SCOOP 2016: ex6tenceLV earns his second SCOOP title in Event #50-M ($215 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout])

May 22, 2016

This could have been a long one, folks, The stacks were deep, the bounties were hefty, and our final six players had at least eight major final table appearances among them. ForTheSwaRMm alone had two six-figure COOP scores, a runner-up finish in the 2014 WCOOP $10,300 High Roller event for $128k and third place in the 2015 SCOOP $2,100 NLHE Turbo Zoom for $108k. However, ex6tenceLV quickly took control of this final table, hoping to add a second SCOOP title to the one he earned in 2013 after a marathon 30-hour run. By the time four players remained, ex6tenseLV had more chips than the rest of his opponents combined and took each of them out one-by-one, claiming his second career SCOOP title and over $49k.

Event #50-M’s 2,309 players bought in for $215 apiece; $100 going into the main prize pool and $100 into the bountry pool. 300 players earned a share of the $461,800.00 prize pool with $36,368.18 set aside for first place.


The blinds were up to 25,000/50,000 with seven players remaining. Chip leader ex6tenceLV opened for a min-raise to 100,000 and savnki24 three-bet shoved for 1,449,634 with pocket threes. Ex6tenceLV called with A♦J♣ and won the race with two pair on the flop as the board ran out A♥J♠8♣9♣Q♣, sending savnki24 to the rail and the remaining six players to the final table.




Final table chip counts


Seat 1: EyesNvrLie (3,166,844 in chips)
Seat 2: zwacke (4,443,844 in chips)
Seat 3: ForTheSwaRMm (6,248,560 in chips)
Seat 4: Desmoplakin (1,811,721 in chips)
Seat 5: PjotrNL (868,990 in chips)
Seat 6: ex6tenceLV (6,550,041 in chips)


Only a few hands later, PjotrNL open-shoved for 750,240 with A♥J♣ and EyesNvrLie called on the button with 8♣8♠. EyesNvrLie’s pair held up on the ten-high board and PjotrNL exited in sixth place.


About ten minutes later, the blinds were up to 30,000/60,000 when ForTheSwaRMm opened for 132,000. Ex6tenceLV flat-called from the small blind and EvesNvrLie put the squeeze on from the big, making it 420,000 to go. ForTheSwaRMm gave up his hand and ex6tenceLV called. Both players checked the 10♦9♥6♥ flop. The turn came the 5♣ and ex6tenceLV led out for 630,000. EyesNvrLie raised to 1,628,580 and ex6tenceLV called. The Q♠ landed on the river and ex6tenceLV checked. EyesNvrLie bet 1,877,330 and ex6tenceLV looked him up. EyesNvrLie was on a stone bluff with 4♥7♣ and ex6tenceLV raked in the 8 million-chip pot with 5♠6♠ for two pair, sixes and fives.


EyesNvrLie fell to 1.9 million in chips and shed even more when he doubled up Desmoplakin, whose A♦K♥ held up against A♥Q♠. Down to 842,000, EyesNvrLie picked up A♦10♥ and open-shoved, with ForTheSwaRMm making the call with 10♣10♠. EyesNvrLie flopped an ace and doubled to 1.78 million. However, by the 40,000/80,000 level, EyesNvrLie was down to 1.03 million and open-shoved with A♣6♠. Zwacke reshoved for 3.4 million from the small blind and turned over 10♥10♦. EyesNvrLie did not improve on the J♦8♥6♥4♣8♠ board and went out in fifth place.


Only a couple of orbits passed before Desmoplakin picked up A♣10♥ and opened for 160,000. Ex6tenceLV three-bet to 400,000, Desmoplakin shoved for 1.54 million and ex6tenceLV called with A♥Q♥. Desmoplakin’s dominated hand stayed that way on the K♥9♣6♦K♣2♦ board and he departed in fourth place.


When three-handed play commenced, ex6tenceLV had a massive chip lead, holding 15.7 million to zwacke’s 3.8 million and ForTheSwaRMm’s 3.6 million. However, they didn’t even get out of the 40,000/80,000 level before zwacke made his last stand. ForTheSwaRMm opened for 176,000, ex6tenceLV three-bet to 594,000 from the small blind and zwacke four-bet shoved for 3.46 million with K♣K♥. ForTheSwaRMm folded, but ex6tenceLV called and revealed A♠Q♦. Zwacke kept the lead on the 6♠4♦4♥ flop. However, the A♣ turned, snapping off zwacke’s kings and leaving him drawing to only two outs. The 8♠ river was no help and zwacke ended his run in third place.


Heads-up chip counts


Seat 3: ForTheSwaRMm (4,394,176 in chips)
Seat 6: ex6tenceLV (18,695,824 in chips)


Our resident wrecking ball ex6tenceLV entered heads-up play with a 4.25 to 1 chip lead and quickly whittled ForTheSwaRMm down to 2.7 million in chips. Then, with the blinds up to 50,000/100,000, ex6tenceLV made it 218,000 to go and ForTheSwaRMm moved all-in. Ex6tenceLV called, his K♦J♥ up against 8♥9♥. Ex6tenceLV made a pair of jacks on the A♠J♠8♦ flop while ForTheSwaRMm picked up a pair of eights. ForTheSwaRMm needed an eight or a nine to survive and missed on the turn when the 3♣ fell, but miraculously, the 9♦ rivered, giving him a double-up to 5.5 million.


ForTheSwaRMm took full advantage of his second chance and won back-to-back pots, closing the gap between his chip count and ex6tenceLV’s to only 2 million. But only two hands later, ForTheSwaRMm opened for 352,000 and ex6tenceLV three-bet to 967,000. ForTheSwaRMm came back over the top for 2.08 million and ex6tenceLV called. The flop came down 9♠7♣6♣ and ex6tenceLV checked to ForTheSwaRMm, who bet 2.1 million. Ex6tenceLV shoved and ForTheSwaRMm called.


ForTheSwaRMm Q♦Q♣
ex6tenceLV 6♥9♣


Ex6tenceLV had a stranglehold on the hand with two pair, sixes and nines, vs. ForTheSwarMm’s overpair. Only a queen could save ForTheSwarMm, but the K♥ and the 4♦ fell instead, locking up ex6tenceLV’s second career SCOOP title.


Congratulations to ex6tenceLV! He banked $36,368.18 for the win in addition to his own $13,122.75 bounty for a grand total of $49,490.93. Kudos are also due to runner-up ForTheSwaRMm, who earned $26,553.50 plus $4,207 in bounties for a $30,760.50 haul.




SCOOP-50-M ($215 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout]) results
Prize pool: $461,800.00
Places paid:300


1. ex6tenceLV (Latvia) $36,368.18 + $13,122.75 = $49,490.93
2. ForTheSwaRMm (South Korea) $26,553.50 + $4,207.00 = $30,760.50
3. zwacke (Germany) $19,626.50 + $7,614.41 in bounties = $27,240.91
4. Desmoplakin (Czech Republic) $13,276.75 + $2,909.37 in bounties = $16,186.12
5. EyesNvrLie (Netherlands) $8,658.75 + $3,074.20 in bounties = $11,732.95
6. PjotrNL (Netherlands) $4,613.38 + $628.12 in bounties = $5,241.50


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