SCOOP 2016: d5t6y7 gets it done, wins Event #42-L, $5K after four-way deal ($27 PLO Hi/Lo)

May 20, 2016

The two-day $27 buy-in “L” version of Event #42 — pot-limit Omaha hi/lo, six-handed — proved another popular choice for SCOOP players, attracting yet another huge field of 2,081 players. That meant a $51,088.55 prize pool, more than doubling the event’s $25K guarantee, with the top 264 finishers getting a share of the money. In the end it came down to a four-way final table deal, followed by d5t6y7 outlasting the others to win the title and a $5,019.28 prize.

In fact, two other players would take away more, thanks to the deal — Germany’s BeAcTIve ($5,550.41) and Brazil’s Nangino89 ($6,350.99) — but d5t6y7 gets bragging rights as the last player standing in this one.

After one day of play that big field had been whittled down to 38 players with plspaythxbye leading the way with nearly 1.6 million while everyone else was under the 1 million-chip mark. However, plspaythxbye lost a big pot early on Day 2 to surrender the lead, then tumbled down the counts to go out early on Day 2 in 31st place, cashing for $178.80.

After nearly two hours of play on Friday they were down to 18, with gangst3rn1 the new chip leader as the only player with a stack north of 3 million. A half-hour after that just 12 were left, with gangst3rn1 still on top and d5t6y7 not too far behind.

bogdaniel111 (12th), Grebinat (11th), and personal (10th) were the next players eliminated, earning $470.01 apiece. Then Stiffer1987 (ninth), mark0x0 (eighth), and kuba813 (seventh) successively fell, picking up $715.23 each.

With Nangino89 the new chip leader and BeAcTive not far behind, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: d5t6y7 (United Kingdom) — 4,816,699
Seat 2: GRZECHO77 (Poland) — 2,439,527
Seat 3: Nangino89 (Brazil) — 5,579,415
Seat 4: Sur_OK1111 (Belarus) — 1,027,050
Seat 5: BeAcTlve (Germany) — 5,319,555
Seat 6: gangst3rn1 (Germany) — 1,627,754

On the very first hand of the final table, the blinds were 80K/160K when Sur_OK1111 opened for 560,000 from the button, d5t6y7 reraised pot from the small blind, and Sur_OK1111 called all-in with the 467,050 left behind.

Sur_OK1111 showed A♠Q♣5♦2♦ while d5t6y7 had A♦2♠3♦9♣. The community cards came 6♣J♠9♥J♥6♠, giving d5t6y7 two pair, Sur_OK1111 just the pair of jacks on the board, and neither player a low hand, thus sending Sur_OK1111 out in sixth.

Almost 20 minutes later they’d moved through the day’s four-hour mark and the blinds had jumped to 100K/200K when BeAcTlve raised to 448,000 from the cutoff and got one caller in GRZECHO77 in the big blind. The flop came 6♦3♦Q♠, and after GRZECHO77 checked, BeAcTlve bet 996,000, prompting an all-in check-raise to 1,151,527 from GRZECHO77 that BeAcTlve called.

BeAcTlve showed A♠10♦6♠5♠ for a pair of sixes while GRZECHO77 had Q♣4♥3♥2♠ for two pair, queens and treys. The turn was the 4♠ and river the 9♠, giving BeAcTIve a spade flush plus a 6-low and leaving GRZECHO77 with just those two pair, knocking the latter out in fifth.

One hand later the remaining four players paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal, at which point Nangino89 was leading still with about 8.36 million, with BeAcTIve next with almost 6.09 million, gangst3rn1 third with about 3.31 million, and d5t6y7 fourth with just under 3.05 million.

An “ICM”-based chop leaving $500 for which to play was proposed, and all four readily agreed. “very good i want the watch guys,” typed gangst3rn1, adding “glgl.” “nah, I’m gonna get the watch and the title,” replied BeAcTIve, “sorry bro.” All were clearly elated to have gotten this far, and excited to continue the battle as well.

Play continued and the blinds increased again to 120K/240K, then a hand arose that saw BeAcTIve open for 840,000 from UTG, d5t6y7 reraise the pot from the small blind, and BeAcTIve call all-in with the 1,197,150 left. BeAcTIve had A♦9♠5♣3♠ while d5t6y7 showed A♣K♠7♠2♥. The board then came 7♥Q♠Q♣Q♦K♣, meaning no lows, trip queens for both, and a better kicker for d5t6y7 to send BeAcTIve railward in fourth.

A short while later the blinds were 140K/280K when Nangino89 opened for 980,000 from under the gun, d5t6y7 reraised to 3.08 million from the big blind, and Nangino89 called with the 1,771,170 remaining.

Nangino89 showed K♣J♥4♥3♦ while d5t6y7 turned over A♣9♣3♠2♣, then the board came 6♦8♠10♦6♥6♣, once more yielding no low hands, three of kind to both players, and giving the pot to d5t6y7 thanks to that ace-kicker. Nangino89 was out in third.

Heads-up play began with d5t6y7 enjoying a better than 2-to-1 chip lead with 14,511,158 to gangst3rn1’s 6,298,842. The pair played one all-in hand that ended with a chopped pot, with d5t6y7 getting the high and gangst3rn1 the low, and the final hand of the tournament directly followed.

With blinds still 140K/280K, d5t6y7 opened with a pot-sized raise from the button, gangst3rn1 repotted in response, d5t6y7 raised back again, gangst3rn1 put it all-in — 6,298,892 total — and d5t6y7 called.

gangst3rn1: A♣10♣10♦4♥
d5t6y7: A♦5♦3♦2♣

The community cards came A♥3♠J♦, then 9♥, then K♥, adding up to just a pair of aces for gangst3rn1 and two pair, aces and treys, for d5t6y7, with no low for either. It was over — d5t6y7 had won!

Congratulations to d5t6y7 for topping a big field of more than 2,000 players to turn $27 into more than $5K and a SCOOP title. And kudos as well to the other three making it to the final table deal, including Nangino89 who didn’t win another SCOOP for Brazil but did take away the largest share of the prize pool in Event #42-L.

SCOOP-42-L ($27 PL Omaha Hi/Lo) results
Entrants: 2,081
Prize pool: $51,088.55
Places paid: 264

1. d5t6y7 (United Kingdom) $5,019.28*
2. gangst3rn1 (Germany) $4,537.93*
3. Nangino89 (Brazil) $6,350.99*
4. BeAcTlve (Germany) $5,550.41*
5. GRZECHO77 (Poland) $1,915.82
6. Sur_OK1111 (Belarus) $1,077.96
*denotes four-way deal.

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