SCOOP 2016: HhCMotU flushes out the competition in Event #05-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max)

May 09, 2016

Flowers are blossoming all over the Northern Hemisphere to announce the start of the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker.

While some scientists say spring predates the SCOOP, poker players agree that the season doesn’t start until the series does. For the next few weeks, players will have the chance to capture a SCOOP title in 55 different events. It’s a bankroll friendly series since each event will feature a low, medium and high buy-in.

While most of the titles are still up for grabs, HhCMotU already snagged one. Germany’s HhCMotU bested a field of 3,361 players and won the SCOOP-05-M title along with $51,219.57.

It was a fairly quick victory for HhCMotU, who started the final table second in chips and finished the tournament off in a flush-over-flush cooler.

The final table


Seat 1: Dhr. Awesome — 7,768,338
Seat 2: FiatEruditio — 1,700,093
Seat 3: HhCMotU — 10,678,290
Seat 4: andersbisse — 13,412,426
Seat 5: Karolijanas — 3,409,889
Seat 6: puan29 — 7,810,964

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On the second hand of play, Dhr.Awesome raised to 400,000 and FiatEruditio moved all-in for 1.7 million. Action folded back to the initial raiser and Dhr. Awesome called.

FiatEruditio tabled A♠10♠ and Dhr.Awesome turned over J♣J♥.

The 7♠3♠7♦5♣10♦ board brought FiatEruditio too little too late and the Russian player was eliminated in 6th place.

FiatEruditio won $5,709.45 for the final table finish while Dhr.Awesome chipped up to 9.9 million.

The big slick slide

Ace-king didn’t work out too well for puan29 this tournament.

Shortly after FiatEruditio’s elimination, Karolijanas moved all-in for 2.5 million. puan29 re-shoved from the button and the blinds folded.

puan29 turned over A♣K♦ and had Karolijanas’ A♠6♠ dominated. But Karolijanas hit a 6♣ on the flop and puan29 didn’t improve on the turn or river.

Karolijanas doubled to 5.5 million while puan29 became the tournament shortstack with 4.4 million.

Then puan29 got ace-king again.

anderbisse called from the cutoff, puan29 moved all-in for 3.1 million from the small blind and anderbisse called.

puan29: A♥K♠
anderbisse: 8♥8♣

andersbisse was in the lead and hit another eight on the 4♠2♣8♦J♥10♠ board. anderbisse’s lead grew to 21.7 million while puan29 won $10,075.50 for finishing 5th.

Return of the king

Ace-king had its time in the pits and wanted a rematch.

HhCMotU raised from the button and Karolijanas moved all-in for 7.8 million. HhCMotU called with A♠K♣ and Karolijanas tabled 8♦8♠.

Eights were in the lead until the river of a 3♣Q♥4♠10♥A♣ board paired HhCMotU’s ace and gave our eventual champion the lead with 20.6 million.

Then HhCMotU brought the tournament heads-up.

Dhr.Awesome moved all-in for 4.3 million from the button and HhCMotU called from the small blind.

HhCMotU showed A♥8♦ while Dhr.Awesome tabled K♣10♥. The 9♠4♣5♥8♠Q♠ board brought no ace or king, but it did pair HhCMotU’s eight.

Heads up

HhCMotU — 24,865,949
Anderbisse — 19,914,051

Heads-up play was cut short due to a pair of flushes.

In the last hand of the tournament, anderbisse raised 400,000 and HhCMotU re-raised to 1.34 million. anderbisse four-bet to 3.28 million and HhCMotU called.

The flop came 10♦4♦4♥ and anderbisse bet 1.8 million. HhCMotU called and a J♦ came on the turn. anderbisse bet 2.8 million, HhCMotU called and a K♠ completed the board.

anderbisse moved all-in for 10.9 million and HhCMotU called. anderbisse turned over 9♦8♦ for a jack-high flush, but HhCMotU showed a king-high flush with K♦Q♦.

anderbisse won $36,943.50 for the runner-up finish while HhCMotU took the title and $51,219.57.

SCOOP-05-M ($82 NLHE 6-Max) results
Entrants: 3,361 entries, 1,117 re-entries
Total prize pool: $335,850.00
Places paid: 570

1. HhCMotU (Germany) $51,219.57
2. Anderbisse (Denmark) $36,943.50
3. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) $26,868.00
4. Karolijanas (Lithuania) $17,511.21
5. Puan29 (Argentina) $10,075.50
6. FiatEruditio (Russia) $5,709.45

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