SCOOP 2015: Russia’s dumBBass86 denies cal42688 a 7th SCOOP title with win in Event #32-M Razz

May 21, 2015

No other single game mercilessly throws a player off kilter more than Razz, where the mere presence of a single card could generate internal cataclysmic upheaval. Even the calmest and coolest tilt-proof pros lose their minds during the darkest self-destructive moments of a Razz tournament. Devastating Razz beats carve out huge chunks of your soul and sterilize your resilience to bounce back after a major setback. Much like in everyday life, consistent long-term success boils down to whomever demonstrates the sharpest mental precision that day. That’s why the most brilliant Razz players in the universe share common traits: unflappable mental acuity and the ability to transcend adversity.

Calvin “cal42688” Anderson made his fourth final table in the 2015 SCOOP while attempting to win a seventh career SCOOP title. It wasn’t an easy path. cal42688 suffered several setbacks en route to a final table. Like that “Tubthumping” song from Chumbawamba, whenever cal42688 got knocked down… he got up again. On multiple instances, when cal42688 found himself super-short stacked, the ever-resilient cal42688 quickly bounced back.

Only one player stood in cal42688’s way to winning SCOOP title #7… Russia’s dumBBass86. cal42688 began heads-up with the lead, but dumBBass86 came from behind to thwart cal42688’s attempt at another SCOOP crown. dumBBass86 emerged as the newest SCOOP champion, while cal42688 had to settle on a runner-up finish. This win marked a second career COOP title for dumBBass86, who binked a TCOOP in 2014.

2015 SCOOP Event #32-M $215 Razz attracted 420 players, who created a prize pool worth $84,000. Only the top 56 places got a pie of the prize money, with $15,960.00 set aside for the champion.


Calvin “cal42688” Anderson narrowly misses a 7th SCOOP title
On the money bubble with 57 players remaining, Calvin “cal426688” Anderson found himself in a familiar spot — atop the leader board. With 23 players to go, cal42688 tumbled fast and hard out of the top spot when he lost 90% of his stack. With 18 to go, cal42688 was last in chips. When he doubled through tcblade to avoid an elimination, that hand was the spark he needed to get back on track. cal42688 absorbed Wall131TCI-I’s stack in two hands and finished off Wall131TCI-I in 17th place. “He’s heating up!” remarked WhooooKidd as cal42688 moved into 6th overall.

With 13 to go, cal42688 lost a tough 141K pot with 8-7-6-5-2 to dumBBass86’s 8-6-4-3-A. cal42688 was crippled and slid into last in chips once again. Yet once again, cal42688 shrugged off the minor setback and he crawled out of the basement. cal42688 rocketed back into the Top 5 after winning a 108K pot with 8-7-6-4-2 against pitabread189’s 9-8-4-3-A. With 11 to go, dumBBass86 passed the 500K mark and cal42688 was 6th overall with 175K. With 10 to go, cal42688 chipped up to 200K.


SCOOP 32-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: WhooooKidd (313,454)
Seat 2: dumBBass86 (531,034)
Seat 3: Fresh_oO_D (402,057)
Seat 4: MarkBang (281,380)
Seat 5: pitabread189 (50,308)
Seat 6: cal42688 (189,529)
Seat 7: PROTENTIALmn (143,440)
Seat 8: YordanPetrov (188,798)

The final table commenced during Level 27 with stakes at 12K/24K and a 2.4K ante. Russia’s dumBBass86 sat on the big stack with 531K and Canada’s pitabread189 clung onto dear life with 50K. A few notables advanced to the final table including David “WhooooKidd” Baker (2 SCOOPs wins and 1 WCOOP title) and dumBBass86 (1 TCOOP win). Also, this Razz event marked another SCOOP final table for cal42688 (his 4th final table this SCOOP), who was seeking his 7th career SCOOP crown.

pitabread189 eliminated in 8th place

Super shorty pitabread189 was all-in for 43,108 on 3rd street when betting was capped. MarkBang attempted to pick off the short stack. By 7th street…

MarkBang: 5♣3♦2♥9♦K♥4♥5♦
pitabread189: 3♠A♣4♣3♥8♣10♥J♠

MarkBang dragged the pot with a low 9-5-4-3-2 versus pitabread189’s 10-8-4-3-A. Canada’s pitabread189 became the first player to exit at the final table. Eighth place was awarded $1,680.00.

Fresh_oO_D eliminated in 7th place

Another short stack was liquidated. Fresh_oO_D was all-in on 3rd street for 33,657. Big-stacked dumBBass86 accepted the challenge to rumble. By 7th street…

dumBBass86: 8♠5♣3♣A♦2♣5♥7♦
Fresh_oO_D: A♣9♠2♥6♥7♥A♠10♣

Fresh_oO_D lost with 9-7-6-5-2-A against dumBBass86’s 7-5-3-2-A. For a seventh-place finish, Fresh_oO_D took home $2,100.00. With six to go, dumBBass86 chipped up to 725K and cal42688 slipped to last place with 73K.

