SCOOP 2016: alex_13_12_9 has the winning combination in Event #22-L ($11 NL Hold’em [5-Stack]) 

May 16, 2016

With 18 players to go, this was PanamaRespec’s tournament to lose. Holding 81 million in chips, he had more than triple the stack of his closest competitor, and was gobbling up chips left and right. However, PanamaRespec’s hyper-aggressive ways got the best of him this time and he ended up busting in seventh place after a spectacular meltdown. Then, with three players left, it looked like Alogish had this one in the bag. Holding 228.7 million, he controlled 74% of the chips in play and was poised to take the crown. But this, too was not meant to be. Meanwhile, alex_13_12_9 quietly amassed chips and when Alogish flamed out in third place, alex_13_12_9 got heads-up with Poulsen4 and quickly wrested away the chip lead. After a brisk 15-minute battle, alex_13_12_9 emerged victorious and earned his first SCOOP watch.

12,385 players entered Event #22-L, creating a $123,850 prize pool. 1,620 places were paid with $16,913.31 set aside for the champion. Day 1 concluded after 37 levels of play and 158 players advanced to Day 2.

The blinds were up to 350,000/700,000 on the final table bubble when PanamaRespec opened for a min-raise. HomoSAPIEN79 moved all-in for 12,658,376 on the button with pocket eights, the blinds folded and PanamaRespec called with 10♣10♦. PanamaRespec’s tens held up on the K♦K♥3♥9♦4♥ board and homoSAPIEN79 bid us farewell in tenth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Snakefoxes (39,888,840 in chips)
Seat 2: Alogish (26,694,623 in chips)
Seat 3: 555yull555 (24,171,580 in chips)
Seat 4: alex_13_12_9 (29,397,256 in chips)
Seat 5: PanamaRespec (86,962,000 in chips)
Seat 6: pokerqmaster (10,398,859 in chips)
Seat 7: bica999 (32,485,224 in chips)
Seat 8: steviepang (8,655,968 in chips)
Seat 9: Poulsen4 (50,970,650 in chips)

The final table lost its first player on Hand #5. Following a min-raise to 1.6 million from 555yull555 and a flat-call from PanamaRespec, pokerqmaster put the squeeze on and shoved for 8.32 million. 555yull555 reshoved for 24.7 million, and PanamaRespec gave up his hand. However, pokerqmaster’s A♠10♥ couldn’t stand up to K♥K♠ on the J♥7♦4♥2♠3♥ board, and he hit the rail in ninth place.

Four hands later, steviepang open-shoved for 7.38 million from the hijack with A♥4♦ and Snakefoxes called on the button with K♥K♣. The kings went two for two, the board running out jack-high to end steviepang’s run in eighth place.

The blinds were up to 500,000/1,000,000 when it was bica999’s turn to pick up K♠K♥. He made it 2,566,798 to go from UTG and like a dream coming true, PanamaRespec shoved for nearly 77 million from the big blind. Bica999 snap-called, his cowboys facing 10♣10♥. Bica999 turned a set of kings and scored a massive double-up to 63 million, good for the chip lead, while PanamaRespec fell to 45.5 million.

You might think that setback would slow down PanamaRespec, but a few minutes later he picked up 8♣8♦ and three-bet to 7.2 million preflop. Initial raiser Alogish shoved for 25.6 million and PanamaRespec snap-called. Alogish turned up 9♠9♦ and made a set on the K♣10♠9♥Q♠2♥ board, taking his stack up to 54.1 million. PanamaRespec was left with 21.4 million.

PanamaRespec’s meltdown continued when he lost a flip to alex_13_12_9, his pocket tens falling to A♥Q♠. Left with 7 million, he managed to double up twice, first through 555yull555 when hisK♦3♥ caught a river king to beat A♥10♣, then through bica999 when his kings held against A♦10♦. PanamaRespec was back up to 30 million, and with Q♠10♠ in the hole, raised to 2.8 million from UTG. The action folded around to alex_13_12_9 in the big blind, who moved all-in for 41.1 million… and PanamaRespec called! Alex_13_12_9 revealed 8♥8♠ and the pair held up on the J♦3♠2♦K♥J♠ board, ending PanamaRespec’s run in seventh place. With that hand, alex_13_12_9 took over the chip lead with 69.6 million.

Six-handed play continued for forty minutes before 555yull555 three-bet shoved for 30.2 million with 3♦3♠. Initial raiser Poulsen4 called with K♠Q♣ and promptly flopped a queen, sending 555yull555 home in sixth place. Later in the same level (1M/2M), the action folded to Snakefoxes in the small blind and he shoved for 23.1 million with Q♣J♣. Alogish called from the big blind with A♠5♦ and turned a full house on the 5♠3♦3♣5♥6♠ board, sending Snakefoxes to the rail in fifth.

