundeeb flopped two pair to take the lead against km_freestyle’s pair of Aces. However, km_freestyle picked up a monster draw: a straight flush draw (and subsequent gutshot Wheel draw).

The 4♣ spiked on the turn and km_freestyle filled in a straight flush. shaundeeb was drawing dead. The meaningless 8♠ fell on the river (which actually filled in a nine-high straight for shaundeeb, but it was too little, too late). shaundeeb busted in second place, and km_freestyle binked the tournament.

For an impressive runner-up performance, shaundeeb collected $17,422.38.

Congrats to Canada’s km_freestyle for winning SCOOP Event #16-M. First place pay day was $27,379.32, including a champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-16-M: $215 PL Omaha (Heads-Up)
Entrants: 755
Prize Pool: $151,00
Places Paid: 64

1. km_freestyle (Canada) $27,379.32
2. shaundeeb (Mexico) $17,422.38
3. KingGorn (Canada) $8,711.19
4. taktix907 (Canada) $8,711.19
5. hotcocaEST (Estonia) $4,853.14
6. nicoji83 (Portugal) $4,853.14
7. DonkCommitted (Mexico) $4,853.14
8. lissi stinkt (Germany) $4,853.14

Visit the SCOOP homepage for the remaining schedule of events and satellite info. Also, check out the Leader Board to find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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