SCOOP 2016: Franco “rojorulez” Spitale scores first SCOOP in Event #25-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max, Ultra-Deep)

May 16, 2016

It’s a been a good year for Franco “rojorulez” Spitale so far.

He started it off with a cash in the PCA Main Event and then got 2nd place in the Argentinian Poker Circuit Main Event last month. Now Spitale has his first major online title after taking down Event #25-M. 

The title came with a SCOOP watch and a $29,024.92 payday. To get to that shiny treasure, Spitale had to overcome a field of 2,457 players in this ultra-deep, 6-Max event.

It was a two-day adventure with a lengthy final table.

Spitale grabbed the final table lead early on but then lost it to RigasDinamo. After that, RigasDinamo eliminated nearly every table at the final table.

Then Spitale cracked pocket kings with pocket jacks, regained the lead and brought the tournament heads-up. It was a swift victory for Spitale after that.

The final table


Seat 1: Franco “rojorulez” Spitale — 15,479,449
Seat 2: neverdixs — 20,218,274
Seat 3: goxomago — 18,987,000
Seat 4: biszibosz — 22,146,600
Seat 5: RigasDinamo — 23,695,549
Seat 6: Pokerfan89Gr — 22,323,128

Players were fairly even in chips until neverdixs’ stack got halved.

In that hand, Spitale called from the small blind and neverdixs checked from the big blind. Spitale bet 745,000 on the 5♥A♦Q♠ flop and neverdixs called. The turn brought a 10♣ and another bet from Spitale.

neverdixs called the 1.5 million-chip bet and a 2♠ completed the board. Spitale bet 4.4 million and neverdixs called and mucked after Spitale showed A♠5♦.

The hand put Spitale in the lead with 26.2 million while neverdixs dropped to 8.6 million. Then neverdixs dropped down to 0.

neverdixs raised to 1 million a few hands later and RigasDinamo called from the small blind. The big blind folded and a 9♣K♥Q♣ flop graced the board. neverdixs bet 1.4 million when checked to and RigasDinamo moved all-in for 27.2 million. 

neverdixs called all-in and showed top pair with K♠J♥, but RigasDinamo had two-pair with 9♥Q♥. A 6♠ came on the turn and 3♦ fell on the river. 

RigasDinamo took the lead with 38.3 million while neverdixs won $3,492.01 for the 6th place finish. 

Tag team

RigasDinamo then helped eliminate the next player. 

Pokerfan89Gr survived a few double-ups, but wasn’t able to survive a three-way all-in where biszibosz and RigasDinamo eviscerated his stack.

biszibosz moved all-in for 6.8 million from the cutoff and RigasDinamo called from the button. Pokerfan89Gr reshoved for 17.9 million and RigasDinamo called. 

biszibosz: A♥10♣
RigasDinamo: A♣Q♥
Pokerfan89Gr: 9♠9♣

The K♣Q♣J♠2♦6♦ board gave biszibosz a broadway straight and the main pot while RigasDinamo took the sidepot with a pair of queens.

biszibosz tripled up to 21.6 million while RigasDinamo’s lead grew to 49.3 million. Pokerfan89Gr on the other hand got a $6,449.62 payday for finishing 5th.

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One more for the Dinamo

Then RigasDinamo completely eliminated goxomago.

RigasDinamo raised to 1.6 million from the button and goxomago called from the big blind. Both players checked the 7♣K♣3♥ flop and a 7♦ came on the turn. Players checked again and an 8♣ completed the board.

goxomago bet 1.7 million and RigasDinamo moved all-in for 55.7 million. goxomago called all-in with K♦10♣ while RigasDinamo showed trip sevens with 7♠4♠. goxomago finished 4th and won $10,135.12 while RigasDinamo rose to 69.5 million.

Rise of Spitale

That’s when Spitale came back.

biszibosz raised to 2.3 million from the button and RigasDinamo re-raised to 6.8 million from the small blind. Spitale moved all-in for 36.6 million, biszibosz called all-in and RigasDinamo got out of the way. 

Two big pairs were about to clash.

Spitale showed J♦J♠ and biszibosz tabled K♣K♠. biszibosz was in the lead, but a 2♥5♠J♣Q♦5♥ board gave Spitale a set of jacks. 

biszibosz won $15,663 for finishing 3rd while Spitale took back the lead.

Franco Spitale_2016 PCA_Main Event_Day.jpg

Heads up

Spitale — 64,814,400
RigasDinamo — 58,035,600

Spitale pulled away early on. On the fifth hand of heads-up play, RigasDinamo raised to 2.3 million and Spitale three-bet to 6.4 million. RigasDinamo called and the flop came 2♣3♦K♠. Spitale bet 6.2 million, RigasDinamo called and a 4♠ came on the turn. 

Spitale bet 12.4 million and RigasDinamo called. The river brought a 4♦ and an all-in bet from Spitale. RigasDinamo thought for some time, showed a K♥ and folded.

The hand put Spitale up to 92.8 million and left RigasDinamo with 30.0 million.

The tournament ended five hands after that. 

Spitale raised to 2 million and RigasDinamo moved all-in for 23.6 million. Spitale called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

Spitale: A♦J♦
RigasDinamo: K♦9♦

The 10♥A♥K♠7♣2♠ board brought both players a pair but Spitale’s aces were best.

RigasDinamo won $21,094.92 for finishing 2nd while Spitale took the title and $29,024.92.

SCOOP-25-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max, Ultra-Deep) results
Entrants: 2,457
Total prize pool: $184,275
Places paid: 330

1. Franco “rojorulez” Spitale (Argentina) $29,024.92
2. RigasDinamo (Latvia) $21,191.62
3. biszibosz (Poland) $15,663.37
4. goxomago (Russia) $10,135.12
5. Pokerfan89Gr (Cyprus) $6,449.62
6. neverdixs (Thailand) $3,492.01

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