SCOOP 2016: Holland’s Supa4real wins second SCOOP by winning Sunday Warm-Up SE (Event #27-M $215 NL 6-Max)

May 16, 2016

It was close, but a Brazilian did not win this tournament. Brazil’s TabarinLucas finished in third place but a former SCOOP champ, Holland’s Supa4real,  thwarted another Brazilian triumph and managed to ship the Sunday Warm-Up that doubled as a SCOOP event #27-M.

Sure, the Brazilians have been smoking almost every field in this year’s SCOOP, but the fact that several players have now won multiple bracelets seems to be overshadowed. The Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition came down to a heads-up match between a pair of former SCOOP champions — SONGJOY and supa4real. South Africa’s SONGJOY rode an emotional high to the final table after winning a SCOOP less than 24 hours earlier. Meanwhile, Holland’s Supa4real sought to reprise another SCOOP victory… albeit 48,500 hours, or five years later. When these two scrappy SCOOP champs collided, only one was left standing and Supa4real emerged the victor. However, we still witnessed an impressive feat by South Africa’s SONGJOY with a first and second-place finish within a 24-hour window.


The medium version of Event #27-M $215 NL 6-Max also dubbed as the Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition. This event attracted a field of 4,193 players. They created a prize pool worth $838,600. The top 540 places paid out with $127,887.76 set aside for the champion.

In this two-day affair only 70 players survived the cut on Day 1 and made it to the second day. Germany’s DS842 bagged up the most virtual chips at the end of Day 1 with a 3.3M stack. Action progressed at a rapid-fire pace on Day 2 and the final table was set much faster than anticipated.

Action went hand-for-hand with seven remaining and SONGJOY in the driver’s seat with the big stack. AssDuive bubble off the final table in seventh place after A♦8♥ got rivered by mmg.mamed’s 10♣8♣. mmg.mamed flopped a monstrous straight flush draw, but rivered a ten-high straight to win the pot against AssDuive’s nine-high straight.


SCOOP-27-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Yakiddinme (5,468,649)
Seat 2: SONGJOY (24,513,608)
Seat 3: Supa4real (17,968,024)
Seat 4: TabarinLucas (9,209,103)
Seat 5: mmg.mamed (15,592,234)
Seat 6: pinishe45 (11,108,382)

The final table for the Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition commenced during Level 41 with blinds at 140K/280K and a 35K ante. South Africa’s SONGJOY held the lead with 24.5M and Yakiddinme was the shortest stack with 5.5M.

This final table included a pair of SCOOP champs looking for multiple titles. South Africa’s SONGJOY won a SCOOP in the previous 24 hours, and Supa4real won a 2011 SCOOP and final tabled the 2009 WCOOP Main Event. Also of note… Russia’s mmg.mamed’s biggest online score was a fourth-place in a 2015 SCOOP rebuys event.

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AGE LIKE WINE: Yakiddinme eliminated in 6th place

Approximately twenty minutes into the final table, we saw the first dust up. Short-stacked Yakiddinme was treading water and waiting for a spot. mmg.mamed open-shoved for 14,056,634 and Yakiddinme called all-in for 2,680,649. Yakiddinme was in trouble with K♠J♦ against mmg.mamed’s A♥J♠. The board finished up Q♥Q♠9♦5♥A♠. Yakiddinme flopped a gutshot, but never got there. mmg.mamed won the pot with two pair — Aces up. Australia’s Yakiddinme became the first player to bust at the final table. Sixth place paid out $14,423.92.

IRON MIKE’S MAIN MAN’S LAST REQUEST: pinishe45 eliminated in 5th place

After a full level of five-handed, we finally saw two players square off in a fight to the death. pinishe45 bombed it all-in for 6,244,400 with Q♣J♣ and SONGJOY accepted the rumble with A♥J♦. Neither player improved when the board ran out 6♥5♠4♥8♥K♣, but SONGJOY dragged the pot with Ace-high. Mexico’s pinishe45 was dunzo in fifth place, which paid out $25,158.00.

With four remaining, Supa4real held a commanding lead with 48M, followed by SONGJOY’s 22M, mmg.mamed’s 7.5M, and TabarinLucas’s 6M.

PLAY A TRAIN SONG: mmg.mamed eliminated in 4th place

If you blinked, you missed this jailhouse quickie. Russia’s mmg.mamed bombed it all-in for 6,497,566 with K♠J♦ and Supa4real called with 6♣6♦. Let’s race, eh? The board ran out Q♦7♦4♠9♠2♠. mmg.mamed turned a gutter draw, but whiffed on the river an never improved. Supa4real’s pocket sixes held up. For a fourth-place finish, mmg.mamed earned $44,026.50.

With three to go… Supa4real sat atop a mountain with 54.8M, followed by SONGJOY’s 17.2M and TabarinLucas’s 11.7M.

BALLAD OF THE KINGSMEN: TabarinLucas eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed didn’t last long either. The lone Brazilian at the final table busted. TabarinLucas was trying to win yet another bracelet for Brazil but fell short of the mark in third place. Supa4real opened to 1.5M, TabarinLucas bombed it all-in for 10,407,696 with K♦10♣ and Supa4real insta-called with A♠Q♥. TabarinLucas whiffed on a gutter draw when the board ran out Q♠9♠2♠7♥6♠. Supa4real flopped top pair an rivered a four-flush to win the pot. For a third-place finish, Brazil’s banked $67,926.60.

HEADS-UP: SONGJOY (South Africa) vs. Supa4real (Netherlands)
Seat 2: SONGJOY (10,724,158)
Seat 3: Supa4real (73,135,842)

SONGJOY trailed over 7-1 and needed to mount an insane comeback if the South African wanted to win a second SCOOP. We witnessed a little bit of sportsmanship in the chat box.

Supa4real said, “gl song”
SONGJOY said, “thanks dude”
Supa4real said, “nice job on winning the low and being headsup here”
Supa4real said, “impressive, gl”

ENJOY YOURSELF: SONGJOY eliminated in 2nd place; supa4real wins SCOOP bracelet!

35 hands. That’s how long heads-up lasted. It really wasn’t close, but SONGJOY was unable to orchestra a revolution that redistributed the wealth from the mega-stack to the shorty.

On the final hand, Supa4real didn’t waste any time and shoved for 76,897,684 and is all-in SONGJOY called all-in with 6,212,316 and hoped K♠8♣ could inflict some damage against a stronger A♦5♥. Alas, the board ran out 8♠4♠2♣A♣5♣. SONGJOY flopped a pair of eights and took the lead, but and Supa4real won the pot with Aces up. For a runner-up finish, SONGJOY earned $92,246.00.

Congrats to Supa4real for winning a second-career SCOOP! It’s been five years between victories. First place paid out $127,887.76. Sipa4real also  wins a sleek Movado champion’s watch.

Sunday Warm-Up
SCOOP-27-M ($215 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Sunday Warm-Up SE]) results
Entrants: 4,193
Total prize pool: $838,600
Places paid: 540

1. Supa4real (Netherlands) $127,887.76
2. SONGJOY (South Africa) $92,246.00
3. TabarinLucas (Brazil) $67,926.60
4. mmg.mamed (Russia) $44,026.50
5. pinishe45 (Mexico) $25,158.00
6. Yakiddinme (Australia) $14,423.92

Visit the SCOOP homepage for a schedule of remaining events and find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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