SCOOP 2015: Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos win second SCOOP and 3rd COOP title with win in Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo)

May 19, 2015

With four to go in Event #28-H Stud Hi/Lo, Dan “djk123” Kelly appeared to be on a collision course with big-stacked Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos. djk123 was the most successful player in all of WCOOP history with 4 titles, not to mention a pair of SCOOP wins for 6 overall COOP titles. Meanwhile, Puropoker123 was enjoying his recent rush after finishing in second place in this year’s SCOOP Event #22-H. Despite falling short of the mark over the weekend, Puropoker123 did not miss an opportunity to win his second career SCOOP and third overall COOP. Alas, Puropoker123 picked off djk123 in third place and it was only a matter of time before Puropoker123 emerged victorious in a final table that lasted over three hours.

2015 SCOOP Event #28-H $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 87 runners. They created a prize pool worth $174,00. Only the top 12 places paid out, with $47,415.00 set aside to the champion.


3-time COOP champion and 2-time SCOOP winner Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos
It took almost nine hours to reach the money. Ukraine’s lemberg1715 missed the money by one spot after bubbling in 13th place when ALEX2PAIRS took out lemberg1715’s A♥6♦K♦10♠K♥4♣7♠ with two pair and a 7-6-4-3-A low and 4♦6♣A♣4♠7♦7♥3♣. The final 12 secured themselves a min-cash of $4,785.00.

Lebanon’s brights88 bubbled off the final table in ninth place when J♦10♥J♥9♣8♠A♠8♥ and two pair lost to Ramux’s 6♥10♣6♣Q♦6♠A♦3♥ and trip sixes.


SCOOP 28-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: djk123 (32,651)
Seat 2: Gakn29 (33,664)
Seat 3: Nikolo5 (67,684)
Seat 4: ALEX2PAIRS (35,552)
Seat 5: Sira Al Aziz (106,516)
Seat 6: VavaBobo888 (51,114)
Seat 7: Ramux (71,757)
Seat 8: Puropoker123 (36,062)

The final table commenced during Level 18 with stakes at 1.6K/3.2K and a 320 ante. Sira Al Aziz (Portugal) was the leader with 106K. Dan “djk123” Kelly was last in chips with 32.6K, but only 4K in chips separated the bottom four. Between djk123 and Puropoker123, they won a combined 5 WCOOP crowns and 3 SCOOP titles.

Gakn29 eliminated in 8th place

It took 50 minutes before the first player busted at the final table. On 6th street, short-stacked Gakn29 was all-in. At showdown…

Gakn29: 6♣A♥K♦4♦7♠10♠J♣
ALEX2PAIRS: A♠8♠5♣K♣A♦Q♦5♥

Without a qualifying low hand, ALEX2PAIRS dragged the pot with two pair — Aces and fives. Gakn29 could only muster up Ace-high. Gakn29 was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $5,655.00.

VavaBobo888 eliminated in 7th place

VavaBobo888 was crippled after losing a 68K pot to Puropoker123’s flush and a 6-5-3-2-A low. Two hands later, short-stacked VavaBobo888 was all-in by 3rd street.

ALEX2PAIRS: 5♠2♦3♣10♣A♣4♣Q♣
VavaBobo888: Q♥10♥8♥J♣8♦K♠6♠

ALEX2PAIRS picked off VavaBobo888 by scooping the pot with a Wheel nut low and an Ace-high flush. VavaBobo888 could only manage a pair of eights. Alas, VavaBobo888 was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $7,395.00. With six to go, Puropoker123 seized the lead with 123K, while Ramux was last with 23K.

Nikolo5 eliminated in 6th place

Another short-stack bit the dust. Nikolo5 was all-in on 3rd street in a multi-way pot against Puropoker123 and ALEX2PAIRS. On fifth street, ALEX2PAIRS bailed. It was heads-up. At showdown…

Puropoker123: 10♣2♥10♠4♦10♥9♥A♠
Nikolo5: A♦5♣8♥3♣9♣10♦5♥

With trip tens, Puropoker123 won the main pot and side pot without a qualifying low. Nikolo5’s pair of fives was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $9,135.00. With five to go, Puropoker123 retained the lead with 170K, while Sira Al Aziz was on life support with 2.7K.