That hand marked the start of a huge run for Alogish, who won two huge pots without a showdown to climb to 152 million in chips. Then, in a hand vs. Poulsen4, Alogish hit two pair with K♣10♦ and got value on the turn and river to claim a 50.4 million pot. Alogish was closing in on 200 million in chips when Poulsen4 doubled through him with A♣K♦ vs. A♦3♠, although it barely made a dent. But Poulsen4 continued to climb, doubling again through bica999 when his J♥8♠ flopped a straight vs. A♥K♣.

Bica999 had 49 million in chips with the blinds up to 1.4M/2.8M when he moved in on the button with K♦Q♦. Unfortunatley for him, Alogish woke up with A♠K♠ in the big blind and rivered two pair on the 6♣6♦2♥K♥A♦ board, ending bica99’s run in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, Alogish was the runaway chip leader with 228.7 million, alex_13_12_9 held 44.9 million and Poulsen4 was the short stack with 35.9 million.

Alogish lost some ground, doubling up both alex_13_12_9 and Poulsen4 in short order. The final three arrived at a spot where they were willing to discuss a deal and the action was paused for negotiations. Here’s how they stacked up at the time:

Alogish 164,944,616
alex_13_12_9 85,414,024
Poulsen4 59,266,360

With a significant lead on his opponents, Alogish was looking for a bit more than his $13,608.41 ICM share. Alogish stated that he would make the deal if he received $15,000, and although Poulsen4 was willing to donate $500 to the cause, alex_13_12_9 wouldn’t bite.

Alogish: give me 15k and i am ok so both of you give 750 to me ok?
alex_13_12_9: ahahah
alex_13_12_9: nice joke
Poulsen4: i can give u 500
alex_13_12_9: 14k for u and go
Alogish: 750 both or lets play
alex_13_12_9: take 500 from Paulsen
Poulsen4: 500 from me 250 from alex?
Alogish: i have more than double chips than you thats fair
Alogish: and i am the best player
alex_13_12_9: ahahah
Alogish: ok than play
Poulsen4: ok, we´ll play and find out

The action resumed with no deal in place and Poulsen4 immediately went on a tear, winning two back-to-back pots from Alogish– a 47 million one via a check-shove on the turn and a 32 million one with second pair. With Alogish’s lead significantly diminished, the three made another run at deal negotations.

Alogish 117,161,416
Poulsen4 100,049,560
alex_13_12_9 92,414,024

This time, all three were quick to agree to an ICM chop and with $1,000 still on the table, cards went back in the air.

Poulsen4 and Alogish played a 3-bet pot and when the flop came down 10♥8♠5♣, Alogish bet 19.2 million into the 44.1 million pot. Poulsen4 shoved for 59.8 million and Alogish called with A♦8♣ for middle pair. Poulsen4 turned over Q♠10♣ for top pair and turned the Q♣ to make queens up. The river was the 4♥ and Poulsen4’s stack rocketed to 165 million, while Alogish fell to 63.2 million. However, only a few hands later alex_13_12_9 made a small blind shove with pocket fours and Poulsen4 called with A♥Q♠. Alex_13_12_9’s baby pair held up and he doubled to 171.8 million.

The blinds were up to 2M/4M when Poulsen4 opened for 66 million from the small blind, setting Alogish all-in. Alogish elected to call with K♦10♥, trailing Poulsen4’s A♥6♥. The K♥J♥9♥ flop made Poulsen4 an ace-high flush and Alogish was suddenly on the rail in third place, drawing snickers from his opponent.

Poulsen4: the best player is out wtf
Poulsen4: gl
alex_13_12_9: ))))

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: alex_13_12_9 (151,382,952 in chips)
Seat 9: Poulsen4 (158,242,048 in chips)

Almost immediately, alex_13_12_9 took a 118.7 million pot off Poulsen4, climbing to 215 million in chips. However, Poulsen4 bounced back with a double-up when his A♦7♦ held up against A♣3♥. Alex_13_12_9 had a 52 million-chip advantage over Poulsen4 when he picked up 7♠7♣ and three-bet shoved for 180.3 million preflop. Poulsen4 called and turned over K♥4♦. Alex_13_12_9’s sevens held up on the 10♠9♣6♠J♣A♥ and after a long two days on the felt, locked up his first SCOOP title.

Congratulations to Russia’s alex_13_12_9! He banked $12,895.53 for the win, while runner-up Poulsen4 earned $12,107.00.

SCOOP-22-L ($11 NL Hold’em [5-Stack]) results
Prize pool: $123,850.00
Places paid:1,620

1. alex_13_12_9 (Russia) $12,895.53*
2. Poulsen4 (Denmark) $12,107.00*
3. Alogish (Austria) $12,531.80*
4. bica999 (Romania) $6,192.50
5. Snakefoxes (Russia) $4,954.00
6. 555yull555 (Israel) $3,715.50
7. PanamaRespec (Panama) $2,477.00
8. steviepang (Hong Kong) $1,238.50
9. pokerqmaster (Poland) $774.06

*denotes 3-way deal

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