SCOOP 2016: Beeethoven87 busts every player at the final table of Event #14-M ($215 Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)

May 11, 2016

If you blinked, you might’ve missed Event #14-M’s final table.

Beeethoven87 eliminated half of the final table in two hands and then picked off the rest of the players in a matter of minutes.

Players in Event #14-M weren’t used to spending too much time at one table anyways. Aside from being a No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max Turbo event, it was also a Zoom tournament. That meant players were zipped away to new tables as soon as they finished a hand at their current table.

A total of 782 players signed up for the non-stop tournament with multiple modifiers, but only 102 got a piece of the $156,400 prize pool. The bulk of that went to the players at the final table and Beeethoven87 took the champion’s share: $27,573.32.

Since the tournament lasted just 4 hours and 32 minutes, Beeethoven87 averaged about $101.74 per minutes.

The final table


Seat 1: trelskig — 950,261
Seat 2: imre — 1,331,599
Seat 3: Beeethoven87 — 2,707,154
Seat 4: ikkedus — 412,096
Seat 5: bobix12 — 1,608,734
Seat 6: MarkBang — 810,156

Beeethoven87 already had a large lead going into the final table, but then our eventual champion eliminated a third of the final table and accumulated more than half the chips in play in just one hand.

ikkedus moved all-in for 399,192 from under-the-gun and imre re-shoved for 1.0 million from the small blind. Beeethoven87 called from the big blind and we had a three-way showdown.

Beeethoven87: A♦J♦6♥5♠
Imre: A♠J♥5♥3♦
ikkedus: A♣9♥7♦4♠

Beeethoven87 was the underdog until the 6♣6♠2♠ flop hit the board. A J♣ on the turn increased Beeethoven87’s odds and then a 10♣ on the river sealed the deal.

ikkedus won $4,692.00 for finishing 6th while imre made the payjump to $7,820.00 for the 5th place finish.

The next hand brought another elimination.

Beeethoven87 raised to 160,000 from the button and MarkBang moved all-in for 622,656 from the big blind. Beeethoven87 called with A♠A♦7♠5♥ while MarkBang showed A♠J♠9♣3♣.

This time Beeethoven87 had the preflop lead and it turned into another elimination when the board ran J♥2♣K♦Q♦8♦.

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Then action slowed down a bit. It took a full five minutes for Beeethoven87 to eliminate the next player.

Beeethoven87 min-raised from under-the-gun and trelskig called from the big blind. The flop came 9♥K♥J♠ and trelskig moved all-in for 534,415.

Beeethoven87 called and was in the lead with A♥A♦Q♥5♠ while trelskig tabled J♦8♥5♥2♣. A 6♥ came on the turn to give both players a flush, but Beeethoven87’s ace-high flush took the pot.

There was no low hand and telskig was eliminated in 3rd place. trelskig won $15,640 for the finish while Beeethoven87 started the heads-up match with a large lead.

Heads up

Beeethoven87 — 6,680,016
bobix12 — 1,139,984

bobix12 fought hard and won a few pots early on, but nothing was going to stop Beeethoven87 from taking down this event.

After players split a pot, bobix12 moved all-in for 1.8 million and Beeethoven87 called.

Beeethoven87: Q♣Q♠4♦2♣
bobix12: Q♦6♦6♣2♠

Once again, Beeethoven87 was in the lead and the K♠A♣7♣J♣3♦ board helped him on every street.

bobix12 won $20,332 for finishing 2nd while Beeethoven87 took the title and $27,573.32.

SCOOP-14-M ($215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max, Turbo, Zoom) results
Entrants: 782
Total prize pool: 156,400.00
Places paid:

1. Beeethoven87 (Poland) $27,573.32
2. bobix12 (Poland) $20,332.00
3. trelskig (Canada) $15,640.00
4. MarkBang (Hungary) $10,948.00
5. imre (Estonia) $7,820.00
6. ikkedus (Netherlands) $4,692.00

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