SCOOP 2015: LOLyouPlay laughs last, wins #2-L ($27 NLH 6-Max Prog-Super KO)

May 11, 2015

Another of the two-day events kicking off the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker has come to a completion, the $27 buy-in six-handed no-limit hold’em “Progressive Super Knockout” Event #2-L in which players earn progressively bigger bounties for eliminating opponents as they go.

Like the other early SCOOP events, this one similarly drew a huge, guarantee-busting field — more than 19,000 players — and after two days it was Ukraine’s LOLyouplay topping all to claim a huge $26,169.36 first prize plus another $4,733.76 in knockout bounties for a nearly $31K score.


Ultimately 19,017 players took part, thus building a $466,867.35 prize pool — well above the $250K guarantee — that was split by the top 2,400 finishers.

Just a few tables of players remained at the end of play on Sunday. Here’s how the top 10 looked overnight, with eventual winner LOLyouPlay owning the chip lead:

1. LOLyouPlay (Ukraine) — 15,852,782
2. Echt.jetz’? (Germany) — 15,140,593
3. PhysicalTilt (Germany) — 14,346,107
4. paf85 (Bulgaria) — 13,524,294
5. penners94 (United Kingdom) — 12,485,635
6. Diogo “NORTE” Cardoso (Portugal) — 9,994,294
7. oranzigdon (Israel) — 7,713,384
8. David “d.quang” Quang (Canada) — 7,648,232
9. wozzle9 (United Kingdom) — 7,638,457
10. E|SuN007 (Canada) — 6,877,942

Once Day 2 began, it took a little over an hour for the field to be carved down to the final two tables, and with 12 players left David “d.quang” Quang had risen to the top of the counts with more than 25 million with Marker777s not far behind in second position.

E|SuN007 (12th), da_malganus (11th), and after falling in the counts Marker777s (10th) were the next out, each taking away $1,520.40 plus the bounties they’d collected. Then penners94 (ninth), platin32 (eighth), and mondonewc (seventh) successively fell, collecting $1,988.22 apiece plus bounties.

With six left, the final table was underway with NORTE the new leader with just over 46 million.


Seat 1: LOLyouPlay (Ukraine) — 21,963764
Seat 2: Diogo “NORTE” Cardoso (Portugal) — 46,022,232
Seat 3: wozzle9 (United Kingdom) — 33,273,676
Seat 4: Echt.jetz’? (Germany) — 38,865,209
Seat 5: David “d.quang” Quang (Canada) — 13,537,571
Seat 6: Solgaard (Denmark) — 36,507,548

Soon after the final table started — about two-and-a-half hours after Day 2 had begun — David “d.quang” Quang open-raised all in from the button for nearly 17.3 million (just over 17 BBs at the time) and was called by LOLyouPlay in the big blind. Quang had A♣7♣ but LOLyouPlay had picked up A♠Q♥, and five cards later — J♠2♠K♦K♠8♣ — Quang was done in sixth.

Some time later the blinds were up to 800K/1.6M when Diogo “NORTE” Cardoso raised to 3.2 million from the button, then Echt.jetz’? reraised all in from the big blind for just over 11.3 million and Cardoso called. Cardoso had A♠J♥ and the edge versus the K♦9♥ of Echt.jetz’? The board then came J♦7♣J♠K♥A♣ to hit the king of Echt.jetz’? but also giving NORTE a full house, thus eliminating Echt.jetz’? in fifth.

Upon that knockout LOLyouPlay asked the others if they were interested in perhaps talking chop, but Solgaard said no and play continued.

The blinds soon increased to 1M/2M, and after wozzle9 opened for 4.62 million from the small blind, Solgaard called and the flop came 9♣10♦2♦. wozzle9 led with a bet of just over 3.4 million, and Solgaard raised to 8 million even. wozzle9 responded with an all-in push for about 31.3 million and Solgaard called, creating a pot of nearly 73 million.

wozzle9: 10♥9♦
Solgaard: K♦5♦

It was two pair versus a flush draw, and the 6♦ on the turn swiftly thrust Solgaard into the lead. wozzle9 was looking to fill up on the river, but the 7♦ fell on fifth street to send wozzle9 railward in fourth.

That hand gave Solgaard a big lead with three left, but LOLyouPlay would fight back to move back ahead by the time the final three decided to talk about a deal. They managed to negotiate one — leaving $5,000 for the winner — guaranteeing all three $20K paydays.

Then soon after the day’s four-hour break LOLyouPlay min-raised to 5 million from the button, Diogo “NORTE” Cardoso reraised all in for about 32.2 million from the small blind, and LOLyouPlay called. Cardoso had K♦9♦ and LOLyouPlay K♣J♣, and the community cards came ten-high — 10♣6♣6♦3♠6♠ — giving LOLyouPlay the pot and Cardoso a third-place finish.

As with every knockout, half of Cardoso’s bounty was banked by LOLyouPlay and the other half was added to LOLyouPlay’s bounty to begin heads-up play. As they began their duel, LOLyouPlay had a better than 3-to-1 advantage with more than 151 million to Solgaard’s stack of a little over 39 million, and after playing a few hands in which LOLyouPlay chipped further at Solgaard’s stack, the final hand arrived.

It began with LOLyouPlay limping in for 2.5 million and Solgaard checking, then both checked the 4♥10♦5♥ flop. The turn brought the 8♣ and another check from Solgaard, and LOLyouPlay fired 2.5 million into the opening. Solgaard then check-raised to 7 million and LOLyouPlay called.

The river was the 2♦, Solgaard pushed all in for just over 21.5 million, and LOLyouPlay called. Solgaard had 8♠2♣, having rivered two pair, but LOLyouPlay showed 6♦3♦, the river deuce having completed an open-ended straight draw to give LOLyouPlay the pot, the extra $5K in play, and the title.

Congratulations to LOLyouPlay for joining the list of 2015 SCOOP champions and with those bounties having turned $27 into $30,903.12!

SCOOP 02-L: $27 No-Limit Hold’em (6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 19,017
Prize pool: $466,867.35
Places paid: 2,400

1. LOLyouPLay (Ukraine) $26,169.36* (+ $4,733.76 bounties)
2. Solgaard (Denmark) $20,157.37* (+ $2,526.75 bounties)
3. Diogo “NORTE” Cardoso (Portugal) $20,034.15* (+ $1,502.44 bounties)
4. wozzle9 (United Kingdom) $7,602.04 (+$1,312.92 bounties)
5. Echt.jetz’? (Germany) $4,367.08 (+ $1,869.38 bounties)
6. David “d.quang” Quang (Canada) $2,767.14 (+ $1,055.39 bounties)

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $5,000 in play for the winner

The 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker is just getting started. Visit the 2015 SCOOP homepage to see the entire 138-tournament schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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