SCOOP 2016: clan1 Defeats Giorgos “gkap13” Kapalas to Win SCOOP-51-M: $109 NL Hold’em for $193,767.77

May 24, 2016

One of the more interesting events on the 2016 SCOOP schedule — SCOOP-51-M: $109 NL Hold’em [Day 2], $1M Guaranteed – concluded Monday night. The tournament was broken down into two parts with the first calling for players to enter one of numerous Day 1 flights and survive 22 levels of play. If they did that, not only did they advance to Day 2, they were also in the money.

Over all the starting flights, 14,482 entrants took to the felt, but just 954 of them advanced to Day 2. Among those to do so, but subsequently fall over the course of play were Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier (415th – $645.75), Adi Agarwal (254th – $1,012.29), Jaime Staples (189th – $1,271.08), Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen (175th – $1,271.08), and Jake Cody (115th – $1,599.24).

Others who went even deeper were Mike “pipedream17” Dietrich (67th – $2,575.47), Bertie “bigstealer” Bayley (23rd – $4,709.25), and David “davidv1213” Vamplew (19th – $4,709.25), just to name a few.

Here’s a look at how things stacked up at the start of the final table:

tuk-tuk17 – 26,914,147
clan1 – 23,053,250
tzini9 – 21,909,305
Giorgos “gkap13” Kapalas – 19,141,277
pol17pl – 16,082,711
dampfnudel77 – 14,757,321
Bluf_To_Much – 10,211,771
mathiijs992 – 6,542,070
Harleyy20040 – 6,208,148

scoop_51_m_final table.png

Bad Beat Sends tzini9 Out in Ninth

With the blinds at 180,000/360,000/36,000, “pol17pl” opened for 799,200 under the gun and action folded to Giorgos “gkap13” Kapalas (25,525,827), who three-bet to 2,066,525 from the button. “tzini9” (20,765,305) then four-bet to 5,299,999 from the big blind, pol17pl folded, and Kapalas moved all in. tzini9 quickly called off and the cards were turned up.

tzini9: A♦A♥
Kapalas: K♦K♥

It was a cooler for Kapalas, but it turned out to be a bad beat for tzini9 as the K♠6♠2♣ flop delivered his opponent a set. Neither the 2♦ turn nor 7♣ river helped tzini9, and he was sent out the door in ninth place for $12,931.84.

Cracked Aces Also Send dampfnudel77 to the Rail

Not long after, cracked aces spelled doom for “dampfnudel77.” It began when “tuk-tuk17” (23,373,597) opened for 720,000 under the gun and “Bluf_To_Much” (13,043,715) called from the cutoff. pol17pl called from the button, dampfnudel77 (12,356,778) three-bet to 3,100,766 from the small blind, and tuk-tuk17 folded.

Bluf_To_Much called, pol17pl folded, and it was heads-up action to the 5♣9♦Q♦ flop. dampfnudel77 bet 2,612,345, Bluf_To_Much called, and the 4♠ appeared on the turn. dampfnudel77 moved all in for 6,607,667, and Bluf_To_Much snap-called.

Bluf_To_Much: Q♥Q♣
dampfnudel77: A♦A♠

Bluf_To_Much flopped a set, and he successfully cracked the aces when the 2♦ blanked on the river. dampfnudel77 took home $18,141.45 for his eighth-place finish.

Harleyy20040 Takes His Leave in Seventh Place

With the blinds at 200,000/400,000/40,000, Kapalas (49,854,332) raised to 840,000 from early position and “Harleyy20040″(6,140,948) defended his big blind to see a 7♦6♦10♣ flop.

Harleyy20040 checked, Kapalas bet 836,250, and Harleyy20040 check-raised all in for 5,260.948. Kapalas called and the cards were revealed.

