SCOOP 2015: luckyme1414 thwarts ApKTuK’s run at a third SCOOP title in Event #21-M ($82 PL 5-Card Omaha, 1R1A)

May 17, 2015

Only nine players in SCOOP history have won three or more titles. Today, ApKTuK was poised to become the tenth. Less than 48 hours ago, the Estonian won his second SCOOP title in Event #19-L. Today, he turned from Omaha 8 to the wild west of 5-Card Omaha, where he held the chip lead with five players remaining and rode it all the way to heads-up play. However, the U.K.’s luckyme1414 struck at the perfect time, making quad kings over ApKTuK’s aces full to even their chip counts. ApKTuK did not recover, losing nearly all of his chips boat under boat, and luckyme1414 emerged as our newest SCOOP champion.

882 “Big O” fans entered Event #21-M and made 587 rebuys and 489 add-ons, driving the final prize pool up to $146,850.00. 114 players earned a share of it with $25,699.02 set aside for first place. Day 1 lasted for 28 levels and reduced the field to nine players. Here’s a look at the overnight chip counts:

End of Day 1 chip counts

Nomarbles1 (Canada) 2,929,244
ApKTuK (Estonia) 1,708,073
Zbad (Russia) 1,141,207
TummerDK (Denmark) 900,326
gicser85 (Romania) 729,863
luckyme1414 (United Kingdom) 720,989
bencb789 (United Kingdom) 648,137
GrovSnus (Sweden) 588,569
Colonvo (Chile) 423,592

Action resumed Sunday at 2 pm EDT and within forty-five minutes we were down to seven players. With the blinds up to 12,500/25,000, Zbad opened for 50,000, ApKTuK three-bet to 187,500, and Zbad moved all-in for 465,596. ApKTuK called and the cards went on their backs.

Zbad A♠A♣8♣7♠3♥
ApKTuK A♥K♦Q♠J♠9♣

ApKTuK made two pair when the flop fell K♥Q♣5♠, snapping off Zbad’s aces. The 2♦ turn was inconsequential and the river J♦ sent the pot to ApKTuK, ending Zbad’s run on the final table bubble.

2015 SCOOP Ev 21-M .jpg

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: bencb789 (1,537,215 in chips)
Seat 2: Colonvo (308,520 in chips)
Seat 3: ApKTuK (1,770,679 in chips)
Seat 4: Nomarbles1 (3,400,682 in chips)
Seat 5: luckyme1414 (910,512 in chips)
Seat 6: TummerDK (1,862,392 in chips)

TummerDK entered the final table second in chips, but suffered a serious setback at the hands of Nomarbles1, who opened the pot for 62,500. TummerDK called from the cutoff and bencb789 called on the button. The flop came down A♥10♠7♠ and Nomarbles1 led out for 99,000. TummerDK raised to 450,090, bencb789 got out of the way and Nomarbles1 called. Both players checked the 2♠ turn, but when the river fell the 5♠, Nomarbles1 made it 371,309 to go. TummerDK called, but couldn’t beat Nomarbles1’s K♥K♠J♣9♠8♠ for a king-high flush.

TummerDK fell to 878,000 in chips. Later in the same level, he got involved in a huge multiway pot when bencb789 opened for 62,500 from UTG. ApKTuK, NoMarbles1, luckyme1414 and TummerDK all called and they saw a Q♠J♥2♠ flop. The action checked to ApKTuK, who bet 156,250. Nomarbles1 and luckyme1414 folded, but TummerDK raised to 781,250. Bencb789 folded and ApKTuK came back over the top for 1,406.250. TummerDK called off his remaining 47,243.

TummerDK A♠Q♥10♠9♠3♥
ApKTuK J♠J♣9♣9♦8♣

The 10♣ turn made TummerDK queens and tens but filled ApKTuK’s queen-high straight draw. TummerDK still had outs to Broadway, the nut flush and a boat, but the river blanked out with the 4♦, sending him to the rail in sixth place.

As play turned five-handed, Nomarbles1 held the chip lead with 5 million, before he doubled up two shorter stacks. Luckyme1414 doubled to 1.28 million when he made eights full of kings against Nomarbles1’s trip kings and soon thereafter, bencb789 doubled to 2.05 million with jacks and eights against Nomarbles1’s eight’s and threes.