PROTENTIALmn eliminated in 6th place

cal42688 did not waste any time in the basement. He embarked on another mini-rush by winning 6 pots in 8 hands propelled him to second overall with 555K. In one of those hands, cal42688 picked off PROTENTIALmn in sixth place. PROTENTIALmn had started the hand with 111,840. All the money went in the pot on 5th street.

cal42688: 10♥4♦10♣7♦2♦5♥8♦
PROTENTIALmn: J♠A♣3♥9♠2♠Q♥9♦

cal42688 won the hand with 8-7-5-4-2 versus PROTENTIALmn’s J-9-3-2-A. PROTENTIALmn busted in sixth place, which paid out $2,940.00.

MarkBang eliminated in 5th place

You know the storyline by now… little stack went up against big stack and the rich got richer. Short-stacked MarkBang was all-in on 3rd street for his last 16,959 against cal42688.

MarkBang: 7♣2♥7♦10♦6♥K♣6♠
cal42688: 8♣7♥5♦3♠5♥J♥5♠

At showdown, MarkBang could only muster up a low of King-10-7-6-2, which lost to cal42688’s Jack-8-7-5-3. MarkBang was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $4,200.00. With four to go, dumBBass86 led with 730K, followed by cal42688’s 614K, WhooooKidd’s 544K, and YordanPetrov’s 212K.

YordanPetrov eliminated in 4th place

Nine hands later, we saw another bustout. All the money went in on 5th street. Shorty YordanPetrov started the hand with 141,740.

WhooooKidd: A♣3♦5♦10♥10♠J♠9♥
YordanPetrov: 2♠7♣4♥2♣K♠5♠7♥

WhooooKidd won the pot with a 10-9-5-3-A versus YordanPetrov’s King-7-5-4-2. YordanPetrov was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $6,300.00. With three to go, the stacks were almost even with only 35K separating first from third. WhooooKidd led with 715K, but dumBBass86 was right behind with 703K, and cal42688 was not far off with 680K.

WhooooKidd eliminated in 3rd place

cal42688 seized the lead and surged to over 1M after winning a 540K pot with the Wheel against WhooooKidd’s (X-X)/4♥2♥Q♣7♥/(X).

WhooooKidd’s stack came under siege and he made a final stand for his whole stack of 142,594. All the money went in on 5th street.

WhooooKidd: 6♠9♦5♥Q♣J♥J♣4♥
cal42688: 8♠3♠6♥7♠7♥Q♠J♠

cal42688 won the pot and edged out WhooooKidd with Jack-8-7-6-3 versus Jack-9-6-5-4. For a third-place finish David “WhooooKidd” Baker took home $8,820.00.

HEADS-UP: dumBBass86 (Russia) vs. cal42688 (Mexico)
Seat 2: dumBBass86 (872,876)
Seat 6: cal42688 (1,227,124)

Down to two. Only one player stood in cal42688’s path to a 7th SCOOP win. cal42688 held the edge, but with Razz anything was possible and dreams were easily crushed.

cal42688 eliminated in 2nd place; dumBBass86 wins SCOOP Event #32-M!

Early into heads-up, cal42688 lost a 552K pot and dumBBass86 seized the lead 1.1M to 942K. Half a level later, dumBBass86 snagged a 900K pot with a 7-6-5-2-A low and cal42688 was down 3-1 in chips. A surging dumBBass86 kept up the pressure and opened up an 8-1 edge after cal42688 slipped to 200K. As expected, cal42688 launched a counter attack to climb back into contention. He got as close as 2-1 after winning a clutch 700K pot with a 9-7-6-4-A versus dumBBass86’s 9-8-4-3-A. Alas, that was as high as cal42688 would get.

Going into the final hand, cal42688 was down to 403K (up against dumBBass86’s 1.7M). All the money went in on 5th street…

dumBBass86: (X-X)/6♥4♥3♦
cal42688: (X-X)/3♣A♦4♠

At 7th street showdown, both players tabled their hands…

dumBBass86: A♠5♣6♥4♥3♦K♠J♦
cal42688: 5♠4♦3♣A♦4♠J♠A♣

cal42688 started out with four cards to a Wheel, but bricked up on 5th, 6th, and 7th streets. cal42688 lost with Jack-5-4-3-A against dumBBass86’s 6-5-4-3-A. dumBBass86 thwarted cal42688’s attempt at SCOOP title #7. cal42688 was knocked out in second place and took home $11,760.00 for a sensational runner-up performance.

Congrats to Russia’s dumBBass86 for winning SCOOP Event #32-M. First place paid out $15,960.00, plus a sleek champion’s watch courtesy of Movado.

SCOOP-32-M: $215 Razz
Entrants: 420
Prize Pool: $84,000
Places Paid: 56

1. dumBBass86 (Russia) $15,960.00
2. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) $11,760.00
3. David “WhooooKidd” Baker (Mexico) $8,820.00
4. YordanPetrov (Bulgaria) $6,300.00
5. MarkBang (Hungary) $4,200.00
6. PROTENTIALmn (Canada) $2,940.00
7. Fresh_oO_D (Germany) $2,100.00
8. pitabread189 (Canada) $1,680.00

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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