SCOOP 2016: Nelepo10 makes it three for Brazil in Event #04-M ($215 NLHE)

May 10, 2016

We’re two days into the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker and Brazil already has three titles.

Nelepo10 became the third Brazilian SCOOP champion this year after taking down the Sunday Million Special Edition and $209,095.00. It was a two-day event that drew 6,745 players and seven-figure prize pool of $1,349,00.00.

Most of the field was hacked away on the first day, but the big bucks came on day two. That’s where Nelepo10 shined. The Brazilian player started the final table near the middle of the pack but then ran away from the rest of the field with five players left.

The final table


Seat 1: gmd68 — 11,095,453
Seat 2: Nelepo10 — 14,861,869
Seat 3: Kovalski1 — 3,767,224
Seat 4: BruceWizayne — 11,470,462
Seat 5: allin0709 — 8,069,598
Seat 6: zÿax — 35,153,240
Seat 7: FLBonatto — 21,762,001
Seat 8: Magardan — 24,944,645
Seat 9: supergurkan — 3,775,508

Kovalski1 was the final table short stack and the first to go all-in. On the second hand of play, Kovalski1 raised from the button and BruceWizayne moved all-in from the small blind.

Kovalski1 called with a dominating A♥9♣ while BruceWizayne tabled A♠5♠. The flop came Q♣K♥Q♦ to give both players a pair of queens and then a 10♣ came on the river to give both players the same kicker.

Players chopped the pot, but then Kovalski lost with another dominating hand.

Kovalski1 raised to 1.75 million from the hijack and zÿax re-raised to 3 million from the small blind. FLBonatto four-bet to 6.7 million, Kovlaski1 called all-in and zÿax folded.

FLBonatto showed A♥Q♠ while Kovlaski1 turned over A♦K♠.

The flop brought a Q♦ to pair FLBonatto and Kovalski1 couldn’t improve. FLBonatto chipped up to 30.9 million while Kovalski1 won $10,522.20 for finishing 9th.

allin0709, all out

allin0709 was on a steady decline after getting to the final table. Then, when allin0709 was down to just 1.2 million, the Brazilian player made one last move: jam from early position.

Magardan raised to 1.9 million from the cutoff and Nelepo10 reshoved for 5.5 million and Magardan called.

Nelepo10: Q♥Q♣
Magardan: 3♦3♠
allin0709: A♣6♣

The board ran 4♠5♠K♠J♥Q♦ and Nelepo10 won with a superfluous set of queens.

Nelepo10 more than doubled to 13.0 million while allin0709 finished 8th and won $16,862.50.

gmd68 goes down

gmd68 was fourth in chips after allin0709’s elimination, but the German player quickly dropped to seventh.

BruceWizayne raised to 1.24 million from middle position and zÿax re-raised to 3.2 million from the hijack. Action folded to gmd68’s big blind and gmd68 threw in another raise.

BruceWizayne moved all-in for 12.0 million and only gmd68 called.

gmd68 showed A♠K♠ and BruceWizayne tabled K♣K♦. The 6♦2♦Q♠2♣5♠ board gave BruceWizayne the double to 27.93 million while gmd68 dropped to 6.8 million.

A few minutes later, zÿax raised to 1.3 million and gmd68 moved all-in. zÿax called and showed a A♠Q♠ to gmd68’s A♥10♣.

gmd68 needed some help, but the 3♥3♣Q♦8♥J♦ board brought it for zÿax. gmd68 won $29,678 for finishing 7th while zÿax took the lead with 45.9 million.

Top to bottom for FLBonatto

But things changed quickly.

FLBonatto doubled up and won a big pot to take the lead with 55.4 million. Then FLBonatto became our 6th place finisher.

First, FLBonatto doubled up our champion, Nelepo10.

Nelepo10 moved all-in for 21.3 million with 8♠8♣ and FLBonatto called with A♣K♦. Nelepo10 won the flip and doubled to 43.5 million while FLBonatto dropped to 34 million.

Then Nelepo10 finished the job.

FLBonatto raised to 1.76 million with a A♣A♠ and Nelepo10 moved all-in for 41.5 million with K♥J♦.

FLBonatto called instantly but lost to trip jacks when the board ran J♠10♠5♠J♥7♦. Nelepo10 took a massive lead with 72.2 million while FLBonatto got a $43,168.00 payday.

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Boom for Brazil

From that point on, it was Nelepo10’s game. The Brazilian had more than the rest of the players combined.

The short stacks went quick and BruceWizayne was the last player to not fall to Nelepo10. BruceWizayne moved all-in for 8.6 million from under-the-gun and zÿax re-shoved for 33.9 million.

BruceWizayne showed Q♣10♠, but zÿax’s A♣10♣ was in the lead. The 10♥9♦4♠K♠9♣ board was the last BruceWizayne saw and the Canadian player cashed for $56,658.00 for finishing 5th.

supergurkan was down to about six big blinds and moved all-in from under-the-gun. Nelepo10 called and the remaining two players folded.

Nelepo10 tabled A♥7♠ and had supergurkan’s A♣4♠ dominated. The board missed both players and Nelepo10 took the pot. supergurkan’s 4th place finish was worth $75,746.35 while Nelepo10’s lead grew to 81.9 million.

King on the river

From that point on, Nelepo10’s lead was so large that it collapsed and formed a black hole that sent the rest of the chips at the table flying towards it.

Nelepo10 crossed the 100 million mark and zÿax moved all-in 15.26 million. Nelepo10 called with A♠K♥ and zÿax showed 6♠6♣.

The J♦8♠10♦10♣ flop and turn brought some hope for zÿax, but a K♦ came on the river to crush it .

zÿax’s 3rd place finish earned the Czech player $109,269.00 while the tournament went heads up.

Heads up

Nelepo10: 127,469,205
Magardan: 7,430,795

A few hands in, Magardan moved all-in for 5 million with A♣2♥ and Nelepo10 called with 7♣6♦. But not even Nelepo10 could take it down with six-seven offsuit. The board ran A♦9♦2♦6♠2♣ and Magardan hit a full house.

But it wasn’t the start of a comeback.

It was more like Magardan’s final act of defiance in the face of imminent doom. A shout of “Sparta!” to a hail of arrows raining down from the sky.

Magardan moved all-in for 9.9 million the next hand with Q♥J♣ and Nelepo10 called with K♣9♠. The final board of the tournament came J♥K♥K♦3♦7♦ and Nelepo10 took it down with three kings.

Magardan won $155,135.00 for the runner-up finish while Nelepo10 won $209,095.00 and became the third Brazilian to take down a SCOOP title in two days.

SCOOP-04-M ($215 NLHE) results
Entrants: 6,745
Total prize pool: $1,349,000.00
Places paid: 855

1. Nelepo10 (Brazil) $209,095.00
2. Magardan (Austria) $155,135.00
3. zÿax (Czech Republic) $109,269.00
4. Supergurkan (Sweden) $75,746.35
5. BruceWizayne (Canada) $56,658.00
6. FLBonatto (Brazil) $43,168.00
7. Gmd68 (Germany) $29,678.00
8. allin0709 (Brazil) $16,862.50
9. Kogalski1 (Brazil) $10,522.20

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