SCOOP 2015: Nomarbles1 mows down field to win Event #33-M $215 NL (Optional Re-Entry)

May 21, 2015

Wire to wire. Nomarbles1 began the final table in SCOOP Event #33-M with a daunting chip lead and it was really a contest for second place. Nomarbles1 navigated the final table virtually unfettered as the Canadian cruised to the winner’s circle to become the newest SCOOP champion.

2015 SCOOP Event #33-M $215 NL (Optional Re-Entry) attracted 3,814 players. The created a prize pool worth $762,800. Only the top 495 places paid with $119,760.68 set aside to the champion.

With ten to go, action went hand-for-hand. NoMarbles1 held the lead with over 5M and fabsoul was clinging onto a short stack. CHRISCCC bubbled off the final table in tenth place when A♠J♥ lost a flip against Floormate’s 9♣9♦.


SCOOP 33-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: xPastorcitox (1,818,414)
Seat 2: mauritz (842,179 )
Seat 3: VL-Hannibal (2,962,514)
Seat 4: Annakost (3,171,158)
Seat 5: fabsoul (631,536)
Seat 6: Nomarbles1 (5,270,589)
Seat 7: Crashsite!! (1,894,926)
Seat 8: Maestro SP1 (964,568)
Seat 9: Floormate (1,514,116)

The final table commenced during Level 38 with blinds at 20K/40K and a 5K ante. fabsoul was the shorty with 706K, while Nomarbles1 was out in front with 5.1M. Fabrice “fabsoul” Soulier shipped a WCOOP.

Maestro SP1 eliminated in 9th place

Heck of a cooler to kick off the final table. Maestro SP1 opened to 114,900, Annakost bumped it up to 300,000, Maestro SP1 shoved for 847,068 with K♣K♠, and Annakost called with Q♣Q♦. The board ran out Q♥J♠9♣7♥9♠. Annakost flopped a set of Queens and rivered a full house to snap off pocket Kings. Maestro SP1 became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $6,102.40.

Floormate eliminated in 8th place

Floormate bombed it all-in for 87,790 with Q♥10♦, xPastorcitox re-shoved for 150,111 with A♦9♠, and everyone else got out of the way. Heads-up. Classic confrontation between the old stalwart Q♥10♦ and the always formidible A♦9♠. The board finished up J♥8♠6♦4♦J♣. Floormate flopped a gutshot, but whiffed on the river. Neither player improved, but xPastorcitox won the pot with an Ace-kicker. Floormate was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $9,535.00

mauritz eliminated in 7th place

mauritz opened to 120,000, VL-Hannibal raised to 260,000, and mauritz called. The flop was 10♠5♣2♣. mauritz checked, VL-Hannibal fired out 185,114, mauritz check-raised to 420,000, VL-Hannibal re-raised all-in for 1,595,614, and mauritz called all-in for 812,232.

mauritz: J♦J♣
VL-Hannibal: K♣10♣

The turn was the 6♥ and the river was the A♣. VL-Hannibal rivered an Ace-high flush to win the pot and pick off mauritz’s pocket Jacks. mauritz busted in seventh place, which paid out $17,163.00. With six to go, Nomarbles1 retaoned the lead with 5.4M and Crashsite!! brought up the rear with 1.1M.

fabsoul eliminated in 6th place

Crashsite!! min-raised to 160,000, Annakost called, fabsoul re-raised all-in for 1,191,772, Nomarbles1 re-shoved for 2,223,544, Crashsite!! folded, and Annakost folded. Heads-up.

fabsoul: A♣K♠
Nomarbles1: K♥K♣

The board ran out 10♥5♥2♦7♠6♣. Nomarbles1’s pocket Kings held up. fabsoul was unable to improve Big Slick and he was dunzo in sixth place, which paid out $24,791.00

xPastorcitox eliminated in 5th place

xPastorcitox bombed it all-in for 1,124,847 with Q♥J♦, and Nomarbles1 called with 3♠3♥. The board finished up 9♣3♦2♦5♥4♠. Nomarbles1 flopped a set of treys, which held up. xPastorcitox was knocked out in fifth place and took home $32,419.00.

Crashsite!! eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed did not last long before someone bit the dust. Crashsite!! open-shoved for 1,384,552 with K♠9♣ and VL-Hannibal called with 4♣4♠. The board ran out Q♥5♣5♦6♣2♥. VL-Hannibal dragged the pot with two pair — fives and fours. Crashsite!! never improved and was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $43,861.00.


With three to go, they discussed a deal. Nomarbles1 led with 7.4M, followed by VL-Hannibal (6.3M) and Annakost (5.3M). They had to leave $10,000 on the table for the eventual champion. They floated the ICM numbers: Nomarbles1 ($90,078.77), VL-Hannibal ($87,592.17), and Annakost ($84,268.34). However, VL-Hannibal rejected the numbers and asked for 90K. Annakost replied, “Are you kidding?” After some time to think it over, VL-Hannibal came around on the original ICM numbers. The remaining three agreed to a money split. Play resumed.

VL-Hannibal eliminated in 3rd place

Nomarbles1 opened to 288,457, VL-Hannibal bombed it all-in for 4,274,954 with A♣5♥, and Nomarbles1 called with K♥J♠. The board ran out 10♠9♣4♠8♠7♣ and Nomarbles1 rivered a Jack-high straight. VL-Hannibal never improved and busted in third place, which paid out $87,592.17

HEADS-UP: Annakost (Ukraine) vs. Nomarbles1 (Canada)
Seat 4: Annakost (3,018,762)
Seat 6: Nomarbles1 (16,051,238)

Nomarbles1 held a sizable lead once it got heads up.

Annakost eliminated in 2nd place; Nomarbles1 wins SCOOP Event #33-M!

Nomarbles1 opened to 350,000, Annakost bombed it all-in for 54,78,126 with A♠5♥, and Nomarbles1 called with A♦K♣. The board ran out K♦6♠2♦7♥5♣. Nomarbles1 was ahead preflop, but flopped a King to win the pot. Annakost could only muster up a pair of fives, and busted out in second place. For a runner-up performance, Annakost took home $84,268.34.

Congrats to Nomarbles1 for winning Event #33-M. First place paid out $100,078.77 in addition to a cool champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-33-M: $215 NL Hold’em (Optional Re-Entry)
Entrants: 3,814
Prize Pool: $762,800
Places Paid: 495

1. Nomarbles1 (Canada) $100,078.77 **
2. Annakost (Ukraine) $84,268.34 **
3. VL-Hannibal (United Kingdom) $87,592.17 **
4. Crashsite!! (Netherlands) $43,861.00
5. xPastorcitox (Argentina) $32,419.00
6. Fabrice “fabsoul” Soulier (Malta) $24,791.00
7. mauritz (Austria) $17,163.00
8. Floormate (Netherlands) $9,535.00
9. Maestro SP1 (Colombia) $6,102.40

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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