The blinds rose to 25,000/50,000 and the action folded to bencb789, who raised to 100,000. ApKTuK three0bet to 325,00 and bencb789 came back over the top for 1,000,000. ApKTuK called and they saw a 9♣6♠3♥ flop. ApKTuK bet 2.05 million and bencb789 called all-in.

ApKTuK A♦Q♥8♦7♥2♦
bencb789 A♣A♥6♣5♥2♠

Bencb789’s aces led on the flop and the 3♣ turn made him aces up, but the 10♥ fell on the river, making ApKTuK a ten-high straight. ApKTuK took the chip lead with 5.51 million and bencb789’s tournament came to an end in fifth place.

Seven hands later, ApKTuK opened for 110,000 and short stack Colonvo three-bet to 355,000. ApKTuK called and the flop fell 7♥5♦2♥. Colonvo bet his remaining 126,039 and ApKTuK called with A♥J♠6♥5♥2♠ for two pair and a flush draw. Colonvo turned over A♣Q♥10♥4♦2♣ for a pair of deuces and a smaller flush draw. The J♣ turn and 6♦ river left ApKTuK with jacks and sixes and Colonvo hit the rail in fourth place.

Luckyme1414 was on the short stack three-handed, but doubled through ApKTuK with quad kings to move into second place. Three hands later, ApKTuK opened for 180,000 from the small blind and Nomarbles1 called from the big. ApKTuK checked the J♠10♠5♥ flop and Nomarbles1 bet 158,400. ApKTuK raised to 835,200 and Nomarbles1 called. The turn came the J♥ and ApKTuK set Nomarbles1 all-in with a 2,030,400 bet. Nomarbles1 called off his remaining 897,910 and turned over Q♦10♦8♦8♠7♠ for a pair of tens and a straight flush draw while ApKTuK showed A♠K♠K♦9♥8♥ for two flush draws and an open-ended straight draw. The 6♠ made flushes for both players, but ApKTuK’s was ace-high and Nomarbles1’s run came to an end in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: ApKTuK (7,604,544 in chips)
Seat 5: luckyme1414 (2,185,456 in chips)

ApKTuK and luckyme1414 traded pots, their chip counts remaining nearly the same until luckyme1414 doubled up. All the money went in preflop, ApKTuK five-betting to 4,320,000 and luckyme1414 calling all-in.

ApKTuK A♠A♦Q♥4♠3♣
luckyme1414 K♣K♦J♠8♥2♠

It was all but over on the flop, which fell K♥K♠10♦, making luckyme1414 quad kings. The turn was the J♣ and the river brought the A♣ to make ApKTuK a too little, too late full house.

A few minutes later, luckyme1414 min-raised to 160,000 and ApKTuK called. ApKTuK led for another 160,000 on the 4♣2♦2♥ flop and luckyme1414 called. The turn came the K♠ and ApKTuK fired another 320,000. Again, luckyme1414 looked him up. The river was the 6♦ and ApKTuK made it 640,000 to go. Luckyme1414 raised to 1,985,000 and ApKTuK three-bet all-in for 4,286,896, having luckyme1414 only slightly covered. Luckyme1414 called and turned up K♥Q♥6♥6♣5♣ for sixes full of deuces. ApKTuK had flopped a smaller full house with Q♣9♠9♥4♥4♦ and was left with only 64,000 after the hand.

On the next deal, ApKTuK put the last of his chips in preflop with Q♠8♣8♥5♣3♠ and luckyme1414 called with J♥10♥10♦7♣3♣. The board ran out J♦7♠4♦Q♥2♥ and luckyme1414 closed out his first SCOOP win with two pair, jacks and sevens.

Congratulations to the U.K.’s luckyme1414 on his first SCOOP title! He banked $25,699.02 for the win while runner-up ApKTuK earned $18,723.37.

SCOOP 21-M: $82 Pot-Limit 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A]
Entrants: 882
Prizepool: $146,850.00
Places paid 114

1. luckyme1414 (United Kingdom) $25,699.02
2. ApKTuK (Estonia) $18,723.37
3. Nomarbles1 (Canada) $14,303.19
4. Colonvo (Chile) $9,912.37
5. bencb789 (United Kingdom) $6,975.37
6. TummerDK (Denmark) $4,405.50


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