Sira Al Aziz eliminated in 5th place

Sira Al Aziz attempted a comeback, but fell short. Sira Al Aziz was all-in on third street for 13,880 after betting was capped by Ramux. Sira Al Aziz rivered three pairs, but got flushed out by Ramux.

Sira Al Aziz: 2♦6♣6♥A♠5♦2♠5♣
Ramux: K♥8♥2♥5♠8♠9♥J♥

Ramux won the pot without a qualifying low. For a fifth-place finish, Sira Al Aziz earned $12,180.00. With four to go, Puropoker123 held more than half of the remaining chips in play with 214K. Meanwhile, ALEX2PAIRS (32K) and djk123 (35K) were both struggling to keep their heads above water.

ALEX2PAIRS eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked ALEX2PAIRS was being hunted down by the other three. ALEX2PAIRS made a final stand and was all-in for 5,892 by 3rd street in a three-way pot against Ramux and Puropoker123, who checked it all the way down to the river. At showdown, ALEX2PAIRS mucked…

Ramux: K♥7♥A♥J♣Q♠9♦K♣
Puropoker123: 6♣5♠3♠10♣9♣6♦10♥
ALEX2PAIRS: (X-X)/3♣5♣A♦3♦/(X)

Without a qualifying low, Puropoker123 won the pot with two pair (tens and sixes) versus Ramux’s pair of Kings. ALEX2PAIRS mucked his losing hand, but had a pair of treys showing. ALEX2PAIRS busted in fourth place, which paid out $16,530.00. With three left in the hunt, Puropoker123 led with 234K followed by djk123’s 121K and Ramux’s 79K. Yeah, it was Dan Kelly up against a pair of Panamanians.

djk123 eliminated in 3rd place

Like two gunslingers in the wild wild west, djk123 appeared to be prepped for an inevitable showdown at high noon against Puropoker. Alas, Puropoker123 took a chunk out of djk123’s stack and he was in deep trouble. On fifth street, djk123 was all-in for 28,291 against Puropoker123…

djk123: 10♠2♠A♥3♠J♠Q♥J♥
Puropoker123: K♦K♥3♦8♥A♠2♣7♦

Puropoker123 scooped with an 8-7-3-2-A low and a pair of Kings against djk123’s pair of Jacks and no qualifying low. For third place, djk123 took home $24,360.00.

HEADS-UP: Ramux (Panama) vs. Puropoker123 (Panama)
Seat 7: Ramux (165,546)
Seat 8: Puropoker123 (269,454)


Puropoker123 was ahead with 247K to 188K when they paused the action to discuss a deal. They had to leave $2,000 on the table for the eventual winner. The deal numbers were floated: Puropoker123 ($39,697.97) and Ramux ($37,907.03). Both players quickly agreed on the numbers and play resumed.

Ramux eliminated in 2nd place; Puropoker123 wins SCOOP Event #28-H!

Puropoker123 pulled away and never looked back. Ramux put up a decent fight and managed to stave off elimination for almost a full level. Ramux’s stack was decimated down to under 20K, whereas Puropoker123 surgd to over 420K.

On the final hand… Ramux was all-in on third street for 17,646. At showdown…

Ramux: 6♣10♠6♥K♦A♠8♣3♦
Puropoker123: 4♦J♣J♦2♣2♦4♣8♥

Ramux could only muster up a pair of sixes, which was not strong enough to avoid an elimination. Without a qualifying low, Puropoker123 won the pot with two pair — Jacks and fours. Ramux was knocked out in second place, which paid out $37,907.03.

Congrats to Panama’s Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos for winning Event #28-H for his second SCOOP title and third overall COOP crown. First place paid out $41,697.97 plus a cool Movado champion’s watch.

SCOOP-28-H: $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 87
Prize Pool: $174,00.00
Places Paid: 12

1. Victor “Puropoker123” Lemos (Panama) $41,697.97 **
2. Ramux (Panama) $37,907.03 **
3. Dan “djk123” Kelly (Australia) $24,360.00
4. ALEX2PAIRS (Russia) $16,530.00
5. Sira Al Aziz (Portugal) $12,180.00
6. Nikolo5 (Russia) $9,135.00
7. VavaBobo888 (Russia) $7,395.00
8. Gakn29 (United Kingdom) $5,655.00

** Denotes a deal between the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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