Harleyy20040: 8♦7♣
Kapalas: Q♦10♥

Harleyy20040 had outs, but neither the 6♥ turn nor J♦ river was what he was looking for. Harleyy20040 boosted his bankroll by $25,449.94 for finishing in seventh place.

mathiijs992 Gets It in Good But Falls in Sixth

In the same blind level, Bluf_To_Much (33,905,153) raised to 820,000 from the cutoff and was met by an all-in three-bet by “mathiijs992” (4,707,230) in the small blind. Bluf_To_Much made the call and mathiijs992 discovered he was a 59.1% favorite.

mathiijs992: A♦J♣
Bluf_To_Much: K♣Q♠

mathiijs992 got it in good, but Bluf_To_Much pulled ahead on the Q♦3♣6♦ flop. The 5♥ turn was no help to mathiijs992, and neither was the 8♦ river.

pol17pl Out in Fifth After His Kings Fail to Hold

The next elimination didn’t occur until the 400,000/800,000/80,000 level and it happened when pol17pl (12,290,232) raised to 1,776,000 from the cutoff and then moved all in after “clan1” (24,791,880) raised to 3,688,585 from the small blind. clan1 made the call and pol17pl was primed to double.

pol17pl: K♣K♥
clan1: A♥J♦

pol17pl was looking to dodge an ace, but that proved easier said than done as the 7♥A♠10♦ flop contained one. The 4♣ turn left pol17pl looking for a king on the river, but it wasn’t in the cards as the 5♠ bricked. pol17pl was awarded $50,085.41 for finishing in fifth place.

tuk-tuk17’s Kicker Problem Results in Him Exiting in Fourth

With the blinds at 600,000/1,200,000/120,000, tuk-tuk17 (16,541,221) open-jammed from the button and clan1 (20,669,482) moved all in over the top from the small blind.

clan1: A♥10♥
tuk-tuk17: A♣5♦

tuk-tuk17 had a kicker problem, and it didn’t get resolved as the board ran out 8♦3♥2♥J♦10♦.

Ace on the Flop Sends Bluf_To_Much Out in Third

A few hands later, Bluf_To_Much (24,621,473) raised to 2,655,955 from the small blind and then called off when clan1 (36,370,703) moved all in from the big blind.

clan1: A♦8♣
Bluf_To_Much: K♥K♦

Bluf_To_Much was a 71.2% favorite, but not after the A♣J♦10♠ flop delivered clan1 an ace. Bluf_To_Much picked up a Broadway draw, but he missed as the 2♦ blanked on the turn followed by the 9♣ on the river. Bluf_To_Much earned $98,567.96 for his third-place finish.

Giorgos “gkap13” Kapalas Has to Settle for Runner-Up

Heads-up play began with Kapalas holding 83,707,824 in chips to clan1’s 61,112,176, but before long the latter pulled out to a small four million lead. Then, with the blinds at 700,000/1,400,000/140,000, Kapalas (70,662,597) raised to 2.8 million from the button, clan1 (74,157,403) called, and the flop came down K♣2♥7♦.

clan1 check-called a bet of 1,862,325, and then checked the 7♣ turn. Kapalas bet 4,236625, clan1 check-raised to 12,252,580, and Kapalas called to see the Q♥ river. clan1 moved all in, and Kapalas called off for 52,607,692 with the 9♥7♥. Unfortunately for him, his kicker was no good as clan1 held the 7♠A♥ to seal the deal.

SCOOP-51-M: $109 NL Hold’em, $1M Guaranteed
Entrants: 14,482 entrants (954 on Day 2)
Prize Pool: $1,448,200
Place Paid: 954

1st – clan1 (Germany) $193,767.77
2nd – Giorgos “gkap13” Kapalas (Cyprus) $138,276.16
3rd – Bluf_To_Much (Moldova) $98,567.96
4th – tuk-tuk17 (Israel) $70,262.46
5th – pol17pl (Poland) $50,085.41
6th – mathiijs992 (Netherlands) $35,702.47
7th – Harleyy20040 (Mexico) $25,449.94
8th – dampfnudel77 (Austria) $18,141.45
9th – tzini9 (Romania) $12,931.84

This year’s SCOOP is winding down, but until it does can find recaps for each event right here on the PokerStars Blog.

Chad Holloway is a Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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