SCOOP 2016: Another final table for Shaun Deeb, but Romania’s bloodlust07 wins Event #3-L ($27 NL Draw)

May 09, 2016

When you mention SCOOP, you have to whisper Shaun Deeb’s name in the same breath. The legendary Deeb is one of the premier American online poker players and it’s no surprise that he’s one of the most successful players in the history of SCOOP. The last couple of years, Deeb and Cal “cal42866” Anderson headed south of the border to Mexico where they holed up and battled each other for SCOOP supremacy. Anderson has 6 SCOOP bracelets and Deeb has 5, but you can almost assume that there’s a good chance one of them, if not both, will will another bracelet this year.

On the opening day of 2016 SCOOP, you could not have scripted a better story line. Deeb busted down the doors on the first day of SCOOP and advanced to the final table of Event #3-Low NL Draw. Deeb has 18 career SCOOP final tables (only Anderson has more with a whopping 23) and he added yet another one to his lengthy resume. Alas, Deeb was denied more bling. Ten minutes into Day 2, Deeb busted in sixth place and will have to wait for another opportunity to win SCOOP crown #6.


Another day, another SCOOP final table for Shaun Deeb
Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli is the quintessential grinder. The Brazilian is a high-volume player (he once amassed 5 million VPPs) who also shipped three SCOOP bracelets since 2010 and made at least 10 career SCOOP final tables. Caprioli was seeking a fourth title (which would put him a tie for third overall with the likes of Team PokerStars Pros George Danzer and Jason Mercier) and only one player stood in Caprioli’s path toward SCOOP glory. But when heads-up began, Caprioli trailed nearly 3-1 in chips against Romania’s bloodlust07. It appeared as though bloodlust07 was going to let Caprioli pull off a comeback, but after a grueling 90-minute heads-up fracas, bloodlust07 finally put away the relentless Brazilian. Chalk up a victory for Romania after bloodlust07 thwarted Caprioli’s pursuit of a fourth SCOOP bracelet.

The low version of SCOOP Event #3-L $27 NL Draw attracted 1,328 old-school five-card draw poker enthusiasts. This re-entry event included a total of 1,622 entries or 1,328 originals and an additional 294 re-entries. The top 204 places were awarded a cut of the $39,820.10 prize pool, with $6,571.26 set aside for the champion.

Cal “cal42688” Anderson fired two bullets and actually cashed in this re-event with a 70th place finish. Team PokerStars pro Jason Mercier cashed in 18th place and Jaime Staples also posted a near min-cash with a 184th finish.


SCOOP-03-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: caprioli (4,909,650)
Seat 2: evropeec969 (694,868)
Seat 3: bloodlust07 (2,892,926)
Seat 4: chismann (3,941,303)
Seat 5: Enziooo (2,744,182)
Seat 6: shaundeeb (1,037,071)

The final table commenced during Level 35. The betting limits were 25K/50K. Brazil’s caprioli sat atop the big stack with nearly 5M. Russia’s evropeec969 made the final table, but as the shortest stack remaining with less than 700K.

Deeb was the player with the highest pedigree at the final table with 3 WCOOP bracelets and 5 SCOOP titles. Only Cal Anderson won more SCOOP titles and had more final tables than Deeb. However, Deeb’s appearance among the final six nearly overshadowed Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli storied history. The Brazilian won three SCOOP events and was seeking a fourth. Also of note, Germany’s chismann won a pot-limit draw event at the 2012 TCOOP.

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KICK OUT THE JAMS: Shaun Deeb eliminated in 6th place

The final table played out for ten minutes before we saw the first bustout. Shaun Deeb had slipped to the shortest stack and raised all-in for 647,071. Big-stacked caprioli re-raised to 1,234,142 and everyone else folded. Heads up. Deeb discarded three and caprioli discarded one. At showdown…

caprioli: Q♠Q♥8♥8♠5♣
shaundeeb: A♦A♣K♥9♥4♣

caprioli won the pot with two pair — Queens and eights. Deeb’s pair of Aces were not good enough to stave off an elimination. Deeb became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place finish, Deeb earned $995.50.

BORDERLINE: evropeec969 eliminated in 5th place

The five-handed final table lasted fewer than 15 minutes before we saw another stack liquidated. bloodlust07 opened with a min-raise to 140,000, shorty evropeec969 called all-in for 49,472. Both players kept two cards and drew three. At showdown, bloodlust07 prevailed with two pair.

evropeec969: 6♥6♦A♦9♥7♦
bloodlust07: Q♠Q♥10♣10♥3♥

A meager pair of sixes was all evropeec969 could come up with after whiffing on the draw, and bloodlust07 won the hand with Queens and tens. Russia’s evropeec969 was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $1,592.80.

With four to go…caprioli still retained the lead with 5.4M, but bloodlust07 was right behind with 4.8M, followed by Enziooo’s 3.9M and chismann’s 2.1M.

