SCOOP 2015: SpeedUp2 runs through final table, wins #29-L ($27-R 6-Max PLO)

May 20, 2015

The winner of Event #29-L — a $27 buy-in, six-handed pot-limit Omaha event with optional re-entries — was SpeedUp2 of Bulgaria, a wholly appropriate username given how this one ended.

Entering the final table with a significant chip lead, SpeedUp2 made rapid work of things thereafter by knocking out all five opponents at the final table in just over half an hour, thereby collecting the SCOOP watch and a nice $23,365.91 return on that $27 investment. Here’s the story of how SpeedUp2 did it.


For this event players had an option to re-enter up to three times if they wished. In the end 3,937 took part taking 2,303 re-entries among them, thereby building a prize pool of $153,192 — more than double the event’s $75K guarantee — that was ultimately split among the final 780 finishers.

It took almost 10 hours to play down to 12 players, with Chris “Moorman1” Moorman (23rd, $765.96), Joseph “subiime” Cheong (20th, $765.96), and Paul “J-Rod Fett” McTaggart (16th, $957.45) among those just missing the final two tables.

At that point Lenze123 sitting in first position with nearly 5.2 million. Amos “dafnuni” Ben (12th), XX KARL XX (11th), and soldado310 (10th) were the next three out, each taking away $1,263.83. They were followed by jambeyang (ninth), SuperPoep (eighth), and BriDge2PaiN (seventh), with those three earning $1,566.87 apiece.

With SpeedUp2 the new chip leader with more than 9.8 million, the six-handed final table was underway with only one player (Alexey “Shuller_A1t” Altshuller) out of the six having fired a second bullet.


Seat 1: SpeedUp2 (Bulgaria) — 9,810,016
Seat 2: Andriyko1982 (Ukraine) — 1,381,192
Seat 3: x2out (Russia) — 3,901,172
Seat 4: Alexey “Shuller_A1t” Altshuller (Russia) — 5,711,373
Seat 5: Lenze123 (Denmark) — 3,748,911
Seat 6: Unabomber238 (Russia) — 6,647,336

Just a few minutes into the final table, the blinds were 80,000/160,000 when Andriyko1982 opened from under the gun with a pot-sized raise to 560,000. It folded around to SpeedUp2 who called from the big blind, and the pair saw the flop come 8♣10♥3♥. At that SpeedUp2 bet the pot and Andriyko1982 called all in with the almost 440,000 left.

SpeedUp2 had Q♣6♥5♣2♥ for a flush draw while Andriyko1982 had A♦9♠9♥2♦ for a pair of nines. The 7♠ turn kept Andriyko1982 in front, but the 5♥ river made a flush for SpeedUp2 to send Andriyko1982 out in sixth.

Just two hands later, SpeedUp2 opened for 327,000 from the button, getting callers in x2out (small blind) and Alexey “Shuller_A1t” Altshuller (big blind). The flop came 4♥10♠3♦. x2out checked, Altshuller bet 392,400, SpeedUp2 raised to almost 1.13 million, x2out folded, and Altshuller called. The turn was the 8♠. Altshuller checked, SpeedUp2 bet almost 1.82 million, Altshuller shoved for just over 5.7 million, and SpeedUp2 called.

Shuller_A1t: 10♦8♦7♦6♠ — tens and eights, gutshot straight draw
SpeedUp2: 10♥10♣4♠3♣ — set of tens

The river brought the 2♣, keeping SpeedUp2’s hand best and end Altshuller’s run in fifth.

Four hands after that came a third straight knockout for SpeedUp2, this time sending Lenze123 railward in fourth. That hand began with another SpeedUp2 opening raise, this time to 325,000 from the button, with x2out again calling from the small blind and Lenze123 calling from the BB. The flop came Q♣9♣3♥, and when it checked around SpeedUp2 bet 585,000. x2out folded, Lenze123 shoved for a little under 2.5 million, and SpeedUp2 called.

Lenze123 had J♠10♥8♦8♠ for a wrap draw while SpeedUp2 had K♣K♥J♣7♥ for an overpair of kings and a club flush draw. The turn then brought the A♣ to give SpeedUp2 the flush, making the river 2♦ no matter and bringing the field down to three.

That hand pushed SpeedUp2 up over 20 million while Unabomber 238 had just under 6.5 million and x2out not quite 3.8 million. The final table had lasted less than 20 minutes to that point, and while it would take about 15 minutes longer for the next elimination, one more would happen just a half-dozen hands after that to put a swift end to Event #29-L.

The next SpeedUp2 knockout came once the blinds had increased to 100,000/200,000. SpeedUp2 opened with a raise to 503,000 from the button, called only by x2out in the small blind. Both checked the 4♥5♥3♣ flop, then after the 3♥ turn x2out led for 603,000 and SpeedUp2 called. The river was the 10♥, bringing a bet of just over 1.2 million by x2out. SpeedUp2 raised the pot, and x2out called with the 1,824,744 behind.

x2out had 10♠9♠4♦4♣ for a full house, fours full of treys. But SpeedUp2 had turned a seven-high straight flush with Q♣9♥7♥6♥, and x2out was out in third.

With more than 28.3 million to start heads-up play, SpeedUp2 was massively ahead of Unabomber238 who had just about a tenth of that amount with 2.8 million. A few small hands followed, then came one in which SpeedUp2 opened for 500,000 from the button, Unabomber made it 1.5 million to go, and SpeedUp2 called. The flop came Q♥5♠9♣, and after Unabomber238 pushed all in for just over 1.53 million, SpeedUp2 was quick with the call.

Unabomber238 showed A♣A♠J♥2♠ for aces while SpeedUp2 turned over J♠10♥9♦6♠ for a pair of nines and an open-ended straight draw. The K♥ then fell on fourth street to make a straight for SpeedUp2 and the 2♦ on fifth of no consequence, stopping Unabomber238 one spot shy of the title and giving SpeedUp2 the win.

Congratulations to SpeedUp2 for outlasting thousands, then running the table at the end to claim the Event #29-L title and a cool $23K-plus payday.

SCOOP 29-L: $27 PL Omaha (6-Max, Optional Re-Entry)
Total entries: 6,240 (3,937 entries, 2,303 re-entries)
Prize pool: $153,192.00
Places paid: 780

1. SpeedUp2 (Bulgaria) $23,365.91
2. Unabomber238 (Russia) $16,468.14
3. x2out (Russia) $11,872.38
4. Lenze123 (Denmark) $7,276.62
5. Alexey “Shuller_A1t” Altshuller (Russia) $4,342.99
6. Andriyko1982 (Ukraine) $2,297.88

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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