MOTOR CITY IS BURNING: Enziooo eliminated in 4th place

Enziooo dunzo. Big-stacked bully bloodlust07 min-raised to 200,000, Enziooo bombed it all-in for 1,310,241 and bloodlust07 called. Enziooo only discarded a single card, whereas bloodlust07 held two and drew three. At showdown, both players held two pair, but Enziooo’s was on the losing end…

Enziooo: 9♠9♥4♥4♣K♦
bloodlust07: A♦A♠10♣10♥K♠

Enziooo’s nines and fours were no match for bloodlust07’s Aces and tens. Holland’s Enziooo was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $2,389.20.

With three left in the hunt for the bracelet, bloodlust07 held the majority of the chips with 9.7M followed by caprioli (3.6M) and chismann (2.9M).

ROCKET REDUCER, NO. 62: chismann eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed lasted 18 hands before one of the small stacks got gobbled up by the monstrous bloodlust07. As per usual, bloodlust07 opened with a min-raise 200,000, chismann moved all-in for 1,794,170 and bloodlust07 called. It was obvious that bloodlust07 picked up two pair once again and held onto four cards and only drew one. Meanwhile, chismann held two and drew three. At showdown, it appeared neither player improved….

chismann: K♦K♣7♣5♣2♠
bloodlust07: 5♦5♥4♥4♦10♠

chismann’s pair of Kings failed to beat bloodlust07’s two pair — fives and fours. For third place, Germany’s chismann took home $3,583.80.

HEADS-UP: bloodlust07 (Romania) vs. caprioli (Brazil)
Seat 1: caprioli (4,367,591)
Seat 3: bloodlust07 (11,852,409)

With two to go, bloodlust07 held a sizable edge. Could the Brazilian rally? Or would the Romania be the last one standing? You knew this heads-up bout was going to be a messy fight to the death. Despite the chip disadvantage, caprioli had stupendous end-game experience so bloodlust07 did not want the Brazilian to gain any traction. With a player as strong as caprioli and alligator blood pulsating through his veins, you cannot waste a rare chance to pick him off.

After losing half his stack and reduced to 2.3M, a battered caprioli was on the proverbial ropes but the Brazilian doubled up with trips over trips — Aces over fives. caprioli actually drew three and only held two cards, so he picked up the case Ace to win the hand because bloodlust07 held onto four cards (trip fives plus Ace-high) and only drew one. Yeah, a single card in the deck was the difference between bloodlust07 delivering the fatal knockout blow. Would the missed opportunity come back to haunt bloodlust07?

Six hands later, caprioli doubled up again by dragging a 8.3M pot. Talk about a sick draw… caprioli stood pat with a ten-high straight with 10♣9♥8♥7♠6♣ and beat out bloodlust07’s two pair. Reversal of fortunes; bloodlust07 coughed up the chip lead and trailed 8.3M to 7.9M.

At that juncture, caprioli lost momentum and appeared to be gassed. bloodlust07 rallied and launched a counter-attack by winning a series of smallish pots. Within 20 hands or so, bloodlust07 regained lost ground and returned to a 3-1 advantage.

After the first hour of heads-up, bloodlust07 blew a couple of chances to take out caprioli, but still led 10.9M to 5.2M. In the second hour, bloodlust07 let another chance to knockout caprioli slip away. Another incident of to pair vs. two pair with bloodlust07’s sevens and treys losing to caprioli’s Aces and Queens. That 4.6M pot would be the last sizable hand that caprioli would win. At that point, blodlust07 began the final process of shutting the tomb door. In only seven hands, it would be lights out.

STARSHIP: caprioli eliminated in 2nd place; bloodlust07 wins SCOOP bracelet

As the famous saying in Bucharest goes, “No soup for you!” Going into the final hand, caprioli trailed 12.5M to 3.6M. caprioli shoved for 3,575,312 and bloodlust07 accepted the challenge. Both players held a pair and drew three cards each. At showdown, bloodlust07 improved to two pair to win the hand…

bloodlust07: A♣A♦J♣J♠6♥
caprioli: 4♣4♥A♥9♥8♠

bloodlust07 won the pot with Aces and Jacks. Brazil’s Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli busted in second place. For a runner-up performance, Rodrigo Caprioli earned $4,917.78. Ah, but you know, the money is an afterthought because he really really really wanted the win. His pursuit of a fourth SCOOP bracelet continues.

Congrats to Romania’s bloodlust07 for winning Event #3-L. In addition to a sleek Movado’s champions watch, bloodlust07 earned a first-place payday worth $6,571.26.


Runner-up finish for 3-time SCOOP champ Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli
SCOOP-03-L ($27 NL Draw) results
Entrants: 1,622 (1,328 entries, 294 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $39,820.10
Places paid: 204

1. bloodlust07 (Romania) $6,571.26
2. Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli (Brazil) $4,917.78
3. chismann (Germany) $3,583.80
4. Enziooo (Netherlands) $2,389.20
5. evropeec969 (Russia) $1,592.80
6. Shaun Deeb (Mexico) $995.50

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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